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  • Board Meeting




    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    Holiday Inn Turf, Albany, NY

    Saturday May 6, 2006

    Directors Present:  N. Jacknis, R. Strauss, G. Stamatiades, L. Jorgensen, S. Patton, F.  Picart, R. Presutti, N. Simaitis, S. Stockman, K. Achilles, and J. Taylor.

    The meeting was called to order by President Norm Jacknis at 12:45 PM. A motion to approval the agenda was made by J. Taylor and seconded by S. Patton. The motion carried. 

    A motion to approve the minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting of April 30, 2005 was made by R. Presutti and seconded by J. Taylor. The motion carried. 

    Norm Jacknis gave the annual President’s Report.  Accomplishments of the past year were highlighted.

    A motion to accept the Financial Report was made by G. Stamatiades and seconded by F. Picart. The motion carried.

    There were no Communications and no Old Business.

    Under New Business the acting chair of the Nominating Committee, R. Strauss, presented the name of Mary Ellen O’Connor from the Albany Public Library to serve a term of three years as Director of NYSALB. There being no further nominations, T. Thompson moved that M. O’Connor be elected unanimously. R. Strauss seconded. The motion carried. R. Strauss explained that there were still two openings on the board. If anyone is interested, they should speak to Dick. 

    There being no further business, R. Presutti moved that the meeting be adjourned. 
    F. Picart seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    The meeting was adjourned at 1:05PM.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Karen Achilles, Acting Secretary

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