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  • Board Meeting


    The meeting was called to order by President Jacknis at 9:13 AM. 


    Roll Call

                The responses indicated that the following were present: Board President Jacknis, and members Sam Patton, David Krogmann, George Manitzas, Richard Strauss, Joan Hurley, Francis Picart, William Taber, Erin Apostol, Jane Sweet, Nancy Simaitis and Martina Thompson; and Karen Dyer, Association Manager.



                The following guests were noted: Jim Farrell of the NY State Library and Susan Keitel of the New York Library Association.  Susan Keitel presented information on the possible budget changes in the next fiscal year.  The current ‘gossip’ is that “everybody will be cut ten percent.”  She mentioned four bills supported by NYLA, having to do with a COLA for library funding.  She noted that the NYLA Legislative Committee would meet Friday, February 7, 2002.  Jim Farrell mentioned that requests to the legislature should be in by the end of January 2003.  He said he could help in publicity for the Trustee Institute.


    The Agenda was modified to delete the second reference to Guests.



                It was agreed to table the approval of the minutes of the September 2002 meeting until the March meeting.



                Budget & Finance

    The treasurer’s report by Richard Strauss included the balance sheet distributed and attached to these minutes.  It was noted that the funds of NYSALB and the Velma Moore award have been commingled, and that we need to deduct five years of expenses to NYSALB from the Velma Moore fund before the March meeting.  After a discussion on the disposition of earnings in the fund, it was moved by Nancy Simaitis and seconded by George Manitzas that funds of approximately $900 be transferred from the Velma Moore fund to the general fund.  The motion was carried unanimously.



                            Trustee Institute

                            Norm suggested a speaker on Homeland Security, Joan Hurley suggested Janet Steiner.  Other topics included a ‘How to’ on local lobbying and getting volunteers.

                            Jim Farrell mentioned putting lobbying materials in computer form, on a web site or diskette.


                Dick Strauss moved, and Nancy Simaitis seconded a motion that the Institute be held at the Marriott in Westchester, unless we get a better price elsewhere.  The motion carried.

                After some discussion on fees, Tina Thompson moved, and David Krogmann seconded, a motion to set the fees for the 2003 Institute at $65 with a reduction of $5 for ‘early bird’ registration, and a $10 discount for NYSALB members.  The motion carried.

                The consensus of the discussion on charges for the dinner was that while the hotel price was $37.50, we could charge about $5.00 less.


                NYSALB at NYLA

                The NYLA conference will be in Saratoga this fall, and NYSALB has a slot on Saturday, November 8.  Among the topics mentioned were litigation and legal responsibilities of trustees; insurance for trustees including defense of slander charges; and recruiting and keeping members of boards of trustees.



    Jane Sweet was named chair of this committee, replacing Robert Wells.

    Erin Apostol was named liaison to the NYLA Legislation Committee.



                We have about 148 member libraries.   A second mailing is planned for February.  A question was raised about a third mailing, but no motion made.  Focused email directly to trustees was suggested.  With regard to individual memberships, Francis Picart moved, and Bill Tabor seconded a motion to establish an individual membership with dues of $30 per year for trustees, and $10 per year for retired trustees. The motion was carried.  Francis Picart suggested that we needed better visibility; and that we might consider rotating the place where we hold our meetings.  He will write up some ideas for later consideration.   There was discussion on the need to get more libraries to join NYSALB.



    It was noted that Ed Field has one more year on the board, and we need to consider the future of the newsletter and its frequency.



    It was noted that the terms of trustees Strauss, Krogmann and Apostol expire the end of 2003.  Both Dick and David have indicated a willingness to serve another term, and the Nominating Committee will post an ad for members.


    Velma Moore Award

                Tina Thompson reported that she had presented the award to Mary Jo Ketchum at the NYLA Annual Conference.  Nominations for the next award will be sought later in 2003.  There was some discussion of a need to report the awards to the Moore family.






    New Business


                The next meeting of the NYSALB Board was set for Saturday, March 15, 2003 in Albany.


    Executive Session

                A motion was made by Tina Thompson, seconded by Erin Apostol, that the board go into Executive Session to discuss negotiation of a contract with a vendor.  The motion was passed, and the board entered executive session at 2:25 PM, with members Manitzas, Hurley, Picart, Taber, Apostol, Sweet, Simaitis, Thompson, Patton, and President Jacknis.  At 2:55 PM, a motion was made by Francis Picart, seconded by Nancy Simaitis to end the executive session and return to the regular meeting.  This was passed unanimously. 

                A motion was made by Tina Thompson, seconded by Nancy Simaitis that the board continue using the services of Carr Public Affairs as Association Manager.  This was passed unanimously.



                Jane Sweet moved, and Nancy Simaitis seconded, a motion to adjourn, and the meeting ended at 2:55 PM.


    Respectfully submitted, Sam Patton, Secretary. March 5, 2003

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