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  • Board Meeting




    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    Holiday Inn, Liverpool, New York

    Friday, April 29, 2005

    2:00 - 5:00 PM

    The meeting was called to order by President Norm Jacknis at 2:10 PM.

    I Present: N. Jacknis, T. Thompson, W. Taber, R. Strauss, S. Patton, R. Presutti, J. Taylor, G. Manitzas, F. Picart, J. Hurley, E. Apostol, J. Sweet.  Also present were Association Manager, M. Malicki and new director nominee, Karen Schwengel Achilles.

    II Minutes:
    A motion to approve the minutes of March 12, 2005 was made by S. Patton, second by R. Presutti. Unanimous.

    III Treasurer’s Report:
    A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by F. Picart, second by T. Thompson. Unanimous.

    IV Committee Reports

    Budget and Finance, Planning
    The revised Investment Policy was presented for review. The Investment will be reviewed annually at the January meeting.  A motion to adopt the revised policy was made by R. Strauss, second by R. Presutti. Unanimous

    Assignment of Long Range Planning items from chart to committees or board members:

    1. Evaluate effectiveness of NYSALB advocacy efforts - Legislative
    2. Meet with Spitzer to install legislative items for libraries - F. Picart, R. Strauss
    3. NYSALB visit to Gov., Assembly Speaker, Minority &  Majority Leaders - Legislative
    4. Install 800 Number(research costs) - M. Malicki.
    5. PR releases generated by NYSALB on trustees, speakers, conferences - Newsletter
    6. NYSALB define message for brochures/speaking points, V. Award - Newsletter
    7. Add NYSALB and NYLA web pages - M. Malicki
    8. Connect with Systems to publish their Programs, Trustee of the year winners - V. Moore Committee
    9. Communicate with trustees, libraries, public (member & non) role of NYSALB - Membership
    10. Capture the Institute on media forms - Education
    11. Focus efforts on libraries in systems without a strong training program - Education
    12. Create Resource: How to contact your local legislator, reach media, evaluate a director,
      trustee board - Education
    13. Certified Trustee - N. Jacknis, Education
    14. Survey libraries-what are top 3 issues facing your board, what can NYSALB do for you? - Membership, J. Hurley

    G. Manitzas asked about keeping in touch with retiring directors.  He was reminded that an Advisory Committee has been established for that purpose.

    S. Patton suggested keeping past directors on the Newsletter mailing list.
    M. Malicki, will set up a code number reference for Retired Directors on the database to accommodate this request.

    Education Committee

    • Trustee Institute – We have 88 registered for dinner and 128 for Saturday.  The numbers include Board Members and speakers.  One Board member was asked to sit at each table for dinner to collate “Success Stories” for presentation, and recording information for future Newsletters.  Video taping of Saturday morning’s programs is arranged.  NYSALB  will be charged $10.00 per copy and we will need to determine mailing and handling costs. Registration packet includes: agenda program, list of delegates, Velma Moore Award criteria, map of hotel, New Centuries Library folder.

    Note:  During the Institute order forms were available for the videos.  The cost to people who attended the Institute is $16.
    Executive Committee – no report

    Carol Desch Reported-

    1. Thank you to NYSALB for help with Library Week participation – 60 Legislators attended.
    2. Thank you to Norm for help with the selection of honorees for the ALA/ALTA National Advocacy Honor Roll.  State Librarian Janet Welch, Chairman of the Senate Sub-Committee on Libraries Hugh T. Farley and the New York Times were selected.
    3. To help promote the Statewide Summer Reading Program, Commissioner Mills will be visiting regional libraries – Buffalo, Peekskill, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester.
    4. There will be a press conference announcing the new Library license plate by the Department of Motor Vehicles in June or July.
    5. National Library Day is May 4-5.
    6. (Carol will send names of Senator Shummer and Senator Clinton’s aides to Margaret.
    7. NYLA will sponsor a Mini Lobby Day on May 23, 2005.

    Membership Committee

    Francis Picart reported that Jerry Nichols is in the “final throws” of the Trustee Handbook. Hopefully it will be ready by mid June.
    The Suffolk County Membership experiment was unsuccessful.
    Focus in September on how to increase membership in NYSALB.

    Newsletter – Public Relations

    • Deadline for July Issue of the Newsletter is June 13.

    Carol was asked to submit articles about, License Plates, Library Advocacy and the Commissioner’s visits.

    • Suggestion for a column “Dear Abby” type, expressing concern or problem.
    • Article of the collection of stories from “Success Stories” at Institute Dinner.

    Nominating Committee

    Tina reported the Proposed Slate:
    Lawrence R. Jorgensen – first term, Farmingdale Public Library
    Francis Picart – second term, Brentwood Public Library
    Karen Lee Schwengel Achilles – first term, Geneva Free Library
    Nancy Simaitis – third term, Waverly Free Library
    Suzanne T. Stockman – first term, Fairport Public Library

    Proposed Slate of Officers:
    President, Norm Jacknis
    1st Vice President, Richard Strauss
    2nd Vice President, Erin Apostol
    Secretary, Joan Hurley
    Treasurer, George Stamatiades

    Velma Moore Award 
    President of the Executive committee should appoint a new chair for the committee which should be active in August with a recommendation  ready for September meeting.

    Old Business
    The NYLA Conference is October 26-29 in Buffalo.  NYSALB will sponsor one program on Saturday morning titled “Radio Frequency Identification”.  The Queens Borough Public Library will be opening a branch in May that will use only radio frequency identification devices to track materials.  They have agree present the program.

    Communications - none

    New Business

    • Norm has been appointed to the 3R Board
    • Norm has been talking with the president of PULISDO (Public Library Systems Directors Organization)
    • Norm hopes to attend the PLUSIDO Conference is May 24-25 Sheraton LaGuardia.

    A motion to adjourn was made by George Manitzas, second by Erin Apostol. Unanimous.

    Several board members expressed gratitude to George Manitzas, Tina Thompson, Bill Taber, and Jane Sweet for their service as directors.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jane W. Sweet

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