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  • Board Meeting


    New YorkState Association of Library Boards

    Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting

    January 12, 2002

    Albany, New York


    The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. at the Best Western Sovereign Hotel,

    1228 Western Avenue, Albany, New York by President Norm Jacknis.


    Directors present: N. Jacknis, T. Thompson, D. Strauss, E. Field, J. Hurley, G. Manitzas, S. Patton, A. Smith, and B. Taber.  N. Simaitis, J. Rosen and B. Wells were excused.  D. Krogmann and M. Robertson were absent.  M. O’Hanlon has resigned.

    Association Manager, Karen Dyer was also present.  Carol Anne Desch, Coordinator of Statewide Library Services, joined us at 10:30 a.m.



    A motion to approve the minutes of October 20, 2001 was made by A. Smith, seconded by

    D. Strauss; unanimous.


    Treasurer’s Report

    The Board received the following documents:

                        Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2001

                        Budget Comparison January through December 2001

                        Balance Sheet from December 2000

                        Profit and Loss Statement January 2000 through December 2000

                        Statement of Accounts from Fleet Bank dated December 31, 2001

                        Financial Summary from Fleet Bank for December 1 through 31, 2001

                        UBS Paine Webber Investment Accounts Statement


    Treasurer Dick Strauss explained that the Paine Webber year end statements have not yet been received and the balance sheet and budget comparison for last year do not reflect this information.


    A motion to authorize President Norman Jacknis, 1st Vice President Nancy Simaitis,

    2nd Vice President Judy Rosen and Treasurer Dick Strauss, or any of them acting individually, be and they are hereby authorized to sell, assign, endorse for transfer certificates representing stocks, bonds, or other securities registered or hereafter registered in the name of this corporation, was made by D. Strauss, seconded by E. Field; unanimous.


    Dick explained that the Certificates of Deposit were due in December, and both were renewed, one for 90 days and one for 24 months.  It will cost $92.12 to change the investment.


    A motion to reinvest the Certificates of Deposit to comply with our Investment Policy was made by D. Strauss, seconded by B. Taber, unanimous.



    Page 2


    In the future we will receive a separate report for the Velma Moore Fund.


    Our investment advisor charges by the hour and anticipates working 2 to 3 hours a year on our accounts.


    Note: We will review the budget at our March meeting.


    Communications (on file at the NYSALB office)


    We received a thank you from the Lindenhurst Memorial Library for our gift in memory of Fran Peterson.


    Membership Directory

    Karen Dyer reported that the cost of mailing the Membership Directory will increase if advertising is included.  The rate is based on the percentage of advertising in the directory.


    With regard to having a single advertisement on the back cover, we realized there could be a question of apparent endorsement.  This year we will not include advertising in the directory.  We will look instead at additional possibilities for revenue.  Karen was asked to contact the Habiterra Design Group and ask if they are interesteded in advertising in the Trustee Institute brochure.  She will also talk to the hotel about the cost for an exhibitor room.


    We also discussed the accuracy of the information in the directory.  The new edition will be prepared in the first quarter of the current year and mailed on May 1.  Symbols such as an asterisk or a “dagger” will be used to indicate whether membership is current.


    Committee Reports


    Budget, Planning and Finance

    Nothing further


    Trustee Institute

    A. Smith reviewed the program:

                        May 3, Friday evening        Dinner followed by Sharing Success Stories.


                        May 4, Saturday 9 a.m.     How to become a Public Library District by

                                                                Jim Farrell and David Krogmann


                                                                Trustee Marketing/ Advocacy by Patricia Owens






    Page 3


    May 4, 10:30 a.m.                       Freedom of Information and Open Meeting Law

                                                                By Robert Freeman


                                                                Disaster Planning by Barbara Lilley


    May 4, 12 Noon                                     Lunch followed by

                                                                Technological Changes Impacting Library

                                                                Services by Carey Hatch


    Note: Assemblywoman Naomi Matusow, Library Committee Chair, and Senator Hugh Farley, Chairman of the Senate Sub-committee on Libraries, will be invited to the dinner Friday evening.


    B. Taber will ask Judy Rosen to introduce Robert Freeman, and Nancy Simaitis to introduce Pat Owens.  Bill will introduce Jim Farrell and David Krogmann.  Norm will introduce Barbara Lilley and Carey Hatch.


    Trustees will not be assigned to tables at dinner based on the size of their libraries.  Stickers to indicate library size will be available to put on name tags at the registration table.


    NYLA Conference

    T. Thompson reported that Judy Rosen is asking for topics for workshops at the NYLA Conference.  Judy’s library director recommended “How to Evaluate a Director.”  She is also considering “Safety in the Workplace”, but this was not recommended by her director.  The board agreed that “Safety in the Workplace” is a topic that affects staff interests more than trustees.  We agreed that “How to Evaluate a Director” would provide a good opportunity for a dialogue among trustees and directors.


    Additional topics suggested were:

                        Civil Service and Libraries (a side affect of becoming a district library)

                        Children’s Internet Protection Act

                        How to interact with legislators and/or your funding body


    Note: Future topic for Trustee Institute – How to Recruit Board Members


    Carol Desch was welcomed to the meeting.


    A short recess was taken from 10:30 to 10:45



    Lobby Day is scheduled for March 19, 2002.




    Page 4


    Sam Patton mentioned that he has been invited to attend National Lobby Day.  He will provide further information.


    Note: Membership in ALTA will be discussed at a future meeting.  Mable will be asked to find information about the organization.  Sam offered to act as a liaison with the organization.



    Carol Desch reported that the State Education Department has asked for full funding of library aid, but they have not heard the governor’s proposal.  The State Library may face a 5 to 10 percent cut in its operating budget.


    The Board of Regents continues to strongly support New Century Libraries Legislative and Budget Initiative.  Libraries are needed “now more then ever.” It is important to remind the governor of the importance of library services, especially in times of crisis.


    Successful Advocacy Workshops were sponsored throughout the state by the State Library to provide advocacy training at the local level.


    A Library Advocacy Leadership Meeting with Commissioner Mills will be held in April.

    Carol asked if we will co-sponsor the workshop and we agreed.  NYLA will also be asked.


    Carol distributed a draft of “New Yorkers Need Their Libraries Now More Than Ever…”

    to be used by trustees throughout the state as they advocate for New Century Libraries.

    Suggested changes were made which will provide specific dollar amounts tied to specific needs.  Prioritizing needs and justifying dollar amounts will be helpful to trustees.  Carol was asked to send a copy of the revised draft to Mable with a copy to Norm.


    A New Century Libraries template in power point is available on the New Century Libraries web site.  It may be downloaded and changed to address local needs.


    The pamphlet, “Statement on the Governance of a Trustee or Board Member” was distributed.  It was developed by representation from the Department of Council and other departments within the Education Department.  There is limited availability of the pamphlet, but it is accessible on the department’s web site.  Carol will appreciate any suggestions for future revisions.


    National Lobby Days are May 6 and 7, 2002.  New YorkState receives $9 million from the Library Services and Technology Act which needs to be reauthorized and funded.  All of State Library Development is currently supported by federal monies, and $2 million supports Empire Link.  Carol suggested that trustees find out which New YorkState representatives





    Page 5


    are on key committees.  Trustees also need to know who in Congress is wavering or opposed to the legislation.


    The State Library is working on a new five year plan to comply with LSTA requirements.

    A draft of the plan will be posted in February with a notification message on NYLINE.


    April 17, 2002 is the “Great New York Read Aloud,” and the statewide summer reading program, “Splish, Splash – Read”, was prepared by the Brooklyn Library.


    We agreed to work through lunch.


    Committee Reports continued



    D. Strauss reported that membership letters were mailed in December.  Letters also went to those members who are prepaid for an update of their trustees.  Karen estimated that she has received 60 returns.


    Note:  For our next meeting, Board members have requested lists of non-members from their          systems.



    E. Field continues to look for new writers to provide interesting articles.  The newsletter is available on our website.  March 10 is the deadline for the April newsletter.



    T. Thompson reported that we will need to fill two vacancies at our Annual Meeting in May.  Marcella O’Hanlon has resigned from the board and Audrey Smith is ineligible to continue because she is no longer a trustee.


    The following directors are eligible for re-election:

                        George Manitzas for a 3rd term

                        Nancy Simaitis for a 2nd term

                        Bill Taber for a 3rd term

                        Tina Thompson for a 3rd term


    A request for nominations will be posted on NYLINE and nysalb.org.  We will request nominations from western New York and the downstate area.  Reference will be made to our website and the information it contains about NYSALB.  Tina will send Norm a list of most frequently asked questions and answers that can be posted on the web site.


    A draft list of orientation materials for board members was distributed. (see attached)




    Page 6


    Notebooks containing this information will be available to all board members by the Annual Meeting.


    Public Relations

    No report


    Velma Moore

    B. Taber will have information about the award in the newsletter and posted on NYLINE in May.


    Old Business

    There are 26 handbooks available in the office.  Handbooks will be available upon request at the Trustee Institute.  We discussed the need to write our own handbook, and this project will be on a future agenda.  Joan offered to look at handbooks from other states.


    New Business

    A draft of a NYSALB Calendar for 2002 through 2003 was distributed.

    The following board meeting dates were selected:

                        Saturday, September 14, 2002

                        Friday evening, October 25, 2002, following the NYLA Awards Dinner, Buffalo                              Saturday, January 11, 2003

                        Saturday, March 15, 2003

                        Friday afternoon, May 2, 2003, prior to the Trustee Institute                                                    

    Judy Rosen will need to talk to Kat Anderson at NYLA about arranging for a room for our meeting in October.


    Note: At our March meeting we will need to select a site for the next Trustee Institute.

    Binghamton was suggested as a location with the potential to invite trustees from      Pennsylvania.  George will look for a location on Long Island.


    We discussed accessibility to our web site.  Should there be places on the web site that are available to members as an advantage of membership?  We did not come to a decision.


    Do we want to sell individual memberships on the web site? 


    Trustees will be able to use credit cards for the Trustee Institute through the use of

    Pay Pal.






    Page 7


    We discussed the need to increase the registration fee for the Trustee Institute.

    We were reminded that this board had made a commitment to provide training for trustees, including a decision to absorb as many expenses as possible.  The registration fee has not increased since the Trustee Institute began in 1997.   We also discussed the need to have more money available to use for speaker fees.  The organization has been able to absorb losses incurred by the Trustee Institute.


    A motion to increase the registration fee by $5 was made by T. Thompson, seconded by D. Strauss; carried; opposed, B. Taber.


    Two scholarships to attend the Trustee Institute will again be available to member library boards.


    Karen distributed a list of officers and directors for internal use only.  The list was reviewed and amended by the board.


    A motion to adjourn at 1:55 p.m.was made by S. Patton, seconded by G. Manitzas; unanimous.


    Respectfully submitted,




    Tina Thompson, Secretary



    Future meeting dates:

                        March 16, 2002, Saturday

                        May 3, 2002, Friday afternoon

                        May 3 and 4, 2002 Trustee Institute

                        September 14, 2002, Saturday

                        October 25, 2002, Friday evening, NYLA Conference, Buffalo, N.Y.

                        January 11, 2003, Saturday

                        March 15, 2003, Saturday

                        May 2, 2003, Friday afternoon

                        May 2 and 3, 2003  Trustee Institute

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