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  • Board Meeting




    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    The Holiday Inn Express, Western Avenue

    Saturday, January 7, 2006

    9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

    NYSALB Meeting Minutes

    Meeting attendees:  Bob Presutti, Lawrence Jorgensen, Samuel Patton, Suzanne Stockman, Norman Jacknis, Jack Taylor, Dick Strauss, Margaret Malicki, Francis Picart, Karen Achilles
    Absent:  David Krogmann. Erin Apostol (resigned January 2, 2005)
    Excused:  George Stamataides, Nancy Simaitis
    Guests:  Rachel Baum (NYLA president-elect); Carol Desch (NYS Dept. of Education); Jackie Thresher (Nassau Library System director) and Susan Keitel, both present on LSTA grant for Trustee Training.

    1. Treasurers Report:  Dick reports we are still solvent.  In reviewing the P&L, December’s membership put us over the top for the year by about $12K.  60 libraries became members in December.

    Karen – Do we think that phone calls made a difference.  I learned in smaller libraries that don’t meet as often, they didn’t know that they hadn’t paid dues. 

    Jack – Looks like we made $ in Syracuse at Institute- Think the location was part of it.  If we need $ that is a way to accomplish this. Dick – Promotion of the event made a difference. Bob– Better response from Western NY for the Institute.  Syracuse in center of State.

    Motion to accept treasurers report– Bob made motion, Karen seconded, all in favor

    2. Investment Report Dick had conversations with Russ Bancroft – one of his recommendations is to look at more managed funds.  Part of the problem is that in order to get out of where we are today, the cost is about $750.  Last year we made about $3,000.  We would be giving up about that in making the move.  Russ indicated that he can’t necessarily make the recommendation to change at this time.  We are in B funds and at this stage it would be about 2% to get out, next year 1%.  Dick agrees that we should stay where we are for now and look at a more managed fund next year.  Dick presented Russ’s report that included detail.  Norm added makes sense to wait – there is a fairly hefty fee to get out.

    3. Guests Report on Trustee Training, LSTA grant: made by Susan Keitel and Jackie Thresher
    Jackie is Director of Nassau Library system and member of PULISDO
    Susan is former Director of NYLA and consultant serving on Trustee Training
    Two years ago PULISDO had a retreat in which issues surfaced.  Money as always was an issue but in addition to looking at those are:  stronger, more actively involved trustees and the other was better marketing on the part of systems and on what their roles are. Applied for LSTA moneys to help with these efforts.  Nassau Library System is lead library on the proposal.  Jackie involved Susan the primary consultant on the development of the training.  The Mid-Hudson Library System, in Jackie’s opinion, has best for training to be involved in creating web site for PULISDO.  Overview of project handed out and list of training modules.  Here today to make sure we are fully informed of the project.  To make sure we have the information and take our inputs. 

    Jackie spoke about the web page – 3 training components, trustees, library directors, systems and staff.  Systems often spend more $ on the needs of staff and directors.  Individual library directors should train trustees and staff about the library.  She went to a lot of training in various areas and was not pleased with various training she saw.  Want to train system staff as to how to develop training materials, and how to perform training.  Library directors want training on differences in director and trustee roles.  Trustee training modules are not offer as part of the grant.  They are not offering training, but the tool will be online for systems.  What they hear from trustees and systems across the state is that they want something close to home.  Decided that 2 hour modules would suit the need best.  Modules can be offered at the Institute. 

    Norm asked – Will modules be available for us to use and modify if we need to?
    Jackie– Absolutely – Objective is to get a core of information down.   Want to take away the barrier of creating materials.

    Suzanne asked – Who is primary audience.
    Jackie – Available to system directors, NYSALB, and library directors.  These modules would help to set the framework.

    Susan Keitel  - SmartBoards was something that she tried at NYLA.  Jackie saw and liked and asked how it could be implemented long term. Came up with the idea that after much discussion they would create core body of material that would be available via computer.  When groups want to be engaged in training the information could be available.  The difficulty was be to get trustees engaged.  The challenge is to get trustees engaged long term.  What Susan Keitel is finding is that writing is extremely dense.  It’s the kind of writing a presenter will use.  Hopes that presenters will take what is presented and use what applies to their session.

    Susan Keitel – The first module is the one of Role and Responsibilities.  Not available now but will be soon.  Jackie can mount or send to us for review.  Indicated that if it were mounted to a web site we could all look at it at our leasure.

    Susan continued: First two modules cover all basics for new trustees – sets a good foundation for board functioning. Can see that trustees need the basic concepts so that all are one the same footing. 

    Jackie – Directors should be able to give information about the issues facing libraries. 
    Norm - Looking for the historical context. 

    Susan - susankeitel@yahoo.com she will send the module so we can look at it and send comments to back to Susan. 

    Sam – As you work through this how are you addressing differences between the various types of library.

    Susan and Jackie – woven through the text and will bring out differences when they are apparent.  Joe Eisner is volunteering at Nassau and he is also review these in the legal areas.

    Susan – Is working to write with an understanding between libraries of various sizes and how issues impact them.  Jackie - When she has done training, issue surfaces of what are the various roles based on what relates to their situation.  Would like to see tools morph yearly.  What Jackie and she can’t do under the grant they have is to do the outreach. 

    Norm – Between NYSALB and PULISDO we can work to engage Trustees. 

    Jackie – May look for follow-up grants to reach out to rural libraries.  Anticipate that it will continue to grow and flourish and see that it will happen.

    Karen  – In beginning module is there something to give to people who are thinking about becoming trustees.  Susan – said this is great idea. Sam – NYSALB sponsored a workshop at NYLA that that talked about recruiting and training board members.

    Joan – make sure that you address the needs of the library in terms of trustees that serve various roles.

    Jackie – Will certainly be referencing the new Trustee Handbook.    Would like us to look at the Mid-Hudson Library web site because it is set-up to resemble the new handbook.
    Another thing we will have is a mention of all organizations that trustees should participate in.

    Francis – in newsletter have the tension of an ongoing discussion in highlighting the manual, would the grant support putting info in the newsletter. Jackie – do you mean content?  The content we’re writing is not for trustees but for people who will train trustees.  Sam – Would be delighted to put article in the Trustee to put in the by March. 
    Norm - Have listserv for trustees where we could promote as well.  Jackie- web site part is a page for trustees.  The content that we are trying to teach will be on the web site.  How you teach will not be there.  Can take these resources and mold to their needs. 

    Norm – Have found that trustees are often the trainers.  There is not a clear dividing line between student and teacher. Jackie- NYSALB will have access to content of the modules.  Systems will help to identify trustees who are co-presenters along with system individuals.

    Jackie – Contract for grant has to be done by March of 2007. Susan- by the end of March 2006 will have 5 to 6 modules ready. Jackie – System staff will be trained on how to use and would be also open to NYSALB and NYLA.   This may also include some library directors. 

    Susan – One of the things that Susan is wary of is generic trainers.  They lose some of the subtlety of libraries.  One of thing likes about the project is that’s taking place in the community.  Writing for people who are somewhat connected to the library community. 

    Jackie – Has some reservations abut the train the trainer grants.  Grants are never big enough to train everyone.  By doing sessions there may be some more follow-up that can happen. 

    Norm – If there are trainers that present the material well, could we be involved in getting voice over of the slides.

    Joan – Also could we some video to support certain segments that would be beneficial as well. Sam – Is copyright for Jim Ferrell’s tape with Jim or with DLD. Susan – the School Board Association has role playing video tape and the video tape would stop with a question.

    Sam – SBA individual in his area and may have an in to get material. Francis – Role of video tape – come well done, some in middle – Frances had begun to work with Bruce Massis to put things on video. 

    Larry – As proceed with training for library trustees, keep in mind training for system trustees. Jackie – Interesting to think about if system trustees should be module.  Role different and they can conflict.  Thanked us for the opportunity to be here. 

    Norm asked that they use Margaret for distributing information.

    3. Report from President Elect of NYLA - Guest:  Rachel Baum, new NYLA Liaison

    Rachel is the Assistant Dean of the College of Computing at Albany – have been at Upper Hudson and Ravena libraries – trustee on Upper Hudson and Bethlehem boards.  Since is trustee on both board wanted to be NYLA liaison.  Main role as she sees it is to learn.  What we do together, what has been happening right or wrong, how we can train together.  Would like to know something about each of us and wants to come to some local meetings.

    4. Report from Carol Ann Desch - Liaison from State education department to NYSALB

    Waiting on what the governor will say in budget on 15th.  Regents will meet and talk about New Century libraries.  They are looking at same as what the pushed last year, NOVEL – $14M for this – 5m for state wide resources

    Second priority public library construction – NCL includes proposal for $30M for library construction.  System and libraries can ask for monies. Third is to bring money up to education law and to hold others harmless $2.6 M. NCL is $117M proposal for libraries.  Included is also half million for trustee training.  Also look at NCL web site and the report is the blueprint.  Norm – Link to NCL on our website.

    NYLA lobby day is March 14.  Go to visit legislators on that Tuesday.  Also important to visit them in their home towns.

    NYLA pushing for bond act for library construction.   $500M over 5 yrs.

    Carol passed out materials about NCL and info about construction.  State library working on data collection efforts.  Systems to give info to state about $ needs for construction.  About half way through that.  Other data collection is about an online survey for each director for library needs.  Assembly wants that detailed information.  DLD working on data collection. 

    Other news is that we have a new director of research library.  Name is Loretta Ebert – currently at RPI in Troy.  Starting on January 17 same day as executive budget.  Position filled as part of national search – position has been open since 9/11.  Still haven’t been able to fill senior level positions.  Currently have 5 senior positions and there used to be 8 of them.  Lots of other high level positions are being filled but these aren’t .

    NOVEL portal – web site that has been set up as a portal and the way you get into is through driver’s license or non-driver ID.  Alternative way for NYers to access the databases.  Another way for them to get into the databases.  Norm asked how many people taking advantage of this. Carol– not a lot yet, but haven’t really publicized yet.  Lots of libraries have linked to the site and are promoting to patrons.  Promotion kits on State library site that libraries can use to promote access.  This site has federate searching – can search across all of the databases at one site.  Not available through NOVEL with regular library card unless you have Federated service.  NOVEL is available to all libraries in state that are members of systems. 

    Carol – Summer reading program did once again exceed goal of 1M participants in 2005.  New goal 1.10 M.  Funding mini-grant for programs.  In Nassau used mini-grant for SkyBanner and also at movie theater slides.

    Norm asked if DLD have info about statistics on circulation. Carol said DLD has stats on their web site.

    5. Education Trustee Manual Assignments  - Francis – new trustee manual – each take an area to see if we can undertake writing of articles for the Trustee.  Didn’t know how to go about making assignments.  Dick – Recommendation by use of Table of Comments in an email and everyone pick 2 to3 topics they are interested in summarizing. Sam - Two column limit for newsletter. Norm- Reference manual and how we dealt with subject manner on our boards. 

    Sam – Suggested Francis and Jerry Nicols start with intro article of how the new Trustee Handbook came into being.  Then follow-up with articles about each section.

    Joan – work on Education piece – How to contact our legislator, reach media, evaluate a director or trustee or board.

    Norm – anything about trustee certification? Carol – write up something that would define the program and why would they want to pursue it.  May want to start with something that is not in law.  Talk with system directors, DLD and NYLA.   

    Norm  - the way we talked about it before if you can exhibit that you’ve attended a certain amount of training during a year then you are certified. Carol – doesn’t know if it how it would be viewed if it came from DLD. Bob – the state school board has training and incentive program.  End result at platinum level is that the organization picks up cost of attendance at the training event. Bob will research their program and present at March meeting. Carol suggested – self assessment on web site, etc. Begin with credit at this year’s Institute.

    Trustee Institute; lost Erin for coordination.

    Margaret – have secured Library for tour, Janet Welch is slated to do something relative to the institute.  Dick will help but can Margaret help us manage the process (for a fee).  Margaret it willing to do that. 

    Norm – Can we get governor candidates to come to speak?  Norm will give contacts to Margaret for a letter to be sent ASAP.

    Norm – Typically we attract new trustees but have two session tracks – for new and experienced trustees. Norm- video conferencing- one of the things we have been wanting to do for years – is there any capability in state education, but know that the state university system has capability. Carol- there is some video conferencing through BOCES.

    Dick – We should be involved in the Jackie Thresher and Susan Keitel effort in support in terms of getting trustees involved in education.  Also from a $ standpoint.  We need to encourage trustees to attend.

    Norm – Sessions could be basic boot camp, public library district panel, fund raising and development outside the normal sources

    Francis will contact grant writer facilitator in Suffolk. Margaret will research other fund raising speakers. Joan - promote and have a session to the Friends

    Norm – should have panel on what will impact library services, Google, etc.  Norm will define the topic. Karen – Jennifer Morris could say some words. 

    Carol – Federally funding training project – Southern Adirondack Library – Growing a Reader, Carol will send info to Margaret. 

    Action items for sessions at Institute:

    1. Dick Strauss and Sam Patton with Susan’s LSTA trustee training material
    2. Public Library District – Dick Panz, Jim Farrell, Mark Chevalier, Ed Mersecak
    3. New Age of Libraries – Norm
    4. Fund Raising and Development – Francis and Margaret-new WLS director and Guilderland Library through their foundation, someone at Wood library
    5. Lunch state-wide political candidates

    Carol – will check to see if librarians room would be available for our Board meeting on Friday.

    Carol said we should promote - Hold the date May 5 & 6 – newsletter, NYLINE and NYSALBnet. Margaret can put insert in next membership mailing

    6. Nominating report by Joan Hurley
    Have few two positions to replace with E. Apostol and N. Simiates resigning. To place an ad in next issue of TRUSTEE and send something out on listserv.

    7. Velma Moore report by Karen Achille

    Committee communicated via email – need to reopen the nominations.  It’s in the next newsletter.  Have contacted nominators from last year.  Reworked guidelines.  Have one nominee now for 2006.  Dick – noted that we should send an email to NYLINE

    8. Legislation and Policy Committee

    Dick – Member of the NYBL PAC.  Did a mailing list to board presidents.  Have yet to sit in on one of the conference calls. 
    Dick – Attended and spoke at state wide Standing Committee on Libraries and Education Technology.  State spends 800K on construction and need is 1B.  MB sent out a blurb that did not include all the speakers. 

    Carol – NYLA has other legislative priorities that it’s promoting that would bundle libraries together.

    Norm – Evaluating NYSALB advocacy efforts and visit with Governor, minority and majority leaders. 

    Francis – Setting up a progressive plan to visit libraries in Suffolk county to identify areas where legislative areas that would be appropriate.  Go, visit, talk and get issues relative to libraries, repackage those together and bring to selected legislative authorities.  One of the things we can’t tell someone is what NYSALB can do for it’s constituents.  Norm – Asked FP to give update in March.  Good opportunity for us to be evaluating our advocacy efforts.  We want to know what we need to do to take advantage of the opportunity.

    9. Membership

    Bob – Margaret and he working on membership together.  Membership analysis – 42% of libraries states joined in 2005.  18% of systems joined.  Membership analysis in 2006 - way ahead of last year.  This is thanks to Margaret.   Came up with new letter and progression system as to how we should approach people. 

    Bob – First letter went to the president’s home address.  System letters went on 11/29.  Special version of letter went to libraries who were never members.  Another version sent to lapsed members.  The second letter will be sent to Presidents at the library address, excluding those who’ve already responded.  In March, third appeal made to those who’ve not responded yet.  Bob would like to see board members do personal calls to the director of president of board to encourage membership.  Personal touch makes a tremendous difference.  Letters under each members name.  Francis – Suggested that we invoice the libraries director.  Suzanne - Interested in list of talking points and benefits this information was included in the letter.

    10. Communications
    Encourage people to use the 800 number. 888-4NY-SALB

    11. New Business
    Library District Task Force would like representative from this group.  It’s a NYLA task force being put together.  Group of people who will be working to help provide expertise and trustees for libraries wanting to become public library districts.  Want trustees represented as well.  Meetings will be conference calls and meetings.  Francis volunteered and Karen will be back-up.  Norm will send email out to Francis and Karen.

    Norm and Carol - Janet Welch initiated LSTA Evaluation RFP.  State needs to provide report to federal government re money use and outcomes.  NOVEL is focus on the independent evaluation.  Looking to hire an evaluator to look at NOVEL.  On web site and mailed to others who can evaluate.  If know of evaluator or consultant interested in bidding, let Carol know.  There is a short window of opportunity to conduct evaluation and create report.

    Sam was asked to organize previous newsletters by topic.  If anyone would like to help him that would be good.  The task is to create a reference to the articles by topic.  If anyone is willing to help that would be great.  Susanne said to ask her again in March.

    Norm – need rep from Ramapo Catskill for potential board member.
    Dick – Recommended that we ask Tina Thompson to be liaison to NYLA. 

    Meeting dates:  September 16 firm date – November 11 new date.

    Motion to Adjourn:  Jack moved, Bob second, all in favor.

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