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  • Board Meeting



    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    Hampton Inn

    Albany, NY

    Saturday, September 25, 2010


    ATTENDANCE:  Mary Ellen O’Connor, Francis Picart, Rita Reissig, Suzanne Stockman, Mark Friden, Bola Majekodunmi, Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, George Stamatiades, and Sally Swierczek.


    EXCUSED:  Norm Gallagher


    CALL TO ORDER:  Mary Ellen O’Connor called the meeting to order at 9: 11 am.  No Public Comment.


    MINUTES:              Adria Ripka made a motion to approve the April 30, 2010 meeting minutes.  Rita Reissig                                    seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.  


    Mary Ellen O’Connor asked for a motion to formally approve Mark Friden to be the LTA treasurer and a member of the executive committee.  Francis Picart made the motion and George Stamatiades seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.


    TREASURER’S REPORT: M. Friden presented and reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.  It will be filed for the record.


    Tim Gavin presented on his gathering and uploading of library policies for the website. This work was received by libraries positively. He provided a proposal to continue this work. Rita Reissig made a motion to accept his proposal and pay $25 per hour for his continued work. Mark Friden seconded. The motion was approved unanimously with one abstention.

    PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Mary Ellen O’Connor detailed the following items in her report:

    1)              T-NYLINE – working with Carol Desch to figure out a way to best communicate with trustees. 

    2)              Website has had a lot of forward motion and will be live at the end of October. 

    3)              Need to raise money to fund our ambition—more memberships and other activities. 

    4)              Trustee training – need to establish a solid framework and direction to we want to go in. 




    2011 Budget was presented for review.

                            Bola Majekodunmi made a motion to approve the 2011 Budget.              Rita Reissig seconded it. The motion was approved unanimously.  




    F. Picart reported on the LTA role in the NYLA conference. We will be presenting an educational session which Francis will do.


    S. Stockman presented on the 2011 Institute. The Albany Crowne Plaza site and charges were shared and agreed upon.


    Future sites discussed were: 2012 turning Stone and 2013 Nassau County.


    EXECUTIVE:  no report


    LEGISLATION AND POLICY:  Francis Picart discussed East Hampton Public Library District and the request for LTA to join Article 78 Appeal by filing an amicus brief with the count in support of their expansion position. Mary Ellen O’Connor will review with attorney LTA’s role as an organization.




    Membership for 2011 will promote renewals and joining online. Libraries and systems will have the opportunity to update their trustee lists throughout the year. Promotion of membership will be through ground mailings and email blasts. Fully expect this first year to be transition because of two major reasons: name change and online option. 


    NOMINATING:  Sally Swierczek presented on two interested candidates, one from Mohawk Hudson and another from Southern Adirondack.




    In the third to fourth week of October the website will go live to coincide with the newsletter and prior to the NYLA conference.




    The VKM deadline will be February 15, 2011 and will be printed in the newsletter.





    ·       We added a meeting for Nov 6 from 10 am to 4 pm.

    ·       2011 board meeting dates Jan 7/8            March 4/5            April 29/30            Sept 16/17

    ·       Further we will be having a table in the affiliate’s area. Tim Gavin will host the table in an effort to gain exposure for the new website, especially the policies section. A giveaway will be provided to attract people to the table.

    ·       Long term care insurance – Mary Ellen O’Connor asked that we consider an advertising structure for our website.



    ·       Bylaws being reviewed. Since we will now require change in committee structure and names to reflect current activity this will also affect the bylaws. Mark Friden will continue this work and discuss with Mary Ellen O’Connor. Their recommendations will be presented to the board in November.




    ADJOURNMENT: Mary Ellen O’Connor adjourned the meeting at 3:15 pm.


    Submitted by,

    Margaret Malicki                        October 23, 2010

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