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  • Board Meeting


    New YorkState Association of Library Boards

    Minutes of the Directors‚ Meeting

    March 10, 2001

    Albany, New York


    The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. at the Best Western Inn, 1228 Western Avenue, Albany, New York by President Davis Crippen.


    Directors present: D. Crippen, N. Jacknis, T. Thompson, A. Smith, M.J. Ketchum,

    G. Manitzas, M. Robertson, J. Rosen and D. Strauss.  N. Simaitis, E. Field, M. O‚Hanlon and

    B. Taber were excused.  D. Krogmann and P. Teasdale were absent.  Association Manager

     C. Paulsen was also in attendance.



    Although no guests were present at this meeting, Carol Desch and Susan Keitel are mailed regularly.  If there is a designated delegate from NYLA, the delegate should also receive a mailing.



    The minutes were corrected as follows:

                • Jim Farrell was referring to the name Library Trustees Foundation of

                New YorkState.

                • The spelling of Lillian Edelmann's name was corrected.

                • Trustee packets at the Institute will contain a press release.

                • Under the report from Budget, Planning and Finance, we discussed the need to           invest in equities with the aim of increasing the capital we have.


    A motion to approve the minutes of January 13, 2001 as amended was made by G. Manitzas, seconded by D. Strauss; unanimous.


    Treasurer's Report (see attached)

    It was noted that the receipt of dues is considerably ahead of last year.


    A motion to receive the Treasurer‚s Report and place it on file for review was made by

    N. Jacknis, seconded by J. Rosen; unanimous.


    Communications (on file at the NYSALB office)

                • We received a thank you note from Chris Paulsen.

                • Susan Keitel asked if NYSALB would contribute financially to NYLA's efforts on      Library Day.  A motion to contribute $100 to NYLA was made by M. Robertson,            seconded by J. Rosen; unanimous.

                • In response to a letter received from Malcolm Hill, a motion authorizing Davis to         write to the Mid-York Library System Board requesting permission to put the handbook on the NYSALB website was made by M. J. Ketchum, seconded by

                T. Thompson, unanimous.

                • We discussed a request from Jerry Nichols, Director of the Suffolk Library System,    for financial support of the Trustee Handbook. In the past we have paid for those   handbooks which we distributed at the Trustee Institute or sold at NYLA.  This year         we purchased 30 copies of the handbook for $48.02.  We need to know what Jerry's   expectations were.  If there is a surplus of handbooks, we could offer to purchase a   specific amount.

    Page 2


                Note:  For a future agenda, we need to discuss how this organization can produce the next edition of the Trustee Handbook.  We need to look at handbooks produced by other states.


                • We received e-mail that the Lindenhurst Rotary Club donated a tree in honor of          Fran Peterson, a former member of the NYSALB board.  A motion to contribute $100 to          the Lindenhurst Memorial Library in recognition of Fran's service to this organization          was made by T. Thompson, seconded by M. J. Ketchum, unanimous.  Mary Jo             volunteered to contact Marcella to find out if the library had an established fund for the   receipt of such gifts.  


    Committee Reports


    Annual Conference

    N. Jacknis reported that we are sponsoring two sessions on Saturday, October 20, 2001.

    NYLA is also interested in the 8:30 - 9:45 a.m. program, "How to Become a Library District," presented by Jim Farrell and David Krogmann.  The 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. session entitled "Making Libraries More Inviting", does not have designated speakers.  Judy has contacted

    Jeff Cannell, Director of the Albany Public Library. 


    Budget, Planning and Finance

    D. Strauss reviewed the amended policy draft which he e-mailed to board members.  He asked for our suggestions with the anticipation of adopting the policy at our next meeting.


    Note:  Future agenda items should include a discussion of changing the name of the Velma K. Moore Fund to Velma Moore and a review of the Paine Weber NYSALB Cash Fund.  


    Dick will incorporate our recommended changes into the Investment Policy Draft.  He received the heartfelt thanks of the Board for the excellent job he has done preparing this policy for us.


    M.J. Ketchum reminded us of the need to develop a Policies and Procedures Document. 

    She suggested that the budget be in place in September with finances reviewed during the first quarter of the calendar year.  Planning would occur during the third quarter of the year.


    We briefly discussed the benefits of forming regional branches to NYSALB.  This would help with outreach and would formalize the ability to provide training and advocacy.  One possible arrangement might include working with the nine Regional Library Councils.  We should also explore collaborating with NYLA, which has made a commitment to do things regionally.


    A brief recess was taken from 11:20 to 11:25 a.m.



    It was suggested that next year NYSALB plan to have a presence at Library Day. 


    Membership (see attached)

    At the end of last year, the FourCounty, Mid-York and New York Public Library Systems had not joined NYSALB.  We are looking for a way to attract their participation and their dues.

    Page 3


    We reviewed this year's responses from library systems and have not yet received dues from ten systems.  Board members agreed to contact these systems as follows:

                Chautauqua-Cattaraugus - Audrey                    Nioga - Mary Jo

                Four County - Mary Jo                                     North Country - Dick

                Mid-York - Davis                                                        Queens - Mable

                Monroe - Tina                                                  Ramapo-Catskill - Davis

                New York Public - Mable                                            Westchester - Norm


    In May we will look at general membership.



    No report



    T. Thompson reported that we have received three nominations for the three vacancies we will have on the Board of Directors.  The committee is recommending the following individuals:  Joan Hurley, President of the Horseheads Free Library Board located in the Chemung- Southern Tier System; Samuel Patton, President of the East Fishkill Community Board located in the Mid-Hudson System; and Dr. Robert Wells, President of the Canton Free Library Board located in the North Country Library System.  The Board accepted the recommendations of the Committee.


    The following individuals have agreed to serve as officers for 2001-2002:  Norm Jacknis- President; Nancy Simaitis-1st Vice President; Judy Rosen-2nd Vice President; Dick Strauss-Treasurer; Secretary-Tina Thompson.


    We also discussed the importance of nvolving trustees with future board projects as a way to interest trustees in serving on the NYSALB board.


    Public Relations

    No report


    Trustee Institute

    We discussed the need to arrange a shuttle service from the train station and airport to the Holiday Inn. 


    We would like to reach non-member trustees to encourage their attendance at the Trustee Institute.  Mary Jo will write a letter for Chris to distribute to either trustees or system directors in the Kingston area, particularly the Mid-Hudson, Ramapo-Catskill, MohawkValley, Upper Hudson, Southern Adirondack, FourCounty and Westchester Library Systems.  


    We should also contact the American Library Trustees Association.  Mable offered to

    e-mail the ALTA president's name to Mary Jo.  The programs offered at this year's Institute would also be beneficial to Friends' Groups.


    Note:  All future forms should ask for e-mail addresses.  The web site address should be included on all mailings.


    A break for lunch occurred from 12:20 to 12: 50 p.m.

    Page 4


    Trustee Institute (continued)

    A. Smith will assign Board members to responsibilities, i.e.. registration table, introduction of speakers.


    Prior to next years Institute we should determine if ease of payment is a concern.  Would it be beneficial to offer payment by credit card as an option.


    Note:  Our Resource List needs to be updated.


    Velma Moore

    No report


    The committee needs to discuss the cost of $250 for the crystal award.  Mary Jo offered to check to see about the cost from another source.


    Tina will check with Committee Chair Bill Taber about offering a scholarship to the Trustee Institute to the Award winner.


    Search Committee

    Chair J. Rosen received a proposal from Susan Keitel, Executive Director of NYLA, offering to share resources with NYSALB.  This arrangement could include renting space or sharing some staff members to help with communication or policy.  However, it was the consensus of the board that we will provide a stronger partnership with NYLA by maintaining our own management service and office.


    Judy further reported that her committee interviewed three candidates out of ten possible management services.  The committee unanimously recommended Carr Public Affairs located on Broadway, Albany, New York. Carr Public Affairs submitted a proposal based on the job description for $24,300.  We were assured that we would work with one individual, Karen Dyer, who received training from Chris Paulsen.  The owner of the company, James Carr, is also a public library trustee.  In addition to providing management services, this company may be able to help with advocacy.  A question was asked about what is provided by Carr Services for financial management.  Judy was asked to check the credit rating of the company and to talk to other management clients as references.


    A motion to authorize the committee to negotiate a contract subject to the credit rating and references was made by N. Jacknis, seconded by A. Smith; unanimous.


    The hope is to have a new contract effective on April 1, 2001.


    Old Business

    We discussed the proposed amendment to Article XI, which would add another section, and agreed on minor wording changes.  A motion to adopt the proposed amendment as edited was made by N. Jacknis, seconded by J. Rosen; unanimous.


    Article XI, Section 7 shall read:

    Members of the board shall receive the proposed budget for the following fiscal year prior to the next to the last regular meeting of the current year.  The board shall adopt a budget at the last meeting of the current year.

    Page 5


    Further discussion of Jim Farrell's suggestion that the name Library Trustees Foundation of New York State needs to be legally changed to New York State Association of Library Boards created some confusion since the change was made through the amendment to our charter at our request to the Board of Regents.


    New Business

    G. Manitzas raised the concern about the possible discontinuation of the E-rate funding at the federal level.  After discussion, we agreed we should advocate for the continuation of this funding.  George was asked to draft a letter on behalf of NYSALB which he will forward to Davis.  The letter will be distributed to all congressional representatives in the state.


    A motion to adjourn was made at 2:26 p.m. by M. Robertson, seconded by N. Jacknis; unanimous.


    Respectfully submitted,

    Tina Thompson


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