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  • Board Meeting


    New York State Association of Library Boards

    Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting

    May 4, 2001

    Kingston, New York


    The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Kingston, 503 Washington Avenue, Kingston, New York by President Davis Crippen.


    Directors present: D. Crippen, N. Jacknis, N. Simaitis, T. Thompson, A. Smith, E. Field, M.J. Ketchum, G. Manitzas, M. O’Hanlon, D. Strauss, and B. Taber.  D. Krogmann and P. Teasdale were excused.  M. Robertson and J. Rosen were absent.  Guests included Carol Anne Desch,

    Coordinator of Statewide Library Services, Jim Mancuso, representative from the NYLA Council, and trustees Ghenya Grant and Stephanie Williams from the Wyandanch Public Library.  Association Manager Karen Dyer was also in attendance.



    The minutes were corrected to show that a review of the Spring Newsletter was presented.


    A motion to approve the minutes of March 10, 2001 as corrected was made by  N. Jacknis, seconded by M. O’Hanlon; unanimous.


    Note:  Once the minutes have been approved, the Association Manager should send them to Norm for posting on the web site.  We agreed that minutes should be mailed to Directors three weeks prior to the next meeting.


    Treasurer’s Report

    The following financial information was distributed:


                Copies of the account summaries for the Velma K. Moore Fund and the NYSALB Fund          at Paine Webber

                A copy of deposits for March 9 through May 4, 2001

                A copy of checks written March 9 through May 4, 2001

                A Profit and Loss Statement for January 1 through May 4, 2001

                A Balance Sheet for January 1 through May 4, 2001


    Revenue from the Trustee Institute is greater than last year.  Registrations for part or all of the conference total 111.


    Note: Directors will need a comparison statement to measure how well the organization is doing and to use as a guide for planning.


    Communications (on file at the NYSALB office)

    Davis received a letter from Malcolm Hill agreeing to the availability, including downloading, of the Trustee Handbook on our web site.  The handbook is available at nysalb.org.

    page 2


    Davis also spoke with Jerry Nichols, Director of the Suffolk Library System.  NYSALB has sent

    $233.82 to purchase 150 Trustee Handbooks.


    We discussed the need for NYSALB to be responsible for the distribution of the handbook.  We may need to reorder copies based on Jerry’s printing schedule.


    A motion to provide handbooks this time at no cost to anyone requesting one was made by D. Strauss, seconded by B. Taber; unanimous.


    Note: The Handbook should be available at future Trustee Institutes.

    We also need to decide if we will charge for the cost of printing, postage and handling with future distribution.


    With regard to the next handbook, we need to develop a relationship with the Division of Library Development and Library Systems.   


    Committee Reports


    Trustee Institute

    N. Simaitis thanked the committee members for their extraordinary efforts.  We were very fortunate to have Mitch Freedman agree to substitute as our luncheon speaker.  Audrey and Nancy will arrange the table placements to have trustees from similar sized libraries sit together at the Friday evening dinner.


    Annual Conference

    N. Jacknis reported that the programs and speakers are set.  They will need to be confirmed over the summer.


    Note: Saturday, October 20, 2001 from 8:30 to 9:45 a.m., “How to Become a Library District” will be presented by Jim Farrell and David Krogmann.  The 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. session is titled, “Making Libraries More Inviting”.


    Budget, Planning and Finance

    D. Strauss distributed a second draft of the Investment Policy which incorporated the suggestions made at the last board meeting.  One wording change was suggested in this draft.  We were reminded that in the past, Bill Miller from Paine Webber has helped as a consultant.  The basic objective of the Investment Policy is to assure our membership that financially responsible guidelines have been established. 


    A motion to adopt the Investment Policy as presented was made by N. Simaitis, seconded by

    M.J. Ketchum; unanimous.


    Dick received the gratitude of the Board for efforts in developing this policy.

    page 3



    We need to have representation on the NYLA Legislation Committee.  Meetings are held every three months from 10:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Albany to discuss the budget process and necessary advocacy strategies.  Please contact Norm if you can assume this responsibility.



    The following information was distributed:

                Membership Analysis as of May 4, 2001

                Membership History 1995 through May 2001

                Membership Statistics of May 3, 2001

                Library System Membership as of May 4, 2001


    We reviewed the list of Non-Member Library Systems.


    Davis will call Mid-York; Ed will contact Ramapo Catskill; Mary Jo will call Nioga and FourCounty.  Karen will contact Carol Anne Desch to bring population and budget information up to date in our records.  We need to think about ways we can take advantage of the information available through the electronic filing of Annual Reports by libraries.


    Chairman Dick Strauss was thanked for the timely writing of the membership letters which

    resulted in a membership total of 367.


    We agreed that another letter probably would not be worthwhile.  We did decide to target those 44 past members who have not yet joined.


    We also talked about having a membership insert with the newsletter and sending a thank you to our paid members.


    A question was asked about how long a library or library system board continues to receive the newsletter if they have not paid their dues.  Do we have a standardized grace period?  This question was referred to the membership Committee.


    Note: We should recognize those systems that sponsored trustee attendance at the Trustee Institute in the newsletter.  The Finger Lakes Library System covered room, registration and dinner but not travel.



    E. Field reviewed the contents of the Summer edition which will include a guest editorial by Mary Jo and an article about investment policies by Dick.  Ed reminded us that he has regular contributors and therefore space is limited.


    With regard to bids on printing; he will not separate printing from mailing.

    page 4



    The election to the Board of Directors will occur during the Annual Meeting tomorrow.  The Slate  of Candidates is enclosed in the registration packets:

                Ed Field - third term

                Joan Hurley - first term

                Norm Jacknis - second term

                Sam Patton - first term

                Mable Robertson - second term

                Bob Wells - first term


    T. Thompson reviewed the Slate of Officers who will be elected at the Organizational Meeting following the Annual Meeting:

                Norm Jacknis - President

                Nancy Simaitis - 1st Vice President

                Judy Rosen -  2nd Vice President

                Tina Thompson - Secretary

                Dick Strauss - Treasurer


    Public Relations

    No report


    Velma Moore Award

    B. Taber reminded us that information about the award is in the registration packets and the deadline for nominations is August 15, 2001.


    Old Business



    New Business

    We discussed the benefit to our membership of accepting credit card payments on our web site.

    Norm’s research found that <www.paypal.com> will accept credit card payments on our behalf with no set-up cost.  There would be a charge of $1.50 per Institute registration to cover fees.


    A motion to authorize Pay Pal to accept credit card payments for the Trustee Institute and memberships on our web site was made by T. Thompson, seconded by M. O’Hanlon; unanimous.


    The March meeting date was changed from Saturday March 9 to the 16, 2002.


    We agreed that we do not need a Chase ATM card.  Karen will destroy the card and notify the bank that we do not want one.


    Karen found membership certificates.

    page 5


    PULISDO should be included on our mailing list.  NYPIRG, a public interest group, requested a meeting with the board.  We declined.



    Jim Mancuso left to attend graduation.


    Carol Desch reviewed the material in the packet which will be distributed to those attending the Trustee Institute.  In support of New Century Libraries, the State Library and the Regents are asking for $95 million.  The Assembly is proposing $27.7 million.  Assemblywoman Naomi Matusow is proposing $1 million for “Babysteps”, library programs for parents and children 0 to 3 years.


    To support the Regents proposal, BOCES superintendents across the state have held informational meetings with business leaders and educators.  State Librarian, Janet Welch and members of the Board of Regents have been visiting editorial boards throughout the state. Business leaders are being asked to publicly support New Century Libraries. Carol reminded us that grassroots efforts are important.


    At the federal level, we need to be aware of the fact the President Bush is proposing cuts to programs which have brought $9 million to libraries in New York State.  The Children’s Internet Protection Act also has serious implications for our libraries.


    A forum to discuss NOVEL is being held on May 17, 2001 in Albany and NYSALB is invited.


    The Gates Grants have provided $17 million to New York libraries.  By the end of June only two libraries, Bovina Public Library and the Mountainside Free Library in Lake George, will not have internet access.  The training provided through the grants has received many compliments.


    The second year of funding for the New Century Libraries proposal includes money for trustee training.  Carol asked that we think of specific proposals.  Bill suggested  two tier training at the state level and through local systems.


    Note: This will be on the September agenda for discussion and assigned to a committee, possibly Legislation.


    Davis thanked everyone for their cooperation and support during his term as President.  He was thanked for providing wisdom and guidance throughout the year.


    Mary Jo expressed her gratitude to everyone for the opportunity to work cooperatively in support of library service.



    page 6


    A motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:50 p.m. was made by M.J. Ketchum, seconded by E. Field;




    Respectfully submitted,



    Tina Thompson




    2001 -2002 Meeting Dates

                Saturday September 8, 2001

                Saturday October 20, 2001 - NYLA Conference

                Saturday January 19, 2002

                Saturday March 16, 2002

                Friday May 3 and Saturday May 4, 2002 - Trustee Institute

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