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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Directors Meeting

    APRIL 30, 2004



    The meeting was called to order at 2:05 PM by President Norm Jacknis.

    Roll Call: Present: Norm Jacknis, Tina Thompson, Erin Apostol, Richard Strauss, George Manitzas, Samuel Patton, Nancy Simaitis, William Taber, Jack Taylor, and Jane Sweet. Association Manager Karen Dyer and NYSED Liaison Carol Ann Desch also attended. Excused: David Krogmann and Joan Hurley. Absent: Francis Picart.


    A motion to approve the minutes of March 13, 2004 was made by Nancy Simaitis, seconded by Tina Thompson; unanimous.

    Treasurer's Report:

    The attached documents were reviewed by Treasurer Dick Strauss. A motion to accept the Treasurer's report was made by Erin Apostol, seconded by George Manitzas; unanimous.

    Carol Ann Desch Reported:

    1. There is a good chance that the Governor's proposed 5 % reduction in state aid to libraries will not take effect.

    2. The legislative focus is on the judicial requirement for fiscal equity for schools.

    3. There was an excellent turnout for Lobby Day, 600 attended.

    4. The Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund and the Cultural Education Fund which support the operations of the State Library will sunset next year. The board was asked to support the removal of the sunset provision. (Assembly Bill 10843)

    A motion to send a letter on behalf of NYSALB in support of the removal of the sunset clause was made by Dick Strauss, seconded by Jane Sweet; unanimous.

    5. The request for the formal name change to NYSALB has been submitted by Senator Farley and Assemblywoman Galef.

    6. NYSALB was asked to provide a display on the concourse during National Library Week in April next year.

    7. The Friends of the New York State Library legislative breakfast was very successful. 500 people attended.

    8. James Farrell's retirement began April 29 and Pat Mallon is retiring on June 2.

    Past staffing of 4 FTE is now 2 1/2 FTE.

    9. ALA Lobby Day May 3-4, 2004. 25 people from New York State. (Francis Picart is scheduled to attend.)

    10.LSTA - long-term prognosis of funding, - re-authorization most likely.

    Page 2


    For the Trustee Institute 35 signed up for dinner tonight and 60 are registered for tomorrows Institute.

    Forms will be on the dinner table to list the success stories presented after dinner tonight.

    Next year the Institute will be in Syracuse, New York, April 29-30. A possible location is the Sheraton on the Syracuse University Campus. We may be able to coordinate a program with the Library School.

    We need ideas for increasing participation and education of trustees. It may be possible to collaborate with library systems and the State Library for future Institutes. New Century Libraries has proposed half a million for trustee training.

    One suggestion was the incentive of a grant to a library when trustees attend Institute.

    Executive: no report

    Legislation and Policy:

    Name change is in the Senate and the Assembly and will most likely pass after the budget is determined.

    Assemblywoman Galef and Senator Farley plan to hold hearings to focus on permanent funding for Libraries once the State budget has passed.


    Karen has sent letters to encourage new and renewal of memberships.

    Karen will send a copy of the present letter to all directors asking for ideas to improve the letter.

    Dick will contact Francis for information about proposals for types of memberships.


    The latest newsletter is in the mail.

    Trustees are encouraged to submit articles to Sam Patton.


    The slate for the Annual Meeting was reviewed:

    Sharon Best - First term - Geneva Free Library

    Joan Hurley - Second term - Horseheads Free Library

    Norm Jacknis - Third term - Field Library/Westchester Library System

    Samuel Patton - Second term - East Fishkill Community Library

    George Stamatiades - First term - Queens Borough Public Library

    All current officers have agreed to continue for another year. The following Directors will be re-elected at the Organizational Meeting:

    President - Norm Jacknis

    1st Vice-president - Tina Thompson

    2nd Vice-president - Erin Apostol

    Secretary- Jane Sweet

    Treasurer- Dick Strauss

    Page 3

    Thank you to Tina Thompson for her efforts.

    Velma Moore Award:

    Bill Tabor will request nominations at the Luncheon tomorrow. Nominations from last year will also receive consideration.

    The Board authorized George Manitzas to contact Joseph Eisner the recipient from 2001 who has not designated a library to receive Velma Moore Award of $750.


    Letter of Appreciation from NYLA for our monetary assistance in sponsoring Lobby Day.

    New Business:

    Jane Schneider from the Friends of the State Library presented legislative items. The Friends group received 100 copies of the book, The Island at the Center of the World, a history of the Dutch in America from the author Russell Shorto. Jane has been distributing the book to legislators, as “physical, heavy, concrete” reminder of the need for funding for Libraries.

    She reminded board members to contact legislators at their home office to discuss support of library issues.

    The next meeting of the Board of Directors is September 11, 2004 in Albany.

    Meeting to Adjourn in honor of Ed Field for his years of service to the Board of Directors: Motion by Norm Jacknis, second by Jane Sweet. Unanimous.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jane Sweet, Secretary

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