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  • Board Meeting


    New YorkState Association of Library Boards

    Minutes of the Director's Meeting

    January 13, 2001

    Albany, New York


    The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. at the Best Western Inn (formerly the Ramada Inn), 1228 Western Avenue, Albany, New York by President Davis Crippen.


    Directors present: D. Crippen, N. Jacknis, N. Simaitis, T. Thompson, E. Field, M.J. Ketchum, J. Rosen, D. Strauss, B. Taber and P. Teasdale.  A. Smith, D. Krogmann, G. Manitzas, M. O'Hanlon and M. Robertson were absent.  Association Manager C. Paulsen was also in attendance.  We were joined by Mary Brown, Treasurer of the New York Library Association and Jim Farrell, Library Development Specialist for the New York State Public Library and Public Library System Services.



    A motion to approve the minutes of November 4, 2000 was made by P. Teasdale, seconded by J. Rosen; unanimous.


    Treasurer's Report

    A copy of the Balance Sheet dated December 2000 and the Profit and Loss Statement for January 2000 through December 2000 were distributed (see attached).  Discussion noted that we had not met projected income levels due to lower attendance at the Trustee Institute and lower income from dues.  The Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement were placed on file for review.


    A copy of the budget for 2001, which was revised by the Treasurer Audrey Smith based on the discussion at our November meeting, was distributed (see attached). 


    The following changes were suggested:

                Dues  Income increased from $42,000 to $43,000

                Interest Income increased from $1,200 to $1,700


                            Total Income becomes     $50,700



                Newsletter postage increased from $1,500 to $2,000

                            Total Postage becomes                $6,200


                Travel and Meetings increased from $2,000 to $3,000


                            Total Expenses becomes             $50,700


    The 1999 NYLA Conference line should read 2000 NYLA Conference and the 2000 NYLA Conference line should be 2001 NYLA Conference.


    A motion to adopt the budget as amended was made by P. Teasdale, seconded by E. Field; unanimous.


    The discussion of the budget also resulted in the following decisions:


                We agreed the by-laws should be amended to establish the policy that the budget will be in place at the beginning of each fiscal year.


                            Proposed Amendment: Resolved: Members of the board shall receive the proposed budget for the following fiscal year prior to the September meeting with a discussion of the budget placed on the agenda for the meeting prior to the Annual Conference of the New York Library Association.  The board shall adopt a budget at the meeting concurrent with the Annual Conference of NYLA.


                Written notice of this proposed amendment must be sent to board members 30 days prior to our next meeting on March 10, 2001.


                We agreed that a separate budget should be established for the Velma Moore Fund.  This fund continues to grow and last year earned $1,632.


                The board also requested that future budgets include columns which show budget amounts for the previous, current and proposed fiscal years.


    Page 2


    Communications (on file at the NYSALB office)

    We received two letters dated December 28, 2000 and January 9, 2001 from Malcolm Hill, Director of the Mid-York Library System which questioned our use of the Trustee Handbook on the NYSALB web site.  It was the recollection of the Board that during our March, 2000 meeting we had discussed the copyright issue with Malcolm Hill and that he was aware of our plan to have the handbook electronically available.


    Davis was asked to send a letter to the President of the Board of Trustees of the Mid-York Library System on behalf of this board and to call Malcolm Hill first to let him know of our response.  Davis was asked to keep notes of his conversation with Malcolm and to copy the letter and notes to Janet Welch, Carol Anne Desch and this board.


    We also discussed the history of the revisions to the Trustee Handbook and recognize that we need to put together a document of our own, on our own.


    The Mid-Hudson Library System which has provided free e-mail and a free listserv is moving to a new server.  We will need to migrate the e-mail and listserv, and Norm said he could help with the process.  Norm will also look into the possibility of linking to the web site of the League Women Voters.  We will ask if they would be willing to include questions about libraries to candidates.


    The letter of resignation from Chris Paulsen will be discussed after lunch.



    Mary Brown, Treasurer of NYLA, reviewed the efforts of the organization to purchase its headquarters.  She also acknowledged the contribution of time and talent which Mary Jo has contributed to NYLA and to their Capital Campaign.


    Jim Farrell from the State Library distributed a pamphlet, "The New York State Board of Regents has a plan...."  The pamphlet briefly outlines the ten recommendations which are part of the Regents initiative, New Century Libraries.  Jim also thanked Parry for his participation and remarks supporting the Regents Commission Report during the NYLA Conference is Saratoga Springs.


    Jim alerted us to the "lobbying law' which may affect trustees and friends' groups.


    NYLA is planning to challenge federal law which requires libraries to install filters if they receive federal funding.  We were asked if we knew of trustees who are attorneys and might provide pro bono work.


    Jim suggested the following topics as potential programs:

                1. How to present a budget to your municipality.

                2. Knowing your charter (All charter documents will be available on microfiche.  The State Library is now                   sending copies to each library system.)

                3. Standards check list

                4. What is a five year plan?

                5. What is adequate space?

                6. Is the library meeting the needs of the community?  How to distribute surveys to non-users.


    He also recommended that we re-establish communication with PULISDO. (Mary Brown is the convener of the organization.)  In addition, we should arrange to have an amendment to state law to change the name of the organization and produce a power point presentation describing NYSALB which could be used by library systems at their annual meetings.


    Committee Reports


    Annual Conference

    N. Jacknis reported that the NYLA Conference will be held in Albany during October 17 through 20, 2001. NYSALB will cosponsor a panel discussion about the "decency law".


    We will sponsor a program describing how to become a library district, presented by Jim Farrell.  Dave Krogmann will be asked to assist Jim.  The second program will discuss how libraries are affected by the "super" bookstores, including what we can learn from them.  Possible speakers could be Gary Strong, Director of the Queens Borough Public Library; Jeff


    Cannell, Director of the Albany Public Library; Lindsay Ruth, Director of the Geneva Free Library.  The Director the Plattsburg Public Library may also participate.. 


    Bill will help Norm contact potential speakers.


    Page 3


    Trustee Institute

    N. Simaitis reviewed the schedule for the Institute which has been published in the Winter 2001 issue of the newsletter.


                Friday evening, May 4- Dinner and networking


                Saturday, May 5- 9 a.m. General Session on Trusteeship for all participants, presented by Lillian Edleman,             President of the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association


                10:30 a.m.- "Library Construction and Renovation," presented by David A Walter, AIA  or -  "e-Books other               electronic technology," presented by Susan Gibbons, Monroe County Library  System


                12 to 12:45 p.m. Lunch


                After Lunch- "Advocacy," presented by Suzanne Pfister, a library advocate and       professional lobbyist from                       Phoenix, Arizona


    Brochures for the Institute will be mailed on February 1, 2001 to all member trustees, all board presidents and all library system directors. 


    Board members were asked to personally contact their library system director in the middle of February to ask if they needed additional information about the Institute and to request their help with distributing the information throughout the system.  Nancy and Mary Jo will contact the remainder of the system directors.


    The suggestion was made that the packets for trustees include a template to be filled out those attending the Institute.  The completed template would be sent to local papers, giving information about the Institute and the fact that local trustees attended.


    A break for lunch was taken from 11:55 a.m. to 12: 45 p.m.  During the break, Davis presented a "thank you" gift to Chris as an expression of our gratitude for all the help and support she has provided.  Gift funds were donated by NYSALB directors.


    Communications (continued)

    Due to the expansion of  the photography part of her business, Chris Paulsen has decided that she can no longer provide administrative services for NYSALB. We thanked her for her willingness to continue through May 31, 2001 and agreed to make every effort to have a new manager  available as soon as possible.  Our goal will be to have someone to help during the Institute.


    Although some information is included in the contract, Chris agreed to provide a job description which includes a task list and  hours.   The busiest time is January through May.  We will also need an inventory of all materials and archived materials. 


    Judy will chair the Search Committee which includes Mary Jo and Davis.  Chris was asked to participate in the interviews and she agreed.  Chris also provided a directory and the names of possible individuals.


    We agreed that we need someone skilled in association management.  We also discussed whether or not we would maintain the status quo or expand our service.  How can we take advantage of the need to change in the areas of advocacy, training, building membership?  An incentive could be offered for assistance in building membership.  We may need to consider budgeting more money for management services.


    Budget, Planning and Finance

    M.J. Ketchum thanked Nancy and Dick for sharing the investment policies of their libraries with us.  Reminding us that he is not a professional financial manager, Dick distributed an Investment Policy Draft dated January 9, 2001.


    We discussed the need to invest in equities which will increase the capital we have.  With regard to the Velma Moore Endowment, currently the amount of the award is $750.  We may wish to increase the amount of the award every five years.  To enable this practice to occur, investment choices should provide earnings which will allow the amount of the award to stay ahead of inflation.  Overall expenses for the Velma Moore Award are about $1,000 which includes the purchase of the plaque and the recipient's attendance at the NYLA Awards Dinner.


    Professional assistance should be found to help select appropriate investments, and Dick recommended we look for a salaried professional.  We need to guarantee to the organization that these investments are secure, yet we must also responsibly increase the current yield.



    Page 4


    A motion to adopt an investment policy for both operating funds and Velma Moore Funds which reflects the general principles as outlined in the draft document was made by M.J. Ketchum, seconded by P. Teasdale; unanimous.


    Board members were asked to e-mail Dick with recommendations regarding the policy draft.


    Long term planning will be discussed at the next meeting.


    A suggestion was made to share these financial discussions with our membership.



    P.Teasdale continues to serve as Chair of the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries.  He wrote to Speaker Silver and Senator Bruno requesting a meeting to discuss the Regents budget initiative for 2001-2002.  Parry met with Senator Bruno's Legislative Council and the Senator's representative on the Finance Committee.  Since both gentlemen were informed about specific requests, Parry asked them, "What's wrong with this proposal?"  They questioned the need for NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library), and felt that schools were already receiving more money than they were able to spend.  They felt it was important for funding recipients to explain how the additional money will be spent.


    Parry will meet with Speaker Silver's Staff.



    Membership letters were mailed on December 1, 2000 and a second letter will be sent on February 1, 2001.



    E. Field asked for a volunteer proof reader, and Davis said he would be glad to help.  March 10, 2001 is the deadline for the next newsletter.



    A request for nominations will be posted on NYSALBnet and NYLINE.  Board members were also asked for recommendations.  The deadline is March 1, 2001.


    Velma Moore

    We agreed to continue to present the Velma Moore Award at the NYLA Awards Dinner.  However, Bill Taber, Committee Chair, would like to have the award be more visible to trustees.  We discussed also presenting the award at the recipient's library following the NYLA Dinner.  Another suggestion was to give a scholarship to the Trustee Institute to the award winner.


    New Business

    Meeting Schedule

    We discussed whether or not to continue to have a business meeting during the NYLA Conference and decided that while it would be an abbreviated meeting, the board did have business to conduct.  Norm will look for a site which will allow us to meet earlier in the day to avoid conflicts with the travel schedules of board members.


    The following dates for future meetings were approved:

                Saturday, September 8, 2001

                Saturday, October 20, 2001

                Saturday, January 12 or 19, 2002

                Saturday, March 9, 2002


    The Trustee Institute is scheduled for May 3 and 4, 2002 in Albany, New York.


    A motion to adjourn was made by E. Field, seconded by N. Simaitis; unanimous.


    Respectfully submitted,



    Tina Thompson, Secretary


    Note: The dates for the American Library Association Mid-Winter Conference are January 18 through the 23, 2002 in New Orleans.  We did not decide on a January meeting date.  Norm expressed a preference for January 19.


    The Annual Conference of the American Library Association is June 13 through 19, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Thank you Mable!)

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