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  • Board Meeting




    NOVEMBER 7, 2003



    The meeting was called to order at 10:00 p.m. by President Norm Jacknis.


    Roll Call  Present: Norm Jacknis, Tina Thompson, Erin Apostol, Richard Strauss, David Krogmann, George Manitzas, Sam Patton, Francis Picart, William Taber, Association Manager Karen Dyer. 

    Excused:  Jane Sweet, Ed Field, Joan Hurley, Nancy Simaitis, Jack Taylor.  Absent:  Joseph Provoncha.



                A motion to accept the minutes of the Board Meeting of September 13, 1003 as corrected, was made by R. Strauss, seconded by E. Apostol; unanimous.  The minutes were corrected to reflect W. Taber's attendance. 


    Treasurer's Report

                R. Strauss reviewed the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement.  Assets have appreciated due to a more favorable stock market.  A motion to approve the reports was made by F. Picart, seconded by W. Taber; unanimous. 


                The Budget for 2004 was presented by R. Strauss.  The budget was first reviewed in September and subsequently changes were made to add money to an "advocacy" line.  A motion to accept the 2004 Budget was made by R. Strauss, seconded by T. Thompson; unanimous.


    Committee Reports


    Budget, Finance and Planning

                See Treasurer's report.



                T. Thompson reported that the Trustee Institute is set to be held in Albany at the Holiday Inn Turf on Wolf Road.  The luncheon speaker is in place.  There will be programs on public library districts; fiduciary responsibilities; and, technology issues.  F. Picart is looking for an ALTA speaker.  Since next year is a presidential year, it was suggested that we should have a program on national issues. 

                T. Thompson reported that the deadline for 2004 NYLA programs is November a guest, said trustee training was not adequate for new trustees.  He said he is overwhelmed with information and not sure where to start.  There was discussion about what other libraries do, such as Uniondale and Suffolk.  Trustees should be able to

    go out and represent their communities. 



                No report. 


    Legislation and Policy

                E. Apostol reported Education Commissioner Mills, Regent Dawson and State Librarian Welch have discussed partnership and collaboration within the library community.  There will be another NYLA legislative committee meeting in December and final plans for lobby day will be made.  NYLA plans wine and cheese at their headquarters for targeted legislators. 

                The library community needs to meet with school district libraries.  Some school boards might beel public libraries are competing for the same portion of money. 

                Funding for NOVEL could end.  Federal money is apportioned by population.  More libraries are participating so less money is available. 

                Senator Farley has a bill for a COLA for libraries.  Statewide cuts may come from the Executive branch. 

                President N. Jacknis met with Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, his Assembly representative.  He asked her if we were wasting our time supporting a constitutional amendment for library funding.  She said there could be better years.  We agreed to continue this as a long term goal. 

                President Jacknis would like to see an official NYSALB legislative program, containing a couple of points.  "The legislative program would go beyond support for New Century Libraries.).  He would like everyone to talk to people in their areas and decide what the two issues might be. 

                We discussed how to involve legislators.  One suggestion was to give an award to a public official who has done the most for libraries (Sandy Galef was suggested as a recipient).  This might increase the cadre of those interested in libraries. 



                F. Picart sent a letter to ALTA regarding joint memberships.  It's hard to sell NYSALB to Suffolk because of their strong trustee training programs.  If we promote joint memberships, we need to structure "pricing".  F. Picart and R. Strauss will meet to work on our dues structure.  N. Jacknis suggested we need a few alternatives to consider. 


    Newsletter / Public Relations

                S. Patton is working on commitments for articles for the next newsletter.  December 7th is the deadline for the next newsletter.  There was a discussion about the need for articles. 



                T. Thompson is sending an e-mail to PULISDO and will be asking boards to consider nominating someone.  If we ask earlier than January we may get better response.  We will also post on our listserve.   


    Velma Moore Award

                B. Taber thanked Tina for writing the biographical  and introduction information for the award winner, Parry Teasdale. 


    Old Business






    New Business

                A motion to change to a new insurance company for NYSALB's Directors & Officers Liability policy was made by R. Strauss and seconded by S. Patton; unanimous.  .  The new company is Aon Association Services, a division of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., and the insurance is provided by The Hartford.  The savings will be $135 per year.



                A motion to adjourn at 11:25 p.m. was made by G. Manitzas, seconded by F. Picart; unanimous. 


    Respectfully submitted,

    Karen K. Dyer, Secretary pro tem


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