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  • Board Meeting




    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    Saturday November 18, 2006

    The meeting was called to order by President Norm Jacknis at 9:15 a.m.

    Present: N. Jacknis, R. Strauss, G. Stamatiades, S. Patton, R. Presutti, Joan Hurley, Mary Ellen O’Connor, Suzanne Stockman, Arnold Elman and Sally Swierczek.  Excused:  K. Achilles, N. Simaitis, Francis Picart, Larry Jorgensen and Jack Taylor. Also present were:  Association Manager, M. Malicki and Carol Desch (part of the meeting).                          

    Minutes: The September Board of Directors meeting minutes were presented for approval.  Bob P. moved the minutes be accepted with amended change. Dick S. seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

    Treasurer’s Report: Margaret M. gave an update in L. Jorgensen’s absence: Cash flow is tight right now as we moved in to November. This is typical as we wait for next month when membership income will increase again. Norm J. asked about investments. Margaret M. explained we had been doing well up until 2 months ago and we may finish the year out flat. Sam P. moved that we accept the treasurer’s report. George S. seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously and will be filed for audit. 

    Committee Reports:

    The 2007 NYSALB Budget was presented by Dick S. To balance the budget NYSALB will draw on its reserve in an amount of $7,420. The majority of these funds are from the projected loss of $5,000 on the Institute. To lessen the draw NYSALB would need to raise more in dues. George S. asked about non- member libraries and getting the correct trustee names from systems. Mary Ellen O. inquired if we can approach them for individual memberships if their libraries are not joining. Norm said we do have individual memberships but it is not promoted. (More on this under membership report.)

    George S moved that we accept the 2007 Budget. Arnie E. seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

    Trustee Institute:  Dick S. extended his appreciation to Suzanne S. for all the work she has done on the Institute. Suzanne reported on details to date.

    Cathy Nolan and the Director of Queens Library, Tom Galante are likely speakers for Friday evening. Four sessions with potential for a fifth:

    1. Training Module from PULISDO—Jackie Thresher:  Probably “Critical Partnership between Library Boards and Library Directors”
    2. Expanding Teen Library Services:  Stephanie Squicciarini, Fairport Public Library
    3. “Library by Design“ Queens architects (if we want) – plus thought to add someone related to Ossing Library (Green Library). Unless Queens Library architects can speak on Green libraries
    4. Library Insurance by Utica National Insurance and First Niagara
    5. Innovative Community Outreach (multicultural)- Suzanne to ask Carol Sheffer to arrange.

    Action Needed: Suzanne received suggestions for Saturday speakers and will follow up on each. They included: NY Times author who has written on Google Projects, Diane Revitch who spoke at NYLA on the theft of language. Her email is drla@nyu.edu.

    Arnie E. inquired about what would we do for the trustees of smaller libraries. It was explained that there is usually 1 to 2 sessions for the newer trustees and the other 2 sessions are for more advanced trustees. Also the speakers for Friday and Saturday lunch provide instruction.

    There will be a bus tour of two Queens libraries that will be between 4 pm and 6 pm. It was agreed that like last year, we should charge $5 per head for the bus to make guarantee their spot (and give idea of bus size needed). Attendees will register for the tour when they register for the Institute.

    Suzanne said attendees will have options for outside activities which we will provide leads to but will not handle reservations except the ballgame. Phone numbers and other supporting information will be given for shopping, theater, etc. Mary Ellen O. suggested that NYSALB coordinate a resource person that weekend to help with directions and ideas of what to see and do (in additon to the concierge).

    Action Needed: Mary Ellen O. asked if we could raise extra monies through sponsorships of the Institute (vendors, book companies, construction companies, businesses that work with libraries, architecture firms, unions, technology companies, etc.). She agreed to head up an effort to enlist table sponsors and program advertisers. The suggested amounts were $250 and $100. Mary Ellen asked that all NYSALB board members to forward potential vendors to be sponsors¾contact information are critical.

    George S. asked how we would be marketing the Institute. In addition to the mailings to all trustee members (in newsletters, membership renewals, emails, website) there needs to be a grassroots effort like in Syracuse (which had great attendance). Areas around Queens really need covered as well as Long Island.
    Action Needed: We will rely on NYSALB board members in those areas to reach out to libraries. Margaret M. said that Francis P. was speaking to a large group of trustees today and is sharing information on the Institute. Efforts need to be defined for the non-member library trustees.

    Norm J. asked where would the 2008 Institute be? It is the weekend May 3 and 4.
    Action Needed: Margaret M. will get room rates for Saratoga and bring for the January meeting.

    LSTA training grant      
    Dick S. reported that the Pulisdo Grant has 3 topics. Each module is to be a 3 – 4 hour session. To review the content go to www.pulisdo.org. There is a place for feedback.

    Mary Ellen O. indicated that she attended a trustee training session for the first time this year and she was a trustee with five years already. She learned so much and had wished she had done it earlier in her tenure. Her question was how could NYSALB catch new trustees in the first 6 months? The question was later addressed with Carol Desch.

    Bob P. moved to provide Margaret M. with a $1,000 bonus in recognition of her extraordinary work on the Institute in 2006 and her extra work this year. George S. seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

    Legislation and Policy:
    Dick S. reported on the PAC.  Dick will finish his term in December 2006 and asked if anyone on the Board is interested in serving on this committee, please let Dick know. It requires a $250 individual donation to be able to participate in the conference call meetings.

    Norm J. reported that Francis P. providing a summary of the meeting with Assemblywoman Eddington in November. (Copy provided to each board member at this time.) Norm J. noted that NYSALB’s agenda was 1.) Library Trustee education should become law and 2.) There should be a dedicated permanent source of funding for libraries.

    Guest Report from Carol Desch:
    Carol D. reported on the 2007 Regents Legislative Proposals to increase in State aid to Libraries. This includes $10 million a year for NOVEL, $14 million for library construction, in 07-08, and $30 million annually thereafter, and $3 million a year in supplemental aid for library systems. The Regents State Aid for schools calls for an increase from $6 to $10 per pupil.

    Summer reading program in 2007 will be NY’s first try at joining a national program (NY is 41st state to join). Program theme “Get a Clue@Your Library”.

    Laura Aurahahn has replaced Julie Marlette in NYS Assembly. Carol will forward her contact information to NYSALB. Norm J. asked that an invitation to our board meeting be extended.

    George S. inquired about how NYSALB can receive money like LSTA for training for trustees, especially new trustees. Carol D. said NYSALB currently does not qualify based on funding parameters. However, if we worked with a system that would ‘sponsor’ the grant - where they applied and received the funding then turned it over to NYSALB- that might work. There is a total of $750,000 for 23 systems this year.

    Action needed: Norm J. asked that board members to speak to their system directors about a joint LSTA grant with NYSALB and a couple other systems for the purpose to train new trustees in the initial year of their position.

    At this time Mary Ellen O. explained that she attended a trustee training session for the first time this year and she was a trustee with five years already. She learned so much and had wished she had done it earlier in her tenure. Her question was how could NYSALB catch new trustees in the first 6 months? It is an issue of identifying the new trustees and getting enough funding to train them.

    Bob P. asked how to formalize regulations to train new trustees. Carol D. suggested that we write a letter to Janet Welch explaining what it is we would like. This letter should be copied to Commissioner Mills and Regent Dawson.
    Action needed: Norm J. asked that Margaret email the board words needed for the letter. Members of the board are to provide a draft and use email to share suggested wording. (It would b helpful if one person took the lead.) Letter should include:

    • Requirements in regulation or law that would require new trustees to be trained (should define what ‘new means’)
    • Secure state funding and administration of money for the purpose of training
    • Extend the training to experienced trustees

    Sam P. asked what is the best way to learn of new trustees. Carol D. said she thinks systems but is not sure if they had all the information from libraries.

    Bob P. presented the membership figures.  Bob referred the board to the handouts: Membership Analysis and Membership Summary. We started out real strong and if the 62 libraries that did not renew their membership (were members in 2005), we would have had our best membership year yet. System renewals were sent last week. Invoices for 2007 membership is being sent Monday, November 20 to accounting offices (if member in 2006 or 2005). Rests of libraries will get renewal letter and request by December 1.

    George S. initiated discussion about targeted mailings to non-members during the finance committee report. There are roughly350 libraries that are not members with about 4,000 trustees. If NYSALB had a good list what would be the best way to enlist their support?

    Action needed: Norm J. suggested that Margaret M. to come up with a strategy to send multiple mailings to an identified group. She should share it with the membership committee and Joan H. for their review. This strategy should include anticipated expenses.

    Dick S. reported that we would loose Norm J. this year as he completes his last year of his last term. The terms of all directors were reviewed. Dick S. asked that if a director has an interest in joining the executive committee they should contact him. Generally in the winter he contacts the board to learn of their interest so that at the March meeting it can be discussed. New positions are voted on at the May meeting. Norm J. will provide leads to a Westchester replacement.

    Newsletter/Public Relations:
    Sam P. reported next issue underway. Will mail after January with deadline for submissions first of December. Margaret will update Institute News. Sam P. will have box added did you know that your library may cover cost of your training at the Institute?

    Two designs were presented for the web site. Norm J. said one was the preferred choice. Norm is still accepting policies for posting on the web. Once received he will have a better sense of what work will be involved to categorize policy topics for searches.

    Joan H. will do some releases on the Institute. Margaret M. is to send her information that is used for newsletter.

    Velma Moore Award: 
    No report as Karen A. was absent. Mary Ellen O. asked that past recipients be on the web. Margaret M. will email the list to Norm J.

    Nothing reported.

    Old Business:
    The committee assignments for 2006 – 2007 were reviewed. Contact sheet updated and new version will be emailed to directors. The 2007 meeting calendar was discussed. The September 2007 date for the meeting was the 15th but now is the 8th.

    New Business:
    There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:35pm.       

    Respectfully submitted,

    Margaret Malicki subbing for the excused Karen Achilles, Secretary

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