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  • Board Meeting




    JANUARY 10, 2004


    The meeting was called to order at 9:05 am by President Norm Jacknis.

    Roll Call: Present: Norm Jacknis, Tina Thompson, Erin Apostol, Richard Strauss, Joan Hurley, David Krogmann, George Manitzas, Sam Patton, Nancy Simaitis, Jane Sweet, and Association Manager Karen Dyer. Excused: Francis Picart, William Taber, Jack Taylor, and Ed Field. Absent: Joseph Provoncha.

    Guests: Dr. Arthur Friedman, President of NYLA, reported:

    • the significance of a continued strong relationship between NYLA and NYSALB;

    • by February the NYLA Headquarters building will be owned by the Association;

    • Lobby Day March 16, 2004, legislators will be asked to attend a buffet from 12 to 1:00 pm;

    • due to changed security outdoor rallies are no longer permitted;

    • January 30 a meeting of the Legislative Task Force Committee will discuss the reconfiguration of Library Districts and develop guidelines.

    David Krogmann has consented to represent NYSALB on the Task Force. The 2004 NYLA Conference will be in Rochester from October 20 to 23, 2004.


    Motion by S. Patton, seconded by R. Strauss to accept the minutes of the November 7, 2003, meeting with corrections; unanimous.

    Treasurer's Report

    R. Strauss presented the budget reports (see attached). Motion to accept the report by D. Krogmann, seconded by E. Apostol; unanimous.

    Committee Reports


    Discussion of possible options to encourage membership. Suggestion to offer half price to any system that has never been a member. There is potential income of $75,000, based on the present dues structure; we are getting $39,000. We will not know the final membership count for this year until July. Karen and Joan will work on a letter to distribute to encourage membership. Dick will speak to Francis about combined membership availability with ALTA members.


    The Trustee Institute will be April 30 and May 1, 2004, at the Holiday Inn Turf in Albany. The Friday evening buffet will be followed by Success Stories. Opening session: Carol Brey, President-elect of ALA will discuss National Issues. Breakout sessions: I-“Is Your Board Legal”? with David Krogmann and George Wolf. Session II- “Technology, including wireless and Radio Frequency ID tags or panel discussion by trustees “Forming Public Library Districts.” The Institute brochure will offer two scholarships of $100 each to member library boards with budgets under $50,000. February 24 will be the deadline for the brochure.


    Discussion held on redesigning Membership Brochure and finding a graphic artist to help.


    No report

    Report from Carol Desch:

    Carol distributed the new “Library Services in the New Century” folder.

    State Library concerns:

    • funding for NOVEL;

    • the need to increase dollars in budget for library services;

    • the court decision about State Funding for Schools.

    • Let your legislators know - 300 % increase in use of Library Databases. Dollars for equity in education would help New Century Libraries.

    • Let Carol know your thoughts on the information on pink sheet in the folder.

    • Make every Legislator a member of a library.

    • ALA Library Day in Washington is May 1, 2004


    Erin Apostol echoed the need to contact legislators.

    • Legislative Committee meeting - January 30, 2004

    • Lobby Day, March 16, will have a buffet for Legislators (due to security).

    • NYLA is suggesting “adopt” a legislator. More information later.

    • There will be 3 more NCL Leadership Meetings - Southern Tier, NYC, and North Country in 2004.

    • Legislative Bill to amend the State Constitution to include library services for all New Yorkers has been introduced by Assemblywoman Galef, A06335. Two other bills A04855 (Pretlow) and A4838 (Lifton) are essentially the same. The companion Senate Bill is S738.

    • The Library Aid Formula Stabilization Bill is A08365 and S5057, this is the piece that provides $200,000 to help those libraries and systems that would lose aid as a result of the 2000 Census.


    Sam Patton - thanked Ed Field for his assistance as he learns the editor's responsibilities.

    A newsletter is in the mail and Sam distributed copies to the board. The newsletter is also available on line. The next deadline is mid March, to be mailed April 1. It will include: an article from Commissioner Mills, one from Sue Kelly on national funding, a summary of legislation, an article from Tina on speakers for Institute, an article on presidential candidates positions on libraries, and a possible article from Francis Picart on national ALTA.

    Comment: There has been a great transition from editors Ed Field to Sam Patton .

    Discussion: on how to use List Serve appropriately.

    Norm will write an article.

    Nominating Committee

    There will be one board vacancy in 2004 with a need for four candidates for NYSALB in 2005. Tina will write an article to encourage potential candidates. Tina will write a letter to Joseph Provoncha. Please send resumes of possible candidates to Tina. Invite potential candidates to a NYSALB board meeting.

    Velma Moore Award

    No report

    New Business

    Thank you letter received from Parry Teasdale

    Dick Strauss and Jane Sweet volunteered to serve on the Velma Moore Award committee.

    George Manitzas - suggestion to get a list of local supporters of libraries to add additional support with letters and phone calls to legislators.

    Gold Coast is a new Library, Karen will write a letter of welcome


    Motion to adjourn at 1:35 pm by Nancy Simaitis; seconded by Sam Patton, unanimous.

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