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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Board Meeting

    October 22, 2004

    Clarion Hotel, Rochester, New York

    The meeting was called to order at 9:20 PM by Vice President Tina Thompson.

    Roll Call: Present - T. Thompson, F. Picart, R. Strauss, S. Patton, N. Simaitis, J. Sweet.
    Excused: N. Jacknis, E. Apostol, J. Hurley, D. Krogmann, G. Manitzas, G. Stamatiades, W. Taber, and J. Taylor.

    A quorum was not present.

    Introduction of Guests and Reports: Dick Panz, retired Director of the Monroe County Library System, Ristiina Wigg, Director of the Southern Tier Library System and Carol Ann Desch, Director of Library Development.

    D. Panz and R. Wigg explained that the “New Yorkers for Better Libraries Action Committee” is not affiliated with any organization.  Their intent is to provide a new voice to support legislators in positions of authority and power who support libraries.  The committee intends to take positions for candidates rather than in opposition to candidates.  This year the PAC contributed $1,000 each to the campaigns of Senator Bruno and Speaker Silver.

    We were asked to consider making individual contributions to the PAC in addition to having NYSALB make a contribution. Minimum contributions are $50; PAC members contributed $250 each. We were also asked if it would be possible to include an article about the PAC in the newsletter and to distribute brochures at the Trustee Institute.  Dick and Rusty are also seeking additional members to serve on the Steering Committee and would appreciate recommendations from the NYSALB Board.  Since all work is done by volunteers there are no administrative costs.

    Dick Panz was asked to send a proposal to Tina for this board to review at our January meeting.  Rusty Wigg volunteered to attend that meeting to answer questions.

    C. Desch reported that a very successful session in support of the “New Century Libraries” legislative initiative was held Friday morning.  The session was well attended by State legislators who spoke in support of restoring the 5% cut in funding of library services when the legislature returns to Albany.

    The state legislature must act to restore funds by December 31, 2004, in order for New York to receive $500,000 in federal funding for library services.

    Carol thanked NYSALB for its continued support of the Advocacy meetings. The meeting scheduled for Bath has been postponed until the spring.  The meeting in New York City on November 29 has been relocated to the auditorium of the 42 St. Research Library.

    The Assembly Standing Committee on Libraries and Education Technology is holding public hearings throughout the state to discuss the impact of the Governor's vetoes on public libraries and library systems.  Norm will attend the hearing in White Plains on October 27.

    Approval of Minutes of September 11, 2004

    Tabled to January meeting.

    Treasurer's Report

    Tabled to January meeting.

    Committee Reports

    Budget, Planning and Finance

    Discussion of the revised budget was tabled until the January meeting.

    A Long Range Planning session is scheduled for Friday evening, January 7, 2005, prior to our regularly scheduled board meeting.  Board members were reminded to send ideas for goals and objectives to Dick.


    J. Hurley is working on reformatting the Trustee Handbook for our website.

    The Trustee Institute is scheduled for April 29 and 30, 2005 in Syracuse.  Tina is looking for a political figure who will provide “tips for trustees” about how to obtain state funding for library services. Dick and Sam volunteered to present a program for new trustees.

    Board members should send ideas for other sessions and potential speakers to Tina.

    Executive Committee

    No report

    Legislation and Policy

    NYLA Lobby Day March 15, 2005.    

    The legislature has officially amended state law to reflect the name change of the Library Trustees Foundation of New York State to the New York State Association of Library Boards.


    Francis will ask Margaret Malicki for help in getting an up-to-date list of trustees and members from the database.  He will speak at a workshop in the Suffolk Cooperative Library System about NYSALB membership. He has E-mailed board members for suggestions for his presentation.


    There has been a delay in the printing of the latest issue.  Sam requested those board members whose terms are ending to submit a biography for the next Newsletter. The deadline is December 4.


    No report

    Velma Moore Award

    Tina made a presentation to Jim Farrell at the dinner this evening on behalf of NYSALB.

    A motion to adjourn at 10:25 PM was made by N. Simiatis, seconded by S. Patton; unanimous.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jane Sweet, Secretary

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