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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Board Meeting

    September 11, 2004

    Holiday Inn Express, Latham, New York

    The meeting was called to order at 9:07 AM

    Roll Call: Present - N. Jacknis, M. Thompson, E. Apostol, J. Sweet, R. Strauss, J. Hurley, D. Krogman, G. Manitzas, S. Patton, F. Picart, W. Taber, C. Desch, M. Malicki.

    Excused: N. Simaitis, G. Stamatiades, J. Taylor.

    A motion to endorse the action of the Executive Committee to hire the Malicki Group as the Association Manager for NYSALB effective June 30, 2004, was made by R. Strauss, seconded by G. Manitza: unanimous.

    I. Introductions: Norm introduced Margaret Malicki, the new Association manager, and Carol Desch, from the New York State Library.

    II. Guest Introductions and Reports

    Carol Desch shared the following information:

    • Distributed a flyer explaining a pilot program :On June 22, 2004, the New York State Library began accepting library card applications form NY residents 18 yrs and older. Cardholders will be allowed to borrow onsite, from the Library's large circulation collection. (See two attachments to minutes for details.) Previously access was given only to doctors, lawyers etc. A suggestion was made, that Sam Patton include an article about this program in the Trustee Newsletter.
    • A three year $1 million grant was received from the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, for “Recruitment, Education and Learning: Creating a New Generation of Librarians”. Part of the grant will provide financial support to 44 Master's level students. (See attachment for complete details)
    • Distributed a Press Kit that was used for the Summer Reading Program.
    • A T-shirt was given to each Board member.
    • The Legislature restored the 5% funding decrease in library services in the Governor's budget. The Governor vetoed the restoration. The Assembly hopefully will override the governor's veto. State Senator's must also be contacted to get their support for the override. A 5% loss in State funding means a loss of matching federal dollars.
    • At a recent meeting the Regents discussed their continued commitment to “20th Century Libraries”.
    • Carol expressed a “thank you”, for NYSALB's support of the Leadership Meetings. This years meetings will be held in North Country, Bath, and New York City. Past audiences have included - educators, legislators, (local and state), and trustees. The Commissioner will speak at each.
    • Many staff positions at the State Library will not be filled. Services in Library Development will be affected.
    • New York's “Read Aloud” program has been suspende;, possible restoration if staff is restored.
    • Norm Jacknis has been appointed to the New York State Regents Advisory Council on Libraries.
    • George suggested recruiting resident movie stars, TV personalities to support libraries in some manner, ex: Letterman, Billy Crystal, Julie Andrews.

    III. Approval of Minutes

    Motion by E. Apostol to approve the minutes of the April 30, 2004 meeting, second by F. Picart: unanimous.

    Motion by J. Hurley to approve the minutes for the May 1, 2004 Organizational meeting, second by W. Taber: unanimous.

    IV. Treasurer's Report

    • Mr. Eisner has not used the Velma Moore Award presented to him three years ago. Motion by R. Strauss, second by W. Taber, that Mr. Eisner's award be given to the New York State Library with the smallest budget in Mr. Eisner's name: unanimous
    • The three year membership rate is no longer available.
    • Motion by R. Strauss, second by G. Manitzas, that the Bank of America become the official bank of NYSALB. (Fleet Bank was absorbed by Bank of America), and that the Executive Director, President and Vice President provide the signatures of authority: unanimous.
    • Motion by G. Manitzas, second by E. Apostol, to accept the Treasurer's report: unanimous.
    • Motion by G. Manitzas, second by F. Picart, to have Margaret check on the existing bonding for the Executive Director: unanimous.

    Budget -

    • R. Strauss will prepare the final budget proposals for the January meeting.
    • R. Strauss asked that members recommend the name of a Financial Advisor.
    • A twenty minute recess was taken at 11:50 AM. President Norm Jacknis turned the meeting over to 1st Vice Prsident Tina Thompson at 12:20 PM.

    V. Committee Reports


    • The NYLA conference is in Rochester October 20-24. The NYSALB board meeting will follow the Award Dinner Friday evening. (There will not be a quorum.) NYSALB is co-sponsoring two presentations - “Lobbying at Your Library” and “Serving Users with Invisible Disabilities” with PLS and sponsoring the program “Beyond E-Books: Technology for Trustees”.
    • Suggested topics for the Trustee Institute, April 30-May 1, 2005 at the Syracuse/Liverpool Holiday Inn located at Exit 37 off the Thruway. (from 2004 Institute Evaluations, e-mail, Newsletter responses.)
      • How to be a Good Trustee
      • Fund Raising
      • Upgrading the catalog
      • Special District Libraries
      • Patriot Act, policies, confidentiality, privacy
      • Tips to dealing with politicians
      • Reconfiguring libraries
      • Long range planning
      • Self evaluation

    1. Grass Roots Day is November 16th. Trustees are asked to meet with their legislators at his or her home office. Carol was asked for a short list of agenda items trustees can use when meeting with legislators.

    2. A NYLA representative was unable to attend our meeting today. A discussion of relationship between NYSALB and NYLA.

    3. The NYLA Conference : October 20-23, 2004 in Rochester.

    4. The NYSALB Board of Director's Meeting will be held after the banquet on Friday, October 22.

    5. Discussion of request for support to help NYLA purchase CAPWIZ. NYSALB is not going to provide funds at this time.

    Legislation and Policy -

    NYLA Lobby Day is March 15, 2005. Erin will contact Jennifer Morris to collaborate on financial support.

    Margaret was asked to check on the status of NYSALB's name change.

    Membership -

    Margaret was asked to update our database for trustees and library budget information by using the New York State Library Annual Report. Future mailings should go to the President of the Board of Trustees of each library.

    Motion by R. Strauss, second by E. Apostol, to support the Suffolk County Pilot Program, to provide a 25% discount on membership if all libraries join NYSALB: Unanimous.


    The Newsletter deadline is September 24, 2004. It will be mailed prior to the NYLA Conference.

    S. Patton requests articles on Book Mobiles and library Programs. 50-60 Newsletters will be available at the NYLA Conference.

    The Newsletter will change its colors to be the same as the newly selected NYSALB stationary.


    Sharon Best has resigned from the board. The nominating Committee hopes to have someone to replace her at the January meeting. This individual would be appointed by this board to complete Sharon Best's term. The committee will look for someone with a background in development.

    In April 2005 Bill, George, and Tina will have completed three, three year terms and will be ineligible to continue on the board. Nancy has said she will not serve a third term.

    Velma Moore Award

    Motion by G. Manitzas, second by F. Picart, to name Jim Farrell as the recipient of the Velma Moore Award for 2005. Unanimous.

    It was clarified that the nominees will be considered for the next two years. Letters will be mailed to nominators to thank them and inform of the carry over.

    VI. Old Business

    A committee of Margaret, Erin, George, and Sam will prepare a display for the Concourse for New York State Library Week.

    VII. New Business

    We discussed reformatting the electronic version of the Handbook. Joan Hurley volunteered to begin the process. A “Frequently Asked Question” section will be added. Material will be included from old newsletter articles. Sam was asked to contact Ed Field who had begun an index of past articles. Francis Picart asked board members to forward information about their local libraries for use on the ALTA website. Information about NYSALB future events needs to be posted on the website. NYSALB stationary needs to be ordered. Director's present selected the new color of red and agreed the list of the director's, their libraries and the system in which their libraries are located will be included.

    We discussed how to approach Long Term Planning. It was suggested that each director prepare a list of potential items for consideration for a long term planning meeting the Friday evening before our regularly scheduled meeting on January 8 in Albany.

    (Possible items: Constitutional Amendment, Funding sources, Trustee education, development of a stronger financial base for NYSALB) As chair of “Budget, Finance and Planning”, Board members should send their ideas to Dick Strauss, to collate. We should ask past board presidents, and review past minutes, goals and objectives, requests from Newsletter articles, and the summary from of the last Institute for additional ideas.

    The following dates were selected for future board meetings:

    October 22, 2004 during the NYLA Conference

    January 8, 2005

    March 12, 2005

    April 29, 2005, May 1, 2005

    September 17, 2005

    October 28, 2005 during the NYLA conference in Buffalo


    Motion to adjourn at 2:35 PM by George Manitzas, second by Sam Patton: Unanimous

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jane Sweet

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