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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Directors Meeting

    Saturday, March 15, 2003

    Holiday Inn Express, Albany, NY 


    The meeting was called to order by President Jacknis at 9:08 AM. 


    I   Roll Call

                The roll call was postponed until after the guests had been introduced, and presentations were made.


    II  Guests

                Susan Keitel, Executive Director of NYLA; Eleanor Kuhn, Chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee, NYLA; Sarah Dallas, NYLA Councilor-at-Large and Carol Ann Desch, Coordinator of Statewide Library Services in the afternoon.        


                Susan Keitel reported on negotiations for the State Budget, and urged NYSALB to attend the Legislative Lobbying Day in Albany.  Ms. Sandra Galef is the Assembly Chair of their Library Committee. She thinks NYSALB could take high profile leadership position on showing the legislature how the proposed cuts will affect systems, and that trustees need more training.  Could NYSALB and NYLA put together a ‘brochure’ to explain systems to legislators, the public and trustees?  Ms. Sandra Galef is the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Libraries and Education Technology.


                Eleanor Kuhn suggested a resolution opposing the USAPATRIOT act, whose 215 or so provisions would affect the ways libraries operate.  She specifically mentioned the operational difficulty of carrying out a ‘gag order’ and that only ‘suspicion’ is needed to confiscate any tangible record.  Susan Keitel pointed out that there was a proposal in Washington to exempt libraries.


         Roll Call (Postponed from I above)

                The following were present:  President Norman Jacknis; 1st Vice-President Martina Thompson, 2nd Vice President Joan Hurley, Secretary Sam Patton, Treasurer Richard Strauss, and Directors Erin Apostol, Ed Field, George Manitzas, Francis Picart, Jane Sweet and Association Manager Karen Dyer.  Directors Nancy Simaitis and Dr. William Taber were excused.  Director David Krogmann was absent.


    III  Minutes 

                The minutes from the meeting of September 14, 2002 were approved on a motion made by George Manitzas, seconded by Ed Field, and passed unanimously.

                The minutes from the meeting of January 11, 2003 were approved with corrections to be made, on a motion by Francis Picart, seconded by Jane Sweet, and passed unanimously.                    

    IV   Treasurer’s Report       

    The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Tina Thompson, seconded by Erin Apostol, and passed unanimously.

    V     Committee Reports


                Budget, Finance & Planning

                The Treasurer reported that the Velma Moore Award expenses were being paid from the NYSALB general fund.  Going back to the year 2000, it was found that $190, $976 and $72 should be transferred from the Velma Moore fund back to the NYSALB general fund.  This transfer of $1238 was approved on a motion made by Dick Strauss, seconded by Jane Sweet and passed unanimously.



                            Trustee Institute       

                 The Trustee Institute will be held at the Westchester Marriott, 670 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY on May 2 and 3, 2003.  All trustees were urged to call their systems to encourage attendance.  We have committed 175 to the hotel.


                NYSALB at NYLA

                NYSALB has two slots on the morning of Saturday, November 8, 2003 at Saratoga.  Sam Patton is scheduled to do a session on “Recruiting and keeping good Board Members.”  Another session is on “Is your Board Legal?”

                There will be a meeting of the NYSALB Board from 10:00 to 11:00 pm Friday, November 7 following the NYLA Awards Banquet.




                            Trustees were reminded that it is important to have a presence at the Lobbying Day.  Francis Picart reported that the legislature is getting more requests to restore library aid than all other issues combined. Richard Strauss, George Manitzas (and perhaps Francis Picart) plan on attending the rally March 18 in Albany.



                            Karen reported that memberships are “coming in.”  We could redo the letter to each board member to be signed by the NYSALB trustee for his or her system libraries.  Francis Picart will prepare a paragraph for the individual membership letter.



                It was noted that the term of Trustee Ed Field ends in May of 2004, and he is not eligible for re-election.  This means we need another person to take over the editorship of the Newsletter.  After some discussion, it was suggested that Sam Patton take on the editing position so that he and Ed Field can work together on the remaining issues for 2003.




                            The Nominating Committee reported that Trustees Erin Apostol, Richard Strauss, and David Krogmann are willing to serve another term.  The committee also submitted Jack Taylor, Trustee from Fluvanna Free Library, Jamestown; and, Joe Provoncha from the Schroon Lake Public Library as a candidates. 

                            The report was accepted unanimously.


                Velma Moore Award

                            No discussion other than the transfer of funds reported under item V.


    VI   Old Business


    VII  Communications

                Carol Ann Desch presented a packet of materials to the board.  She also thanked NYSALB for work on the Advocacy Workshops.  Commissioner Mills and his staff were very pleased with the seminars, and one is planned for Syracuse May 5.  The State Library has prepared general and region specific impact statements on the proposed budget cuts to library support.  She noted that each dollar cut also loses one dollar in LSTA funds.  The State Library is looking for volunteers to demonstrate NOVEL to local legislative district offices.  She noted that the State-wide reading program had over 800,000 people last summer.  This year a read aloud program is being sponsored by Mid Hudson and Ramapo/Catskill.

                Jane Schneider sends her greetings.


    VIII New Business

                On a motion made by Jane Sweet, and seconded by Francis Picart the NYSALB board accepted an invitation to co-host a regional presentation with the New York Press Association on Local Government laws.

                A motion was made by Jane Sweet and seconded by Francis Picart to endorse Trustee Taber’s resolution supporting a constitutional amendment whereby library services would be a constitutional obligation of the state.  In discussion, trustee Francis Picart suggested we review  S 738 and A 6335 on a constitutional amendment.  A motion to table the discussion until the next meeting was made by Jane Sweet, seconded by Erin Apostol; carried unanimously.


    IX    Adjournment

                The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm on a motion made by Francis Picart and seconded by Ed Field.



    Respectfully submitted, Sam Patton, Secretary. April 26, 2003

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