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  • Board Meeting



    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    Hampton Inn

    Albany, NY

    Saturday, March 5, 2011


    ATTENDANCE:  Mary Ellen O’Connor, Francis Picart, Rita Reissig, Suzanne Stockman, Mark Friden, Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, George Stamatiades, Norm Gallagher.


    EXCUSED:  Sally Swierczek            UNEXCUSED: Bola Majekodunmi


    CALL TO ORDER:  M. O’Connor called the meeting to order at 9: 11 am.  No Public Comment.


    M. O’Connor asked for a motion to accept the revised agenda. A. Ripka made a motion t accept the revised agenda and T. Fontanella seconded it.


    MINUTES:  A. Ripka made a motion to approve the September 25, 2010 meeting minutes.  N. Gallagher                                     seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.  


    M. O’Connor discussed two new prospects for the board, Kimberly Garrett and John Eberhardt. They will be in attendance at the April board meeting and attend the Institute.



    ·                Kelly Fahey introduced herself to the board. She is LTA’s graphic designer handling the newsletter and printed materials.

    ·                Carol Desch presented on behalf of NYS Library. State budget from governor for 2011-12 has proposed for libraries a 10% reduction from last year’s budget. This proposed level returns libraries to 2007-08 funding. The $14 million for library construction remains in the budget. Half of library aid expected last year (state payments) had been delayed during Patterson administration and that was recently resolved.

    She continued with $9.5 million in federal money for broadband initiatives as well as working with Gates initiatives. In 2011-12, it is intended that construction grant applications will be online. Regents Advisory Council on Libraries were challenged with coming up with new vision for libraries (what will libraries look like in 20, 40 years?). This process will happen in this year and LTA will have a chance to have some input. Carol offered for her office to set a display at the Institute. She asked if LTA will be interested in co-sponsoring again at the NYLA conference in 2011.

    Carol updated on NYLINE-T list serv. B. Margolis wanted to share messages with trustees. Intent was for it to be closed list so trustees don’t speak to one another but just back to B. Margolis. Carol will send an email about Institute. In future, M. O’Connor offered to be included in any way needed.


    TREASURER’S REPORT: M. Friden presented and reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.  It will be filed for the record.


    PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  M. O’Connor detailed the following items in her report:

    NYLA conference in November 2010. LTA had a table at the event. Response to new look LTA has been positive.



    FINANCE:  no additional report



    F. Picart reported on the LTA role in the NYLA conference. At 2011 conference, he is proposing cutting content coverage and allows more time for questions. He envisions a panel of trustees to answer questions. For panel, M. O’Connor suggested Bob Scolfield. T. Fontanella suggested Jerry Nichols.


    S. Stockman presented on the 2011 Institute. The program was shared and areas needing assistance were addressed.


    EXECUTIVE:  no report


    LEGISLATION:  no report



    G. Stamatiades presented on membership. Renewals in 2011 have been slow. This is believed to be attributed to proposed budget cuts, LTA name change, and news from C. Desch that half of library funds from last year are finally being released.

    ·       LTA board members will be asked to call on their systems’ non-member libraries.

    ·       M. Malicki will send call lists and dates to when make these calls.


    NOMINATING:  no report



    Tim Gavin presented on his work with policies. G. Stamatiades asked for indicators that shows who are member libraries in policies section and membership tab. Discussion focused on keeping front page fresh on website and need for board member be the “editor” of the webpage. T. Fontanella agreed to be Editor of the webpage. M. Malicki and Tish will work together on getting this process started. Now have 1,700 policies loaded from 150 libraries and more waiting to be added. Tim reviewed the statistics from the site as downloaded from Google Analytics. He has an interest in setting up a survey that measures how people like policy section. This would also raise awareness of the site.



    R. Reissig presented on the awards.

    VKM Award winner 2011- Elise Quimby of Hampton Library, Bridgehampton, NY

    R. Reissig made a motion to approve Elise Quimby as the 2011 Velma K. Award winner. S. Stockman seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.

    Distinguished Service Award- Norman Jacknis of Westchester County Library System.

    F. Picart made a motion to discuss the nomination for this award. T. Fontanella seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously. M. Friden made a motion to approve Norman Jacknis with the Distinguished Service Award. R. Reissig seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.

    Outstanding Trustee Award – Mary Mueller, Troy Public Library and Upper Hudson Library System.

    M. Friden made a motion to approve Mary Mueller as the Outstanding Trustee Award winner. N. Gallagher seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.

    Outstanding Friends Award  A. Ripka made a motion to approve Tobi Freebem, Rensselaer Public Commission, as the Outstanding Friends Award winner. T. Fontanella seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.

    The Board decided to also recognize the Office of Library Services at the NYS Library for all of its outstanding support of libraries and of LTA. This will occur at the 2011 Institute. M. O’Connor will discuss with C. Desch.



    ·       By Law Changes – M. Friden presented changes.

    A Ripka made a motion to adopt the By Laws with suggested changes. G. Stamatiades seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.


    ·       East Hampton Library District update – M. O’Connor summarized current standing.



    ·       LTA corresponder – M. O’Connor discussed need to communicate with new library director and or trustees. In a letter to them, look to congratulate them on new post, enclose LTA brochure and open the door to our organization.

    ·       Long term care insurance – John Hancock – M. O’Connor will let him know of corporate membership rates. 

    ·       Corporate membership – M. O’Connor presented and discussion followed on benefits and costs for corporate membership.  S. Stockman made a motion to allow M. O’Connor to negotiate a price not to exceed $1,500, and not to be less than $1,000, as an annual charter corporate sponsor. F. Picart seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.



    Next board meeting is on Friday, April 29 at 1:30 pm prior to the start of the Institute. S. Stockman made motion to adjourn. M. Friden seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.



    ADJOURNMENT: Mary Ellen O’Connor adjourned the meeting at 3:27 pm.


    Submitted by,

    Margaret Malicki                        March 5, 2011



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