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  • Board Meeting




    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    Saturday September 16, 2006

    The meeting was called to order by President Norm Jacknis at 9:05am.

    Present: N. Jacknis, R. Strauss, G. Stamatiades, S. Patton, R. Presutti, N. Simaitis, K. Achilles, Joan Hurley, Mary Ellen O’Connor, and Suzanne Stockman (via speaker phone). Excused: Larry Jorgensen and Jack Taylor. Late:  Francis Picart. Also present were: Association Manager, M. Malicki and new director nominees, Arnold Elman and Sally Swierczek.                            

    Nominating Committee: R. Strauss presented Arnold Elman and Sally Swierczek to fill the two vacant director slots on the board of directors. Dick further moved that we accept Arnold and Sally each for a term of three (3) years to begin now. Bob P. seconded the motion. The motion carried.

    Minutes: The May Board of Directors meeting minutes and the NYSALB Board of Directors’ Organizational Meeting minutes were presented for approval. Bob P. moved the minutes be accepted as written. Sam P. seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

    Treasurer’s Report: Margaret M. gave an update in L. Jorgensen’s absence: Under Profit and Loss Budget Performance: 1.) Membership and investment columns have decreased. Investments show a loss of $1300 due to the market. The Velma Moore Award reimbursement will be entered the end of September. 2.) Meeting Expenses are up.  (Attendance at meetings has been greater plus costs at hotel increased). Karen A. moved that we accept the treasurer’s report. Dick S. seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously and will be filed for audit. 

    The 2007 NYSALB Budget was presented. It will be voted on at the November Board Meeting. The 2007 Institute budget was discussed as well. It will be different from years past due to location. The board discussed subsidizing the Institute.  Mary Ellen O. asked if we could raise extra monies through sponsorships (vendors, book companies, construction companies, businesses that work with libraries, architecture firms, unions, technology companies, etc.) The board will collect business cards at the NYLA conference and solicit interest. It would be helpful if the board developed a list of potential sponsors to draw on.

    Committee Reports:

    Trustee Institute: A lengthy discussion followed. Possible speakers (Regent Dawson, Mayor Bloomberg, Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington, Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, Director of the Queens Library, Tom Galanti, and David Patterson) were mentioned. Please pass along other workshop suggestions to Margaret M.  Workshop ideas were presented (see handout from S. Stockman). Added suggestions were Security, Teen Library Services (issues surrounding policies for teens), Basic Trustee Training (import the overview of modules from Pulisdo), Green Libraries (ecological impact). and Long Term (Five Year) Financial Planning. Please let Margaret M. know if you have suggestions for workshop presenters. Ideas were expressed for entertainment. It was the consensus that a Storyteller would be appropriate. Suzanne S. will begin work on that. A budget needs to be put together so that the menus, etc. can be decided upon. George S. questioned whether we needed activities for spouses and significant others. Those attending need to make an early commitment to insure the room rate of $129.00 plus tax. That rate will apply to Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday stays. Those attending will contact the hotel directly to make reservations.  The Board discussed what amount NYSALB would subsidize. The figure of $3000.00 was mentioned. It was stressed that an early deadline is crucial. By the November Board meeting speakers and workshop presenters should be committed. Joan H. strongly urged that the Institute Brochure be mailed by mid January. Norm J. complimented Suzanne S., George S., and Margaret M. on their thorough planning.

    The education report was adjourned temporally so that our invited guests could speak.

    Guest Reports:
    Rachael Baum, incoming president of NYLA, spoke to the group about the 2006 library successes; monies awarded by the state for construction, legislative initiative, putting together Lobby Day etc. She would like to see partnerships developed and library trustee membership with NYLA. Perhaps when a library joins at the organizational rate, all library trustees could be included as members. Rachael B. reminded us that the NYLA Conference will be November 1st – 4th at Saratoga Springs. There will be workshops for trustees. Francis P. asked about the possibility of a joint membership with NYSALB and NYLA. Rachael B. and Margaret M. will discuss this further. Francis P. also invited a member of NYLA who would be local to Suffolk County to attend the informational meeting with Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington.  Rachael B. is available to attend. 

    Cassandra Artale, Library Development Specialist, representing Carol Ann Desch gave an overview of her job. She discussed the New York Knowledge Initiative, Public Library Construction, the State Library “Spanish Language Outreach Program”, and the 2006 – 2007 Reading programs. (See Handout for details). She continued that the 2006 Summer Reading program was very successful, and that the data will be out soon. In 2007 and 2008 the State is collaborating with 40 other state library reading programs. The joint materials are impressive. Writing thank you letters to legislators was mentioned. It was noted that several board members were a part of this.

    Education (continued)    

    Trustee Manual Assignments to use for newsletter columns       
    Francis P. reported that three articles were ready for the newsletter. He does not have the fourth article from David Krogman and inquired as to how to get a hold of him.  

    LSTA training grant      
    Dick S. reported that he had attended a training session for the Pulisdo Grant. Each module is to be a 3 – 4 hour session. To review the content go to www.pulisdo.org. There is a place for feedback.

    Margaret M. will present a workshop at the NYLA conference on fundraising. If you have an idea for next year’s conference, please let Dick S. know.  Sam P. had an idea:  “Recruiting Trustees and Evaluating the Director – How to Fire the Director”.

    There was no report.

    Legislation and Policy:
    Dick S. reported on the PAC. Dick will finish his term in December 2006. If anyone on the Board is interested in serving on this committee, please let Dick know. Francis P. will be meeting with an ad hoc group in October to plan for their meeting with Assemblywoman Eddington in November. He requested ideas for agenda items. Norm J. noted that NYSALB’s agenda was 1.) Library Trustee education should become law and 2.) There should be a dedicated permanent source of funding for libraries. A lengthy discussion followed. It was suggested that Carol Ann Desch speak to the board on this subject in November. George S. will arrange a meeting perhaps over dinner with Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan and Francis P. to discuss legislation. Our agenda should be kept to two to five items preferably two both for Ms. Nolan and Ms. Eddington.

    Bob P. presented the membership figures. Bob referred the board to the handouts: Membership Analysis and Membership Summary. Bob has visited numerous to discuss membership.  Libraries want to know: What NYSALB can offer if they join? The answer is NYSALB is the only organization that represents library trustees, and NYSALB has an extensive education program for trustees. 

    Our board suggested that membership work with the system libraries to obtain lists of all library trustees in order to get the message to trustees that NYSALB is their voice. Members receive reduced cost at Institute. It was noted that we are the voice in Albany. The newsletter is another plus. George S. moved that NYSALB institute an invoice/billing system to be mailed to the Accounts Payable Department at each library. Bob P. seconded the motion. It passed unanimously. 

    George S. inquired about sending a monthly newsletter. Would this help membership increase? Norm J. suggested sending a monthly newsletter electronically. Joan H strongly urged the board to use the list serve. Francis proposed that a system receive a discount based upon the number of local libraries belonging to NYSALB.  We already have a policy for this in place. Dick S. feels we need strong visibility. Norm J. suggested that the board look at this again at the March board meeting. Perhaps the board could negotiate with Utica National Insurance Co. for a lower D & O rate if a library joins NYSALB. Sally S. will discuss this with Utica National Insurance before the March meeting.

    Newsletter/Public Relations:
    Sam P. reported there was a good response for the next newsletter. He will add Institute News. Suzanne S. gave an update on the web page newsletter topic index. This will be an on-line library for trustees and will be completed by the end of this year. Norm is developing a section for the web site to include library policies. How to organize this was discussed with the conclusion it should be by type and size. Norm J. asked for a show of hands if the board wanted “a member only” section. The answer is: “yes”. Two proposals were presented for web site management. Norm J. will no longer do this job. One proposal was $2000.00 for redesign of the web site and $50.00 an hour to update the site. The second proposal was $2500 for redesign of the web site and approximately $50.00 an hour to update the site. Norm would like to enter into a contract with one of the above. Dick S. suggested we include the cost of the redesign, etc. into our 2007 budget. Dick S. moved that we contract with proposal number one. George S. seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.   

    Velma Moore Award: 
    Karen A. reported that the call for participation for the Velma Moore Award will be included in the next newsletter. She will post the call on NYLINE and the NYSALB web sites. Karen will also send letters to those who nominated persons in the past two years to update their information.

    Tina Thompson sent an article about Suzanne Stockman’s community service.   

    Old Business:
    The committee assignments for 2006 – 2007 were reviewed. The certified trustee program was discussed by Margaret.  Send forms to Bob P. This is a way of promoting NYSALB. The November 18, 2006 meeting was addressed. Karen A. will be absent.  Someone will need to take minutes. The 2007 meeting calendar was discussed. It is not perfect for everyone but will remain in place for now. 

    New Business:
    Francis P. asked that the future nomination process be conducted in a more systematic way with the complete participation of all nominating committee members. In order for there to be sufficient time for the procedure requested by Francis, Norm J. then asked the nominating committee to start its process early and provide a report of its initial work for the November meeting. Dick S. assured Francis P. that the process would go forward in November. 

    There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:35pm.       

    Respectfully submitted,

    Karen Achilles, Secretary

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