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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Board of Directors’ Meeting
    Friday May 4, 2007

    The meeting was called to order by President Norm Jacknis at 1:10p.m.  Present:  N. Jacknis, R. Strauss, G. Stamatiades, A. Elman, K. Achilles, F. Picart, M.E. O’Connor, and R. Presutti.  S. Stockman and S. Swierczek were late.   Excused:  J. Hurley, S. Patton, and L. Jorgensen.   Also present:  Association Manager, M. Malicki.  Guests:  George N. Manitzas, former NYSALB Trustee; Robert Manning, Trustee from Baldwinsville, NY; and Patricia N. Dohrenwend, NYSALB Board Trustee Nominee.

    Minutes:  The minutes from the March Board of Directors meeting were presented for approval.  G. Stamatiades moved the minutes be accepted as submitted.  A. Elman seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  F. Picart was out of the room when the vote was taken. 

    Guest Introductions and Reports:  The three guests were introduced and welcomed.  C. A. Desch was unable to attend.  She sent materials which will be handed out at the Institute.  Tee Shirts celebrating the State Summer Reading Program were raffled. 

    Treasure’s Report:  M. Malicki presented the report in L. Jorgensen’s absence.  We will be $1500.00 to $2000.00 over budget due to increased costs and relocation of the Institute.  The board discussed the new Trustee Institute Program Booklet.  It was a success due to M. E. O’Connor’s hard work selling ads.  She would like to head up this project next year for the Institute.  R. Presutti moved that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.  F. Picart seconded.  The motion passed unanimously and will be filed for audit.

    Committee Reports:
         Budget, Finance, and Planning
         G. Stamatiades moved that the board go into executive session to discuss M. Malicik’s contract.  M.E. O’Connor seconded the motion.  K. Achilles moved that the board come out of executive session. 
    R. Presutti seconded the motion.  D. Strauss moved that the board accept the proposed contract for
    M. Malicki.  Her salary will increase from $2100.00 to $2300.00 per month.  A. Elman seconded.  D. Strauss suggested that the board discuss a multi-year contract for M. Malicki at the September meeting. 


         S. Stockman and M. Malicki reported on the Trustee Institute.  Margaret went over the details. She suggested that the board sit at different tables during the Friday dinner.  One person from each table should jot down the success stories, report, and save for the newsletter.  D. Strauss reported that directors will be elected at the Annual Meeting during lunch.  There will be an Organizational meeting of the board members following the luncheon speaker to elect officers for the coming year.  The Trustee Institute for 2008 will be May 2nd and 3rd in Saratoga Springs, NY. 

         No Report

         Legislation and Policy
         Various outreach efforts were discussed.  K. Achilles reported that LSTA grants were no longer available.  M. Malicki will check this with C.A. Desch.  A. Elman is concerned that Pulisdo already has trustee training.  The letter to Janet Welch was reviewed and discussion followed..  R. Presutti reported how the process might work and read a draft letter.  F. Picart discussed his ideas for a new funding stream that might be included in the state budget.  Training could be in two steps:  1. new – mandated and 2. a refresher for those already trained similar to school board training.  The Annual Report from libraries could supply trustee names.  F. Picart suggested we secure names from the System Directors.  Should Library Law be changed to include training?  This committee should put together recommendations to go forward and present to the board. N. Jacknis and M. E. O’Connor reported on the positive meeting with Assemblyman Ron Canestrari, Majority Leader.  Legislators should write legislation for a funding source.  Amy Paulin, the new Library Chairman likes to write legislation.  We need to be in conversation with her and Catherine Nolan.

         407 libraries are members of NYSALB.  This is an increase.  Individual trustee memberships were discussed.  Securing new memberships is difficult.  The board should find ways to entice libraries to join.   
         The slate of officers for the coming year was presented:  President – D. Strauss, 1st V.P. – R. Presutti, 2nd V.P. – S. Stockman, Secretary – K. Achilles, and Treasurer – A. Elman.   The names of J. Hurley, S. Patton, and G. Stamatiades were presented for three year terms.  Patricia Dohrenwend will replace N. Jacknis from Westchester County for a three year term.  Two vacancies remain.  Four County and Finger Lakes Systems will be contacted to see if someone from that area might serve on the board.   M.E. O’Connor will chair the committee to revise the By-laws along with R. Presutti, K. Achilles, and F. Picart.

         Public Relations/Newsletter
         S. Patton will be working on the next of issue of the Trustee to be distributed this summer.
         Velma Moore Award
         K. Achilles thanked the board for their support of the Velma Moore Winner Beth R. Peck.  Edwin Field will receive the First Distinguished Service Award at the Trustee Institute Luncheon.  He is unable to attend.  Robert Upsher will receive the award in his absence.  The Second Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Martina (Tina) Thompson at next year’s Institute.   Possible new guidelines for the Velma Moore Award were distributed along with suggestions for guidelines for the Distinguished Service Award.  


         Old Business

         New Business
         The following dates were approved for board meeting for next year:  September 8, November 17th,
    January 5th, March 8th, and May 2nd (before Institute).  M. Malicki and G. Stamatiades were thanked for their hard work on the reorganization of the Trustee Institute.

    There being no further business R. Presutti moved that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting ended at 3:09pm

    Respectively submitted,

    Karen Achilles

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