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  • Board Meeting




    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    The Holiday Inn Express, Western Avenue

    Saturday, March 12, 2005

    9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

    The meeting was called to order by President Norm Jacknis at 9:05 AM.

    I. Present : E. Apostol, M. Thompson, R. Strauss, W. Taber, N. Jacknis, J. Hurley, G. Manitzas, J. Sweet, Association Manager, M. Malicki. Excused: D. Krogmann, S. Patton, N. Simaitis, F. Picart and G. Stamatiades. Unexcused: J. Taylor. *Carol Desch arrived at 11:50 AM

    II. Motion by T. Thompson to appoint Bob Presutti to the Board of Directors to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Sharon Best, seconded by R. Strauss; unanimous. Bob’s term will end in 2007 when he will be eligible to run for his first three year term.

    III. Motion by R. Strauss to approve the minutes of January 8, 2005, with corrections (spelling of Presutti), seconded by G. Manitzas; unanimous.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report:

    Motion by G. Manitzas to approve the Treasurer’s report, seconded by T. Thompson; unanimous. Margaret will add a column labeled Total Budget in future reports.

    V. Committee Reports

    • Budget and Finance:

    Investment Policy: Dick will present an amended version of the Investment Policy at the April meeting.   Directors should forward any suggestions to Dick including a list of expectations of the Financial Advisor etc.

    Motion by G. Manitzas to use Russell Bancroft as Investment Advisor, seconded by T. Thompson; unanimous.   A corporate Resolution is necessary to have signature privileges for President, 2 Vice Presidents, and Treasurer.

    • Education:

    Trustee Institute April 29-30, 2005, Liverpool, NY.

    We have only a few registrations at this point.

    Motion by D. Strauss to offer a “group rate” of $200, if four or more trustees register, to boards in the Onondaga Library System, seconded by T. Thompson; unanimous.

    Margaret was thanked for her help and ideas on the Institute brochure.   Dick was thanked for his help with locating speakers.

    If we are unable to arrange to have the presentations video taped, we will try to audio tape the programs.   We can also have power point presentations available on our web site. Dick distributed an outline of his presentation and asked that suggestions be e-mailed to him.

    We will request that the Chamber of Commerce set up a table with information of and directions to events in the area. The board was asked to e-mail Tina if there is anything else that should be available for trustees.

    The registration packet will include list of attendees, area sites, information about next years Institute, (May 5-6, 2006, Albany), information about the NYSALB list serve and the Velma Moore Award.   The evaluation form will include space to volunteer as a presenter plus a question about the challenges they are facing and how NYSALB can assist them.

    NYLA Conference is in Buffalo October 26-29.   The Velma Moore Award will be presented during the award program on Friday evening.   There will be no NYSALB meeting at this conference.

    Trustee Handbook – We reviewed the e-mail Francis sent which provided the progress on the revision of the Trustee Handbook.   We will ask Francis send the board preliminary material as it becomes available for our review and suggestions. A concern was expressed that items should be directly related to Trustees.

    LSTA –Trustee Training and Development grant – The Nassau library System received a LSTA to provide trustee training.   Norm will write a letter to Janet Welch and Carol Desch describing our concern that NYSALB was not involved in the determination of the grant.

    Dick Strauss, Joan Hurley and Margaret, volunteered to work as a Grant subcommittee. They will research possible grants for NYSALB to use for trustee training and development.

    • Legislation and Policy

    Library Week is April 10-16 in Albany. Margaret and Erin will work on setting up a NYSALB table with a display of Newsletters, information about the Velma Moore Award and the Trustee Institutes. It does not have to be moved nightly or staffed.

    Norm has been in contact with PULISDO President Josh Cohen.   He would like a board member to attend their meeting on Monday, March 14 and Erin volunteered.

    Dick will follow-up with the Spitzer staff to learn if the Attorney General can institute legislation.   We wonder if it is possible to have a built in fee charged per taxpayer that would benefit libraries.

    • Membership

    The number of library memberships is down and may be explained by expiration of multi year members, Suffolk efforts, and first mailing being sent to president’s homes instead of libraries. The mailing to president’s homes has helped to bring in some new libraries.

    Suffolk did not reach the mark for the group membership rate so libraries must now join individually.

    In the past there have been two mailings and then personal contacts by directors. This year the initial letter was sent in December and a second in February. Margaret has asked that the third contact be a phone call from NYSALB board members to library board presidents. She explained the personal call would motivate more than another letter.

    Margaret distributed folders for each director to make personal contacts to board presidents (via their home listing).   If this is unsuccessful then we should contact the library directors.   A suggested script was provided and an email will be sent with the cover letter and a membership form to send after speaking with the library presidents. The goal is to make this contact by 3/31/05.

    • Newsletter

    Margaret mentioned there were several difficulties with the printing of the last newsletter, including the omission of the imprint stamp.   She was authorized to obtain bids from a graphic designer for a new layout and a new look for the newsletter.

    Sam is asking for articles for the next Newsletter.   The deadline is March 18 for the April issue.

    • Nominating

    The Nominating Committee recommended the following trustees to fill the vacancies of retiring board members George Manitzas, Bill Taber and Tina Thompson:

    Lawrence Jorgensen – Farmingdale Public Library

    Karen Lee Schwengel – Geneva Free Library

    Suzanne Stockman – Fairport Public Library

    Motion by T. Thompson to accept the recommendations of the Nominating Committee, second by B. Taber; unanimous

    Resumes of the following trustees will be kept on file for future openings:

    Diana Kahler – Hammond Library of Crown Point -  Clinton-Essex-Franklin System

    Margaret Feldman – Starr Library - Mid-York Library System

    Nancy Simaitis will return for a third term and Francis Picart for a second.

    • Velma Moore

        No report.

    VI. Old Business

    Norm has contacted Mary Jo Ketchum, Davis Crippen and Parry Teasdale to invite them to join the Advisory Committee.  

    We received a request from Janet Welch to participate in the selection of honorees for the ALA/ALTA NATIONAL Advocacy Honor Roll.   The deadline is April 15.   See attached e-mail for details.

    Norm distributed the Final Report from “NYLA Legislative Committee Task Force on Public Library Districts” December 2004 from David Krogmann. (Information is also on the web site.)

    VI Guest Carol Desch Reported

    Carol’s handouts included – “SUPPORT LIBRARIES”, “EXECUTIVE BUDGET SHORT ON LIBRARY FUNDING”, “OPPOSE NYICE”, “SUPPORT NOVEL”, “SUPPORT LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION”, “NYLA LOBBY DAY 2005”, “TUNE IN AT YOUR LIBRARY”, “NOVEL DATABASES-Statewide Access to Electronic Information from your New York State Library”, Notice of “ Annual Meeting of the Friends of the New York State Library, Tuesday 22, 2005, State Museum Theater.”

    The Senate and the Governor propose restoring $4.5 million in library funding with a vote scheduled for March 14.   The Assembly is proposing restoration of $2.6 million.

    The Governor is again proposing that library services be controlled by a public benefit corporation, with the board and its director selected by the Governor.   

    NYLA’s Legislative Breakfast will be at 8:30 AM on March 15.   Forty legislators have already accepted. 500 individuals have also signed up. Assemblywoman Galef and Senator Farley will talk. Carol shared a rendering of the design for the new “Library License Plates”.   Funds will be used for the summer reading program once initial costs are covered.

    Carol will work on having a power point demo-video tape on a “loop”, for display at the Institute.

    Carol and Tina will work on an article for the Newsletter about NOVEL.

    We discussed with Carol our concern with the LSTA Grant Award for trustee training.   She explained that only “Central” or “System” Libraries were eligible. 100 applications were received and 50-60 awards were given. $1.8 million dispersed. The grant to Nassau was a two year project for training. Carol was asked if NYSALB could be notified of the timeline for grants. Joan will review “Topic Index”

    Summary notes of goals for next year, for the Board were reviewed. Margaret will send out the final selections.

    The potential board members will be invited to the April 29 board meeting prior to the Institute. Tina will contact the nominees.

    A suggestion was made to develop a list of Pro-bono lawyers for NYSALB member libraries to call for legal advice.

    We will plan social event for new members during the September board meeting possibly following the Friday evening dinner.


    Respectively submitted,

    Jane Sweet

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