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  • Board Meeting




    MARCH 13, 2004


    The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by President Norm Jacknis.

    Roll Call: Present - Norm Jacknis, Tina Thompson, Richard Strauss, Ed Field, Joan Hurley, George Manitzas, Sam Patton, Nancy Simaitis, William Taber, Francis Picart and Jane Sweet. Davis Crippen our NYLA Council representative and John Carr from our Association Manager's office were also present. Excused: David Krogmann, Erin Apostol, and Jack Taylor. Joseph Provoncha has resigned.


    Guests: Sara Kelly Johns - NYLA liaison, Saranac Free Library reported:

    1. Michael Borges is the newly appointed Executive Director of NYLA, replacing Susan Keitel. (see attached)

    2. Lobby Day March 16, 11 AM-12 noon: Coffee and Bagels in Room 6 of the Concourse. Legislative leadership has been invited.

    3. Contact your Legislators to inform them of the importance of the funding for NOVEL

    Davis Crippen reported that main discussions at Council Meetings included advocacy and state funding for libraries.


    Motion by D. Strauss, second by G. Manitzas to approve the minutes of January 10, 2004; unanimous.

    Treasurer's Report:

    R. Strauss presented budget reports: Investments doing well.

    Motion by S. Patton, second by F. Picart to accept the Treasurer's report; unanimous.

    Motion by R. Strauss, second by F. Picart to rebalance investments as described in our Financial Policy; unanimous.

    Motion by S. Patton, second by N. Simaitis to reimburse NYSALB for 2003 Velma Moore Award expenditures; unanimous.

    Motion by D. Strauss, second by S. Patton to contribute $250 to NYLA for Lobby Day expenses. Karen will mail the check. 

    Guests continued: Carol Desch reported:

    1. Shared an article from the Times Union on advocacy

    2. Commented that one trustee equals 10 librarians lobbying.

    3. Distributed the following - an article from Friends of New York State Libraries, an article from The New York State Regents Advisory Council on Libraries, “Executive Budget Proposes Cuts to Libraries”.

    4. Discussion of Court order for Fiscal Equity for schools

    5. The Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission, ( Zarb Commission) has not yet made recommendations

    6. Follow-up to Lobby Day would be to have letters to the editor in local newspapers, expressing appreciation from NYSALB to legislators for their support. Joan will draft a letter.

    7. Tell legislators that the State Library should remain with the State Education Department.

    8. Legislation regarding funds from recording fees sunsets in 2005. Hopefully they will do away with the sunset or renew for 5 more years.

    9. Library week (April 17-24) events will be in the concourse. NYSALB was asked to provide an exhibit.

    10.  Give Legislators a Library Card.

    11. Hand out about NOVEL usage from Jennifer Morris, NYLA Legislative Chair

    12. Press item- Based on the Attorney General's decision, 230,000 music CD's are to be distributed to libraries. The CD's may be sold if not relevant to their collection but the money raised must be used to enhance the music collection.

    13. NY State funding for libraries is near the top in the country.

    14. The Governor's proposed cut of 5% = $5.4 Million State Aid; Federal aid cut would be $450,000.

    15. Jim Farrell is retiring as of April 30, 2004.

    Committee Reports:

    Budget and Finance- no report


    The Trustee Institute Brochure was distributed, in the mail last week. Registration is available on line, NYSALB.org.

    John Carr will contact the Holiday Inn Turf, to determine if hotel registration can be accommodated on line.

    Trustee Institute will be in Syracuse next year, May 6-7, 2005.

    NYSALB will plan to offer a seminar on Technology at the NYLA Conference in Rochester October 20-23. The NYSALB board meeting will be held Friday evening October 22, 2005 after the awards dinner.

    Executive Committee

    Motion made by J. Sweet, second by S. Patton, to award two scholarships to cover the registration fee and Friday evening's dinner to paid member libraries with budgets less than $50,000 at this years Institute; unanimous.

    Legislative and Policy

    Norm reported that the name change to NYSALB from Library Trustees Foundation of New York State has been submitted and is in process.

    He mentioned the concern of long term funding sources and what dedicated funding sources might be available for library services.


    The second membership mailing has not been done which is reflected in the report. Karen said it would be mailed next week.

    Francis will prepare a “pricing package” to be discussed at the next meeting.

    Auxiliary memberships could be available to “non-trustees”.

    Newsletter/Public Relations

    Sam Patton- The deadline for the next newsletter is March 15. We agreed each issue should be six pages.

    Possible future articles: Information on how libraries formed Library Districts, e-mail interviews, trustees describing how they overcame issues, Frequently Asked Questions, Active Friends article, “Human Interest” or special happenings (wedding in a library), membership form. A major article is about 500 words.

    3000 issues are sent. Extras will be available for distribution at the Trustee Institute.

    Sam and Carol will work on a letter for distribution during Library Week in the Concourse.

    Nominating Committee

    Tina Thompson presented a list of nominees for on the Board of Directors for the coming year. Ed Field will be leaving the board after completing his third three year term and Joe Provoncha has resigned. After listening to the resumes, the board selected George Stamatiades, from Queens Borough Public Library and Sharon Best from the Geneva Free Library, Pioneer Library System.

    Motion made by N. Simaitis, second by F. Picart that Tina Thompson ask George Stamatiades and Sharon Best to serve on the Board of Directors; unanimous.

    S. Patton, J. Hurley, and N. Jacknis have agreed to serve another term. Board members will be elected at the Annual Meeting in May.

    Velma Moore Award

    B. Taber reported there will be an article in the newsletter and a flyer distributed at the Trustee Institute requesting recommendations for the Award. Deadline for nominations is August 15, 2004. Bill will speak briefly about the Award at the Institute.

    Old Business - none


    A thank you was received from NYLA for the money NYSALB sent in honor of Susan Keitel.

    ALTA - training for trustees is available on line.

    F. Picart reported that “Best Practices Management” is online at ALTA web site.

    New Business

    Letter from Family Planning, referring to materials called “Get The Facts”.

    Executive Session

    Motion to go into Executive Session at 1:55 pm to discuss the contract with Carr Public Affairs was made by S. Patton, seconded by D. Strauss; unanimous.

    Motion to adjourn Executive Session at 2: 35 pm was made by F. Picart, seconded by G. Manitzas; unanimous.

    Returning to Open Session

    Motion made by S. Patton, second by E. Fields, to authorize President Jacknis to renew the contract with Carr Public Affairs, Inc.; unanimous.

    Motion to Adjourn 2:40 PM by S. Patton, second B. Taber; unanimous.


    Tina Thompson distributed NYSALB Committee Assignments:

    Budget and Finance: Dick Strauss (chair/treasurer), Joan Hurley, George Manitzas, Jack Taylor

    Education: Tina Thompson (Co-chair), Erin Apostol (Co-Chair), Joan Hurley, Nancy Simaitis.

    Executive: Norm Jacknis (Chair), Tina Thompson, Erin Apostol, Dick Strauss, Jane Sweet

    Legislation and Policy: Erin Apostol (Chair), David Krogmann, George Manitzas, Sam Patton, Francis Picart.

    Membership: Francis Picart (Chair), Sam Patton, Dick Strauss, Jack Taylor

    Nominating: Tina Thompson (Chair), Ed Field, David Krogmann, Dick Strauss

    Public Relations/ Newsletter/Web: Ed Field (Chair), Sam Patton, Joan Hurley, Bill Taber

    Velma Moore Award: William Taber (Chair), Ed Field, David Krogmann, Nancy Simaitis, Dick Strauss, Jane Sweet

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