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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Board of Directors’ Meeting
    Hampton Inn and Suites, Albany, NY
    Saturday September 8, 2007

    The meeting was called to order by President Dick Strauss at 9:08am.  Present:  R. Strauss, G. Stamatiades, A. Elman, K. Achilles, R. Presutti, S. Stockman. S. Swierczek, J. Hurley, S. Patton and Association Manager, M. Malicki.  M.E. O’Connor was late.   Excused:  F. Picart and P. Dohrenwend.  Absent:  L. Jorgenson.  Guest:  Jeff Cannell, Deputy Commissioner, Dept. Cultural Education.

    Minutes:  The minutes from the May Board of Directors meeting were presented for approval.  R. Presutti moved the minutes be accepted as submitted.  S. Stockman seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  

    Treasure’s Report:  A. Elman presented the Proposed Budget for 2007 – 2008.  Discussion followed:  Draw against Reserve and the Profit and Loss columns for December 1 – December 31 were questioned?  It has to do with collecting memberships for 2008 in the calendar year 2007 on the monthly budget report.  The proposed budget will be formally adopted at the November board meeting.  The P & L as presented was discussed further.  S. Patton moved to accept the P & L.  M.E. O’Connor seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  

    Committee Reports:
         Budget, Finance, and Planning
         Investment Policy and Re-balancing – D. Strauss will discuss later with A. Elman

         M. Malicki reported there were about 125 in attendance at the Trustee Institute.  S. Stockman reported on the Evaluation Sheets with these recommendations:  Each workshop should have hand-outs, Material should be covered in allotted time, Visual as well as audio presentations are the best, and time should be left for questions.  The Trustee Institute for 2008 will be May 2nd and 3rd in Saratoga Springs, NY at the Holiday Inn Hotel.  Ideas for Workshops might be:  What Can NYSALB To For You?/This Is What NYSALB Can Do For You (Look at the history of our organization and say  who we are), NYSEDA Promote “Green Buildings”, and Empire Friends – Trustee Boards and Friends Groups Working Together.  Suggestions for speakers:  Jeff Cannell and Susan Arbiter.  As part of the institute, we might visit both Saratoga Springs and Clifton-Half Moon Libraries.  The board discussed soliciting through the NYLINE and NYSALB list-serves.   We decided to put a hold on Pulisdo involvement for the time being.

    Guest Introductions and Reports:   Jeff Cannell was introduced.  He gave the board an update on the budget process.  There is discussion pending of a $500,000.00 proposal for trustee training.  G. Stamatiades stressed that trustee training must become mandatory.  M. E. O’Connor spoke about her meeting the Ron Canestrari’s assistant.  J. Cannell suggested that NYLA and NYSALB partner to accomplish mandatory training for trustees. S. Patton explained NYSALB’s current efforts for trustee training.  J. Hurley spoke about equitable training across the state.  M.E. O’Connor suggested that NYSALB material be placed in packets to be handed out by the NY State Library.  Mr. Cannell spoke about formula funding, the recharting mechanism, public funding, and the Cultural and Museum Act. 
    M.E. O’Connor presented the idea of NYSALB hiring an Executive Director who might be responsible for raising monies, visiting with legislators, developing contacts, etc.  A committee of M.E. O’Connor, R. Presutti, and K. Achilles was formed to research this idea.  A. Elman suggested that NYSALB hold a Breakfast/Reception on Leg Day in March.  A committee could be formed to hand out copies of the NYSALB charter as well as discuss what NYSALB could do to help the legislators.  

         No Report

         Legislation and Policy

         F. Picart joined the board discussion via speaker phone.  He asked the board to refer to his email regarding mandatory training and level of support for trustees.  The loss of money to do this might be of concern.  M.E. O’Connor suggested that our board develop a bill that would mirror school board training and present it to Amy Paulin and Hugh Farley’s offices respectively.  It was suggested that Presutti, Strauss, O’Connor, and Picart meet with Paulin and Farley.  Francis will craft the wording for a bill in the next two weeks, and Mary Ellen will make the appointment.  K. Achilles reported on her involvement with the PAC Committee
         The board discussed sharing the NYSALB mailing list for library purposes.  K. Achilles had requested sending the list to the Empire Friends Roundtable.  The matter was approved.  R. Presutti shared the membership statistics.  The new billing effort is paying dividends.  We do need to contact members who once were part of the organization and are currently not on the rolls.   M. Malicki will recheck the stats on this.
         Two vacancies remain on the board.  Buffalo-Erie County, Four County, North Country, Mohawk Valley, Finger Lakes, and Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Systems will be contacted to see if someone from those areas might serve on the NYSALB Board.  S. Swierczek is chairman of the nominating committee.

         Public Relations/Newsletter
         S. Patton is working on the next of issue of the Trustee.  Articles need to be in his hands by September 24th.  The newsletter will be ready for mailing on the 26th  of October and go out early November.  S. Patton suggested that the board might think about an Associate/Assistant to work with him and be ready to take over the Newsletter Editorship upon Sam’s retirement from the board in less than three years.  J. Hurley agreed to be the proof reader for our website.  It was stressed that sample by-laws are needed for the website.  The Trustee should be updated to spring 2007.  We discussed NYSALB press releases that would be sent to the local papers of board members.  J. Hurley will work on this.


    Velma Moore Award
         K. Achilles presented the new guidelines for this award.  A. Elman moved and R. Presutti seconded that the board accept the changes.  The motion carried unanimously.  The committee will continue to work on the specifics for the Distinguished Service Award.  Criteria for the Velma Moore Award will be crafted before the February deadline.


        Old Business
         The By-laws should be sent to the whole board for comments.  D. Strauss discussed committee assignments.

         New Business
         D. Strauss will be participating at the NYLA conference in Buffalo on Friday October 19th.  The title of the workshop is “The New York Knowledge Initiative:  Legislators Look Ahead to 2008.  S. Patton will present “Fast Track to a Library District – A Success Story on Saturday October 20th.  The calendar for the current year was discussed:  November 17, January 5, March 8, and May 2 – 3.  Karen A. moved we change the January meeting date to January 12, 2008.  M.E. O’Connor seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.  September 6 and November 15, 2008 were added to the existing calendar. 

    There being no further business R. Presutti moved that the meeting be adjourned.  M.E. O’Connor seconded the motion. The meeting ended at 2:45pm


    Respectively submitted,

    Karen Achilles

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