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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Directors Meeting

    Saturday, September 14, 2002

    Best Western Sovereign Hotel, Albany, NY



    The meeting was called to order at 9:04 AM by President Norman Jacknis.

    Roll Call 

    Present: President Norm Jacknis, members Joan Hurley, William Tabor, Jane Sweet, Richard Strauss, Francis Picart, Ed Field and Paula Werth.  John Carr attended in place of Association Manager Karen Dyer who is away;  guests Janet Schneider (State Friends), Carol Ann Desch of the State Library, and Erin Apostol.


    Excused: Tina Thompson, George Manitzas, Sam Patton, David Krogman and Robert Wells.


    A motion by Dick Strauss, seconded by Ed Field, to appoint Erin Apostol  to fill the vacancy on the board.  The motion was carried unanimously, and Erin was seated as a member of the board.


    Minutes for May 3 meeting: motion to approve by Richard Strauss, seconded by Ed Field and Carried.

    Minutes for May 4 meeting: motion to approve by Francis Picart, seconded by Dick Strauss, carried.


    Report on successful Advocacy Day presented by special guest Jane Schneider from Friends of State Libraries.  Letters sent out by Susan Keitel to the governor and Carl McCall.  Meetings were covered by the Post Times.


    Meeting with Board of Regents, report given by Carol Ann Desch.  She, Janet Welch and Carol Huxley met with each member individually, and discussed NOVEL.  No answer to question about when there would be a dollar commitment to a new central library.


    LSTA federal funds, Carol Ann passed out packets, along with information on matching grants for state libraries from the Gates Foundation.


    State Wide Summer Reading Program, involvement has grown.   Next year T-shirts will be available again for purchase to advertise the program.


    Public Library Districts, 16 new districts since January ‘99, 25 have expanded, but also a few failures.  Libraries need to integrate better with their local political processes, petitions, etc. 

    “I read, I vote, I support libraries” campaign needed, also better education of Trustees.  Dick will compose a litter to the membership asking everyone to write to the Governor in behalf of libraries.


    Great New York Read-In, April 9 throughout the state.


    Nancy Simaitis moved that the Treasurer’s Report be put on file for audit, Erin Apostol seconded, motion carried.  Dues structure was discussed.  Motion not to send out Membership Directory this year made by Dick Strauss, seconded by Ed Field, and carried.


    Communications: Thank you from Audrey; note received from Judge Harkavy asking for wider  representation on NYSALB.


    The following is from notes taken by a member at the meeting


    Member libraries - web site to contain trustee names.

    Formulate letter to membership that everyone will write to Governor about Advocacy.


    We will have time at 10:30 Saturday at NYLA for two panels, and an insert in the NYLA program.  Packets ahead to Loren.



    Encourage people to attend the Regent’s discussion on 10/2.

    Send the Trustee Newsletter to Legislators: Speaker, Senate Majority leader, Chair, Library Committee, Budget Committee, Chairs of the Education and Library committees.


    Ed Field reminded us that he has a Dec 1 deadline for articles for the newsletter.


    Velma Moore Award

    Bill Tabor moved, and Jane Sweet seconded that the award go to Mary Jo Ketcham.  Motion carried unanimously.


    Trustee Institute location discussion.  Nancy Simaitis moved, and Bill Tabor seconded that the Institute be held in Westchester or downstate.  Carried unanimously.


    Carol Ann Desch suggested that NYSALB update the endorsement of New Century Libraries.

    Motion made by Dick Strauss, seconded by Jane Sweet, carried unanimously.



    A Thank you from Audrey Smith,

    It was noted that NYSALB has no one from the three largest districts.  Francis Picart will contact Judge Ira Harkavy.

    A letter was received from the Niagara Library System, Jonathan Archer, Pres.


    Next Meeting The next meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2003 at the Best Western Sovereign, Albany, NY at 9:00 AM.


    Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 2:34 PM.


    Respectfully submitted, Sam Patton, Secretary, with thanks to Nancy Simaitis and Joan Hurley, who sent me notes.


    March 4, 2003.

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