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  • Board Meeting


    New YorkState Association of Library Boards

    Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting

    October 20, 2001

    Albany, New York


    The meeting was called to order at 2:50 p.m. at the Albany Public Library, 161 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York by President Norm Jacknis.


    Judy Rosen was thanked for arranging the room and refreshments for our meeting at her library.



    A motion to approve the minutes of September 8, 2001 was made by M. Robertson, seconded by S. Patton; unanimous.


    Treasurer’s Report

    Treasurer D. Strauss reviewed the proposed budget for 2002.  He recommended in the future the Velma Moore monies be invested separately.  He also added a $100 contribution to NYLA for Lobby Day and $300 to purchase Trustee Handbooks for distribution at the Trustee Institute as expenses.  Revenue from dues was increased to $45,000.  The total budget is $54,700.


    A motion to adopt the proposed budget was made by S. Patton, seconded by A. Smith; unanimous.


    NOTE: We need to verify that the dues structure listed on the website is accurate.


    We discussed the selection of a financial advisor.  The Budget, Planning and Finance Committee recommended we select someone who charges a fee for service rather than a commission fee.  Ronald H. Sirota of Strategic Financial Planning, Inc of Syracuse, New York was the Committee’s recommendation.


    A motion to accept Ronald Sirota of Strategic Financial Planning, Inc. as our financial advisor, provided he is bonded, was made by D. Strauss, seconded by J. Rosen; unanimous.


    The Balance Sheet dated October 19, 2001 was reviewed.  Dick and Karen Dyer will discuss the investment of the money which is now in a non-interest bearing account.  A six month certificate of deposit was renewed for three months.  Two investment accounts, NYSALB and Velma Moore, will be opened.



    Sara Dallas, Councilor-at-Large for NYLA, will be the association’s representative to our board.


    Board members received invitations to participate in the Regents Public Policy Conference on Wednesday, November 7, 2001 in Albany.  Sam Patton is planning to attend to submit a proposal for a revolving fund for library construction.  Norm asked him to see if NYSALB would be able to establish more direct communications with the Board of Regents.


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    Ed Field received a response to the editorial in the fall newsletter. 


    Committee Reports

    Trustee Institute

    A. Smith reported on behalf of Committee Chair, Nancy Simaitis.  The following workshops are tentatively scheduled:

                      Disaster Planning – speakers from the Pioneer Library System

                      Open Meeting Law and Freedom of Information – Robert Freeman and Sam


    Public Library Districts – Jim Farrell and Dave Krogmann

    How to Write a Five Year Plan – Mable Robertson and Norm Jacknis


    The committee is still looking for a keynote speaker for Saturday.  Nancy and Audrey will contact the gubernatorial candidates, Pataki, McCall and Cuomo, to ask them to speak about their platform for libraries.  Secretary of State Randy Daniels, Albany Gannett Bureau Chief   Jim Gallagher, and author William Kennedy were suggested as alternatives.


    For the institute’s Friday night dinner, those attending will be assigned to tables; however, assignments will not be based on library size.  Instead, we will attempt to provide a more random seating that still allows a good mix for dinner conversation and the sharing of ideas.


    Legislative Committee

    Committee Chair M. Robertson reviewed remarks of Naomi Matusow, Chair of the Assembly

    Committee on Libraries.  The events of September 11 have affected how libraries will be able to raise money.  It continues to be up to us to advocate for libraries and to remind people of the important role libraries played during the crisis.


    New Business

    Norm has updated the website and asked for comments from board members.


    Sam offered to print business cards for board members.


    We discussed the difficulty trustees have attending meetings and workshops.  We will try to find an intern at a community college who would be willing to help us make audio and video tapes of the programs presented at the Trustee Institute.


    The January meeting was changed from January 19 to January 12, 2001. 


    A motion to adjourn at 3:55 p.m. was made by M. Robertson, seconded by J. Rosen; unanimous.


    Respectfully submitted,


    Tina Thompson, Secretary


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    Future Meeting Dates

    Saturday, January 12, 2002

    Saturday, March 16, 2002

    Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4, 2002 – Trustee Institute

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