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  • Board Meeting




    NYSALB Board of Directors Meeting

    Saturday, January 6, 2007

    The meeting was called to order by President Norm Jacknis at 9:08 a.m.

    Present: N. Jacknis, R. Strauss, G. Stamatiades, A. Elman, S. Swierczek, K. Achilles, Francis Picart. 
    Late: Mary Ellen O’Connor. Excused: S. Patton, R. Presutti, J. Hurley, S. Stockman, Jack Taylor, and Larry Jorgensen. Resigned: Nancy Simaitis. Also present were: Association Manager, M. Malicki.  Carol Desch and Rachael Baum attended part of the meeting.

    Guest Reports:

    Rachael Baum, President of NYLA
    Rachael presented a positive report. She reminded the board that March 13, 2007 is Lobby Day. NYSALB is a co-sponsor of this event in Albany. Norm J. reminded the board of a talking point: It is important to come to Lobby Day to speak with legislators but even more important to visit at the local level which often times is more effective. Rachael B. is the NYLA liaison to NYSALB. Her new email address is rachaelrbaum@gmail.com. 

    Carol Ann Desch, Coordinator of Library Services, NYS Library State Ed Department
    Carol discussed several points:

    1. The Governor was positive about libraries in his State of the State Message.
    2. Regents Priority Legislative Initiative and Regents Proposal on State Aid to School Districts for School Year 2007-08. (See Handouts) M.E. O’Connor asked about a Library Line in the budget.  C.A. Desch will send a page from the budget for M. Malicki to distribute to the board.  F. Picart questioned a dedicated funding stream in the budget for libraries.  N. Jacknis asked if NOVEL documents are on the web in PDF form so that comments could be made.
    3. The Deputy Commissioner has retired and a search is underway to replace him.
    4. The Library Services and Technology Act Five-Year Plan (Draft) will be posted next week. Comments are welcome.  N. Jacknis has included NYSALB’s thoughts in the document.
    5. The Regents Commission recommendations from 1999 are being reviewed.  N. Jacknis will craft and send a letter to the board for review. Please respond.
    6. Making It Real Grant – There are 44 students in phase I. The grant application for phase II has been made. In that proposal there are some monies for trustee training. 
    7. The NYLA conference will be in Buffalo, NY October 17th – 20th. A Legislative Panel will be co-sponsored by NYLA and NYSALB.

    Minutes: The November Board of Directors meeting minutes were presented for approval. A. Elman moved the minutes be accepted. D. Strauss seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

    Treasure’s Report: M. Malicki gave an update in L. Jorgensen’s absence. D Strauss made a suggestion that 2006 and 2007 Budget Reports be separated. The 2006 budget looks very good because of the excellent membership response in December. These monies are for 2007. A. Elman asked that the rate of earnings be reflected in the report. K. Achilles moved that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.  M.E. O’Connor seconded. The motion passed unanimously and will be filed for audit.

    Committee Reports:

    No Report

    In Suzanne Stockman’s absence M. Malicki presented the Institute Agenda. The board discussed distributing Institute information to Systems and how to get information to the Systems not represented on NYSALB. M.E. O’Connor presented a letter which will be sent to vendors inviting them to participate in this year’s institute. R. Baum stated that she was concerned that the same vendors are used by NYLA, NYSALB, and NYLINK and would find it difficult to be at all three conferences. Mary Ellen will email the letter to the board for review. Responses are due by January 15, 2007. The 2008 Trustee Institute was discussed.  Saratoga Springs may not be a possibility. Board members should email suggestions for 2008 to Margaret. The LSTA grants for Trustee Training were discussed. Because funds are not as readily available, NYSALB would need to partner with a System for this training. A. Elman discussed the website “Trustee Source”. He questioned if we might be duplicating services. D. Strauss volunteered to draft a letter to Janet Welch to formalize regulations to train new trustees. He asked the board to review the letter and make suggestions. Dick announced that S. Patton would present a program again at the NYLA conference as part of our partnership.

    No Report

    Legislation and Policy
    F. Picart gave a very detailed report. The meeting with Assemblywoman Eddington has been rescheduled for January 25, 2007.  Francis feels we are making progress, but it takes time. N. Jacknis said we need to look at the Executive Branch of our NY government. It would be beneficial to have an open discussion with the current leadership.  We have an opportunity to make an impact on the governor’s staff. Mary Ellen offered to set up a meeting with Ron Canestrari.

    In R. Presutti’s absence. M. Malicki will check to see which Systems are not members of NYSALB and forward those on to the Board. Margaret reported that the new accounting process is working. A. Elman wondered if we corrected the problem for this year. Please refer to the hand-out dated 1/3/07. A lengthy discussion followed. It was suggested that the board put together a brochure that would market NYSALB positively. It could include success stories, trustee training, and the Velma Moore Award. N. Jacknis will put the brochure together. Margaret will send a board email asking for input on the brochure. It would be beneficial if the board could obtain a list of trustee email addresses. S. Swierczek said that the person from Utica National Insurance Company had not returned her inquiry. The board discussed other options.  Services where we could get a discount would be beneficial. M.E. O’Connor will include this in the vendor letter. Margaret will get a copy of our charter. N. Jacknis said it is law and will get a copy of the statue.

    D. Strauss reported that he will pursue finding a replacement for N. Simaitis who has resigned.
    Dick will also check to see if Jack Taylor wants to continue as well as L. Jorgensen. They have both had health problems. A. Elman asked if there was a policy for attendance at board meetings. There is. The board will review that policy. N. Jacknis was asked to chair the committee to select Officers for the Board. He will have a slate of candidates for the March 10, 2007 board meeting.

    Public Relations/Newsletter
    In S. Patton’s absence M. Malicki and N. Jacknis both said the winter issue of the Trustee was almost ready for mailing.  Norm gave an update on the new Website. It should be up and running in about two weeks. The new Topic Index was discussed: how to organize best for delivery on the website. A lengthy discussion followed on the “Membership Only” area. What will be accessible? Ideas were: Library Policies, Newsletter Index (archive), Legislators and their districts, Form letters, Trustee Handbook. Board members should send their policies to Norm soon. The library could be anonymous or not anonymous. Sample policies could be on the website as an educational tool not linked to a specific topic. Any other ideas can be sent to Norm.

    Velma Moore Award
    K. Achilles reported that all nominators had been contacted from the past two years asking for an update on their nominee.  The committee has received two nominations for this year. (One more has arrived this week.)  One of the candidates has died. One has left the library she was nominated by. If that person were a winner this year, the award would go to the library that nominated her.  The letter for submitting nominations has been placed on the NYLA listserv twice, NYSALB listserv once, and Norm will send it out again to the NYSALB listserv. K. Achilles asked for a replacement for N. Simaitis who has resigned. S. Swierczek will be the third member of the committee along with F. Picart. 

    Communications: N. Jacknis reported on a letter concerning lobby day.  He responded positively to the letter.

    Old Business:
    There was none.

    New Business:
    The calendar was discussed for next year. The next meeting is March 10, 2007.  We will meet at the Hampton Inn Downtown, Albany, NY.  May 4th is Institute. The fall meetings are scheduled for September 8, 2007 and November 17, 2007 in Albany, NY. K. Achilles asked if she could use the Trustee Handbook to write a short blurb explaining what it means to be a trustee to be used by the Geneva Public Library to solicit trustee nominations. The answer was yes.

    There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:13pm.

    Respectively submitted,

    Karen Achilles


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