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  • Board Meeting




    SEPTEMBER 13, 2003



    The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Norm Jacknis.

    Roll Call: Norm Jacknis, Martina Thompson, Erin Apostol, Richard Strauss, Sam Patton, Jack Taylor, David Krogmann, Francis Picart , Jane Sweet, Bill Taber. Excused: Ed Field, Joan Hurley, George Manitzas, and Nancy Simaitis. Guests: Carol Desch, Coordinator of Statewide Library Services and Susan Keitel, Executive Director of NYLA.


    A motion to accept the minutes of the Director’s meeting of May 2, 2003 was made by R. Strauss and seconded by E. Apostol; unanimous.

    A motion to accept the minutes of the Organizational Meeting of May 3, 2003 was made by R. Strauss, seconded by T. Thompson; unanimous.

    Note: A correction in the minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting of May 3, 2003 with regard to E. Apostol’s term of office needs to be made at the Membership meeting next year.

    Treasurer’s Report

    R. Strauss presented the following Financial Reports :

    Balance Sheet as of May 1, 2003

    Fleet Bank Account Statement 8/01/03 through 8/29/03

    Budget Comparison January through December 2003

    Profit and Loss Statement March 14 through September 12, 2003

    Copy of NYSALB Investment Policy

    Balance Sheet as of September 11, 2003

    Budget comparison January thru September

    A motion to approve the reports was made by D. Krogmann, seconded by F. Picart; unanimous.

    Dick will send out, via e-mail, an amended proposed budget for 2004


    Susan Keitel presented current legislative issues NYLA is discussing. She suggested that local libraries post a list of their legislators who supported library services. Peter Bloniarz, Vice President for Research at State University of New York at Albany, was suggested as a source for "What Do We Want Directors and Trustees to Know". Norm asked that he be invited to our January meeting in Albany.

    President Jacknis thanked Susan for all of her efforts on behalf of libraries over her years of service and wished her well in her retirement, which will begin at the end of December.

    Carol Desch informed us that a hiring freeze continues which means there are 46 vacant positions in the State Library. There is also a restriction on copying materials, so the web site is the best source for information.

    NYSALB is participating in the Advocacy Program on Friday morning at the NYLA Conference.

    The Regents will begin a discussion of the impact of school libraries on student achievement. This is keyed to the court case on educational funding by the state. Funding by public libraries for children’s and youth services should be included in this discussion.

    Committee Reports

    Budget and Finance

    Dick volunteered to pursue the steps needed for the official name change suggested by Jim Farrell.

    Page 2


    At the NYLA Conference November 5- 8, in Saratoga Springs the programs for trustees are:

    "Recruiting and Retaining Trustees" and "Is your Board Legal ?". Some topics for discussion for the program "Is Your Board Legal" include: oath of office for trustees, relationships with Friends groups, ethics policy, contingency budgets, recruiting and retaining trustees, and confidentiality. Please contact Tina with additional topic suggestions. The average trustee attendance at NYLA is 50.

    The Trustee Institute will be held April 30 and May 1, 2004 at the Holiday Inn Turf on Wolf Road, Albany. Ronald Kermani, a past reporter for the Albany Times Union, was suggested as a luncheon speaker. Some session ideas include: how to start Friend’s groups, board relationships with friends, special library districts and board self evaluations.

    Tina will ask about the possibility of providing teleconferencing and or hiring someone to videotape sessions. Videos would be provided to members at cost.

    Joan Hurley provided excellent evaluation information for the 2003 Institute. Many trustees suggested more opportunities for discussions and asked that presenters do not read their materials.

    Executive Committee - no reason to meet

    Legislation and Policy

    Erin will attend the NYLA Legislative Committee meeting.

    After considerable discussion we agreed to support efforts for a Constitutional Amendment. A suggested draft from last year is: The government of the State of New York has the constitutional obligation to provide and to fund adequate public library facilities and services to all citizens of New York State by virtue of their being citizens of New York State.

    On December 1, 2003 a Library Advocacy Leadership Meeting will be held in Poughkeepsie, with Commissioner Mills and representatives from NYLA and NYSALB.* (see below, new business)


    Francis will e-mail a list of libraries who are not present members, and those who have never joined NYSALB. We will need to arrange for personal contact with board presidents and library directors.


    Sam Patton reported that the Newsletter will be mailed at the end of October. Tina will write a notice about the time and place for the 2004 Trustee Institute. Sam would like to have articles in reserve, if you have a topic please write an article for future use.

    Velma Moore Award

    A motion to award the Velma Moore Award for 2003 to Parry Teasdale was made by D. Strauss, seconded by T. Thompson; unanimous.


    No report


    After review of an e-mail request from Mary Brown, we discussed recognition of Susan Keitel’s efforts on behalf of trustees. A motion to give an award of $750 to Susan for use at her discretion was made by D. Strauss, seconded by B. Taber; unanimous. We will ask to present this award following our presentation of the Velma Moore Award at the NYLA Conference. We will also give Susan a plaque. Norm will respond to Mary Brown about recognition of Susan Keitel by NYSALB.



    Page 3

    New Business

    Sam Patton will represent NYSALB at the Advocacy Meeting in Poughkeepsie December 1, 2003. He will speak about NYSALB and our efforts toward a Constitutional Amendment, and the maintenance of funding levels for library services. A motion that NYSALB contribute $250 to the expenses of the Advocacy Meeting was made by T. Thompson, seconded by S. Patton; unanimous. NYSALB will also do a direct mailing to Board Presidents, inviting them to this meeting.

    On a motion by Dick Strauss, seconded by Bill Taber, the board authorized the presentation of a lifetime achievement award to Susan Keitel consisting of a plaque and a $750 donation to a library function of her choice. Motion passed unanimously.

    Erin will represent NYSALB at the State Library Advocacy Program at the NYLA Conference. (Francis Picart will be her back up.) The board agreed that our advocacy efforts will include support of a constitutional amendment in an effort to provide reliable funding for statewide library services, continued support of New Centuries Libraries and the maintenance of current funding levels for the next fiscal year.

    Francis Picart asked the board to consider cooperative efforts with ALTA. He will investigate possible dual membership opportunities between NYSALB and ALTA. He will also look for a speaker for the Trustee Institute who could address national issues of concern for state trustees.

    A motion to discontinue our three year membership rate was made by D. Strauss, seconded by E. Apostol; unanimous. (Libraries that purchased three year memberships will have that rate honored until their three year membership has expired.)


    A motion to adjourn at 2:30 p.m. was made by F. Picart, seconded by E. Apostol; unanimous.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jane Sweet, Secretary

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