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  • Board Meeting


    LTA Meeting Minutes

    April 30, 2010

    3:00 pm

    ATTENDANCE:  Mary Ellen O’Connor [president], Francis Picart [1st vice president], Rita Reissig [2nd vice president], Suzanne Stockman [secretary], Arnie Elman [treasurer], Mark Friden,  Norm Gallagher, Bola Majekodunmi, Sam Patton, Adria Ripka, and Sally Swierczek.


    EXCUSED:  Joan Hurley, Brian Steele


       I.            Call to Order:  3:00 pm


     II.            Public Comment: none


    III.            Approval of Minutes


    Motion to accept the minutes (with changes). Motion carried


     IV.            Guest introductions and reports


       V.            Treasurer’s Report - The Treasurer’s Report will be filed. 


      VI.            President’s Report


    ¨     Update on Myron Blumenfeld’s offer to pay for a brochure on Why Become a Library Trustee.  The text is written, and has been sent to Kelly for the design work.  Mary Ellen spoke to Myron on Thursday, and he is going to send us a check for half the amount, and the paperwork to send to Macy’s who will be underwriting the other half.  We’re pushing to have the brochure ready for the Institute

    ¨     Mary Ellen has been dialoguing with Fran Reynolds at SUNY regarding our intern, or perhaps two interns to collect policy information to be put on our website.  She sent her the job description, and will be back in touch with her shortly.

    ¨     On January 27th Mary Ellen had a conference call with Bernie Margolis and Carol Desch.  The bill which we have in place in the legislature isn’t going anywhere because of the dollar component to the bill.  Over the summer Mary Ellen wants to work on, and meet with people to craft a new bill which can offer six hours of training on line.  Mary Ellen thought Bernie was very excited about this, and Carol has already started giving us input. 

    ¨     Will present the idea about trustee training on-line through the Library Trustees’ website in coordination with what already been done on Trustee Certification already.  Since Jerry Nichols has an entire school at his disposal, Mary Ellen would like to see if he could coordinate the development effort to certify trustees on-line.

    ¨     As a follow up to sponsoring the NYS Regents Advisory Council on Libraries Award, Jerry Nichols and Mary Ellen have to talk further.  Hopefully, we will have this settled for a vote at our May meeting.

    ¨     Francis and Mary Ellen met with Barbara Lifton, but they don’t need to update the Board because the committee has changed chairs.  Jonathan Bing from Manhattan is now the Assembly Chair for Libraries, Education & Technology.


    VII.              Committee Reports

                            Budget, Finance and Planning – Arnie Elman


    Discussion of how we can raise money – keep thinking and look around at the trustee institute to see how we can improve it, watch the development of the website, and most importantly what it will cost to take the 6 hours on line.


                            Education – 1st Vice Chair – Francis Picant – Conference Programmers. 


    For the fall NYLA Conference can we have a table set up—need someone to man it. It will be held in Saratoga. 


                            Education – 2nd Vice Chair - Rita Reissig –Trustee Institute

    ¨     Institute update

    ¨     2011 Institute            board action needed

    Motion to hold 2011 Institute in Albany

    ¨     Trustee training


    Executive – No report


                            Legislation and Policy – Francis Picart


                            Francis gave a report on the Trustee training bill.


    Membership – George Stamatiades


                            Nominating – Sally Swierczek


    ¨     Slate of officers:  President            Mary Ellen O’Connor

    §       1st VP:            Francis Picart

    §       2nd VP:        Suzanne Stockman

    §        Secretary:            Bola M                                   

    §        Treasurer:   Brian S  


    Motion for approval on the slate of officers.


                            Public Relations/Newsletter/Website –no report


    ¨     website development update

    ¨     Intern for organizing policies                       


                            Velma Moore and Awards – Suzanne Stockman


    Motion to accept the committee’s recommendation for the Velma Moore award.


     VIII.            Old Business

                            A.  NYSALB name change process and new logo.


       IX.  New Business

                            A.  Email address for board member

                            B.  Additional board meeting in June or July

    Adjourned:  4:30 pm

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