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  • Organizational Meeting


    NYSALB Board of Directors’ Organizational Meeting
    Courtyard at the LaGuardia Airport, New York
    May 6, 2007

    Directors Present:  R. Strauss, G. Stamatiades, F. Picart, R. Presutti, S. Stockman,
    K. Achilles, M.E. O’Connor, A. Elman, Patricia N. Dohrenwend, S. Swierczek.

    Vice President D. Strauss called the meeting to order at 2:10pm. 

    Nominating Committee Chairman D. Strauss presented the slate of officers for 2007 – 2008:

                            President                     Richard Strauss
                            1st Vice President        Robert Presutti
                            2nd Vice President       Suzanne Stockman
                            Secretary                     Karen Achilles
                            Treasurer                     Arnie Elman

    A motion to accept the slate and direct the secretary to cast a single ballot was made by R. Presutti and seconded by G. Stamatiades.  The motion carried.

    There was no old business.

    Under new business D. Strauss said the board would be receiving an email memo to select their committee preferences.  Please return ASAP. The Corporate Resolution for Bank and Investment Accounts (for new officer’s authority) was granted. The next meeting of the Directors will be September 8, 2007 in Albany, NY.

    There being no other new business a motion to adjourn was made at 2:12pm by R. Presutti. The motion carried unanimously.   

    Respectfully submitted,

    Karen Achilles


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