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  • Board of Director's Meeting



    LTA Board of Directors Meeting

    Hampton Inn in Albany, NY

    Saturday, September 10, 2011


    ATTENDANCE:  Present: Mary Ellen O’Connor, Jim Britell, Kim Garrett, John Eberhardt, Suzanne Stockman, Mark Friden, Tish Fontanella, George Stamatiades, Norm Gallagher, Sally Swierczek, Bola Majekodunmi Excused: Adria Ripka


    CALL TO ORDER:  Mary Ellen called the meeting to order at 9: 17 am.  No Public Comment.


    MINUTES:  Tish made a motion to approve the April 29, 2011 meeting minutes.  John seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.  


    Mary Ellen asked for a motion to approve Jim Britell as a new board member.  John made a motion to approve the addition of Jim Britell as a board member and Tish seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.  


    TREASURER’S REPORT: Mark presented and reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.  It will be filed for the record.


    PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Mary Ellen detailed the following items in her report:

    ·     LTA will conduct a web meeting for its board meeting on January 7 beginning at 9 a.m.

    ·     Advocacy Day Tuesday, March 6, 2012 – asking that we make effort to encourage trustees to attend. Jim indicating that it is difficult for trustees to make time commitment to come to Albany. Instead they are meeting on local level. Mary Ellen asked that in November we discuss efforts more specifically.

    ·     LTA Calendar – updates  made to this internal document. Important dates to be posted on our web. Mary Ellen will learn calendar of dates for trustee training dates from PULISDO (and forward to Tish).

    ·     Meeting on September 12 with Regent Roger Tilles to discuss trustee training

    ·     Mary Ellen traveling west to meet with Nioga director and system board president.

    ·     Wells Library in Upper Jay, NY suffered from Hurricane Irene. LTA is making a donation of $100 and posting their loss on the website inviting others to help.

    ·     to draft a policy on emergency posting on website.



    FINANCE:  The 2012 budget was presented by Mark for discussion. He indicated that the Institute numbers are higher than year prior because of the downstate location (compared to Albany). From the website management manager, Jarrod Baker, we have received a monthly proposal and that number increases. Adjustemnts for printing and advocacy were adjusted to help balance the budget. The 2012 budget will be voted on in November.



    George reported on the LTA role in the NYLA conference November 3-5. Tim Gavin will run a LTA table at the conference again this year. A Nook or Kindle will be given away.


    Suzanne presented on the Institute:

    Marriott Hotel in Hempstead at Coliseum off the Meadwobrook Parkway. Kim said she will look into NY Knicks involvement (have literacy program). This year will pursue corporate sponsors.



    Bola explore library tour options. Cocktail reception and an awards dinner.


    S. Stockman presented on the 2012 Institute.

    ·       session 1 – two programs to chose

    ·       session 2 – two programs to chose

    ·       lunch

    ·       session 3 – joint session


    Mark made a motion to name the next three year locations of 2013 (Buffalo), 2014 (Westchester) and 2015- (Turning Stone). George seconded it. Mary Ellen called for a vote which was approved unanimously. George made a motion to amend 2015 to include the word Syracuse.


    EXECUTIVE:  no report


    LEGISLATION:  no report


    MEMBERSHIP:  George states that we know which systems have high membership. We need to focus mailings and emails to let them know of our existence. Mail to presidents in Mohawk Valley which are non member libraries in October followed by general membership mailing in November. Jim indicated to get them to join requires personal follow up too. Jim and George to follow up on this focus on Mohawk Valley.


    NOMINATING:  no report


    COMMUNICATIONS:  Tish indicated that Tim responded with some stats from our site. 100 out of 200 visits is to the policies portion of the web. We need to get people to learn about LTA web. One step would be to have reference of LTA site on each system site. Mary Ellen will speak to PULSIDO and ask the directors to add our link. Then this request will be reinforced via email after.


    AWARDs:  The awards need to be publicized in the fall newsletter.

    VKM Award

    Distinguished Service Award

    Outstanding Trustee Award

    Outstanding Friends Award  



    ·       Corporate sponsors – Mary Ellen is working on a couple relationships.



    ·       ALA conference – Bola and John did not see a reason for us to have membership in it or presence at conference.

    ·       After some discussion Mary Ellen asked to table PAC link to be certain LTA is able to do this legally. 


    There was a motion for Margaret to leave the meeting for executive session made by Bola. George seconded. John made a motion to invite Margaret back in after executive session and Suzanne seconded it.


    Mark made motion to approve Margaret’s contract and Tish second and the motion. It was approved by Mary Ellen O’Connor, Jim Britell, John Eberhardt, Suzanne Stockman, Mark Friden, Tish Fontanella, George Stamatiades, Norm Gallagher and Bola Majekodunmi.


    ·       Mary Ellen is serving her third year of presidency. Our bylaws state one may only serve 3 one year terms as an officer of the board.

    ·       John made a motion to discuss ammendent to the bylaws that addresses officer term limits. George second it. Mary Ellen would like to call question of the motion. It was approved by Jim Britell, John Eberhardt, Suzanne Stockman, Mark Friden, Tish Fontanella, George Stamatiades, Norm Gallagher and Bola Majekodunmi.


    Next board meeting is on Saturday, November 19th at 9:00 am.  George made motion to adjourn. The motion was approved unanimously.


    ADJOURNMENT: Mary Ellen adjourned the meeting at 3:27 pm.

    Submitted by,   Margaret Malicki                        September 10, 2011

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