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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Board of Directors’ Meeting
    Hampton Inn and Suites, Albany, NY
    Saturday November 17, 2007

    The meeting was called to order by President Dick Strauss at 9:00am.   Present:  R. Strauss, A. Elman, K. Achilles, R. Presutti, S. Stockman, M.E. O’Connor, L. Jorgenson, P. Dohrenwend, and Association Manager, M. Malicki.  F. Picart was late.   Excused:  G. Stamatiades, S. Patton, J. Hurley, and S. Swierczek.  Guest:  Carol Ann Desch – Coordinator of Library Services, NYS Library.

    Minutes:  The minutes from the September Board of Directors meeting were presented for approval.  R. Presutti moved the minutes be accepted as submitted.  A. Elman seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  

    Treasure’s Report:  A. Elman reported that he had spoken with Russ Bancroft, our Morgan Stanley Financial Consultant.  He is available to meet with the board if given enough notice. NYSALB has a balanced portfolio which is earning approximately 8%.  M.E. O’Connor asked about Community Foundations.  Discussion followed.  M.E. O’Connor moved that we accept the treasure’s report.  R. Presutti seconded the motion which carried unanimously.  D. Strauss asked about the Velma Moore investments.  They are shown on the P & L Budge Performance Sheet.

    Guest Reports:  Carol Ann Desch handed out a packet of information.  The packet included: 1.) The New York Library Initiative that increases funding for libraries, funds for trustee training, and school library materials aid, 2.) A comparison of Proposals (Regents Proposal vs. NYLA Proposal), 3.)  librarycareersny.org, 4.) Public library construction, 5.)  Library and System Partnerships, Growing Readers @ the Library, 6.) Statewide Internet Library, and 7. Love Your Library License Plates.  C.A. Desch also talked about Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation Grant for technology upgrade which includes matching funds.  R. Presutti asked about the comparison sheet.  P. Dohrenwend asked about the Public Library Material Aid.   Discussion followed.  C. A. Desch was very helpful answering the board’s questions and concerns.  M.E. O’Connor shared her concern that the petition for trustees running for election does not have a place for both the printed name and signature of the person signing the petition.  She asked C.A. Desch if she could find an example of the petition that is in State Law.  R. Presutti discussed the Patriot Act and Libraries.  He suggested a workshop on Errors and Omission Insurance might be appropriate for a NYLA workshop presentation.

    Committee Reports:
         Budget, Finance, and Planning:
         Investment Policy - A. Elman had a question about the revision that was sent prior to the meeting.  Discussion followed.  R. Presutti moved to accept the Investment Policy.  M.E. O’Connor seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.  Could the Velma Moore funds be moved to a Community Foundation?  This idea will be discussed at a later date.
         S. Stockman discussed speakers and workshops for trustee institute next May.  The 2008 Institute was discussed.  (This following information is a recap of the discussion sent via email November 27, 2007):                                                                                                                                                                               1) Invitations will be extended to the following guests for Friday night dinner and/or to briefly speak/or extend a welcome. (If the politicians cannot come Friday night, we could include them briefly at the Saturday luncheon]

                Senator Hugh Farley—head of Education Committee [Does anyone know him personally or wish to         extend the invitation?  Margaret—do you have a contact here?]
                Assemblywoman Amy Paulin [P. Dohrenwend to invite]
                Assemblyman Ron Canestrari [Mary Ellen to invite]

                P. Dohrenwend and M.E. O’Connor please extend the invitations and let me know the outcome or ask them to contact me directly.

    Suzanne has contacted the following from the Saratoga Springs area that will be in attendance:
    Mayor of Saratoga Springs
    Harry Dutcher, Director, Saratoga Springs Public Library
    Jo Piracci, Director, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library
    Sara Dallas, Director, Southern Adirondack System

                (Mrs. Silda Spitzer [invited but cannot come—will approach for 2009 in Syracuse)

    Friday Dinner speaker - Jeffrey W. Cannell-- Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education:  keynote
    Also on the program -
    Sara Dallas-Director, Southern Adirondack Library System:  brief welcome
    Harry Dutcher [or new director], Saratoga Springs Public Library:  brief welcome
    Valerie Keehn, Mayor of Saratoga Springs:  brief welcome
    Guests for Dinner:                                                                                                                                      Jo Piracci, Director, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library and maybe 2 others      
    Saturday Luncheon-Keynote Speaker:  Peter Hess, author
    Invitations will be sent to:
    Senator Hugh Farley—head of Education Committee [who will invite?]
    Assemblywoman Amy Paulin [Patty Dohrenwend to invite]
    Assemblyman Ron Canestrari [Mary Ellen to invite}    Mayor of Saratoga Springs                                                                                                                      Harry Dutcher, Director, Saratoga Springs Public Library                                                                          
    Jo Piracci, Director, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library             
    Sara Dallas, Director, Southern Adirondack System

    Other possible Speakers:
    Author or city official
    David Paterson - Lt. Governor
    Patricia Eddington
    Malcolm Smith—State Senate Minority Leader
    Hollis Palmer—Saratoga Local History
    Joseph Perisco:  Clifton Park Library
    William Kennedy [Mary Ellen knows]

    2.  Saturday Workshops

    Board members - please look over the list of PULISDO training modules and email S. Stockman with the one(s) you think would be especially appropriate for this Institute.                               

    Please look over the 2008 Institute Planning Sheet and the article entitled “What is a Library Worth?” and make any necessary comments.

    Concurrent Session 1:
    A.  Training Module from PULISDO    
                B.   “Green Library”—Jo Piracci, Clifton Half Moon Library                                                   Concurrent Session 2:
    A. “Advocacy--Trustees and Friends Working Together” -- Empire Friends Board[
    B.   Board Leadership Begins with You:  Tips and Techniques for Managing Trustee/Director Relationship,” presented by Josh Cohen, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, and Merribeth Advocate

    3.  Meal choices are still in the planning stages    

    4.  Activities:
                Saratoga Springs Public Library Tour—can walk
                Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library-- Need to arrange bus transportation

                Optional Activities –include in Brochure

    5.  Costs to Consider:
    Hotel per night:  
    Cash Bar/Dinner: 
    Saturday Breakfast:
    Saturday Break:
    Saturday Lunch: 
    Total Cost for Institute:
                Members:$_____ (does not include room charge)
                Non-Members: $_____ (does not include room charge)

    6.  Deadlines:
    8/30/2007:     Highlight in September Newsletter
    11/30/2007:  Finalize speakers and workshop presenters
    11/23/2007:   Insert on Institute in Membership renewals
    11/1/2007:     December Newsletter
    2/1//2008:     Have brochure/registration from on the website
    2/2008:           Draft of Institute brochure
    2/28/2008:     Mail brochures
    4/2008:           April Newsletter
    4/2008:           Reservation Cut-off
    4/15/2008:     Mail-in Registration Deadline
    After 4/15/2008:  Online Registration only
    Email blasts sent each month 

    Institute Timeline:
    Friday, May 2:
    2:45 pm               Board bus
    3:15-4:00 pm:       Tour of Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library
    4:00-4:30 pm:       Return by bus to Saratoga Springs
    4:30-5:15 pm:       Tour Saratoga Springs Public Library
    6:00 pm:              Registration
    6:00-7:00 pm:       Cash Bar/Hors D’Oeuvers
    7:00-9:30 pm:      Welcome and Dinner Keynote Speaker
    Saturday, May 3:
    8:00 -9:00 am:      Registration
    8:00-8:45 am:       Breakfast and Trustee Networking
    9:00-10:30 am:     Concurrent Session One
    10:30-10:45am:   Break
    10:45-12:15 pm: Concurrent Session Two
    12:15-2:00 pm:    Lunch and Keynote Speaker
                              Velma Moore Award
    2:00 - 2:30 pm:              NYSALB Annual Meeting and Conclusion

    Need to Do:
    Finalize all workshops

    1. Arrange speakers:
      1. Friday night
      2. Saturday lunch
    2. Arrange entertainment for Friday night
    3. Decide on menus
    4. Decide final costs/total rate for Institute
    5. Decide cost [$5.00] and arrange bus for tour
    6. Plan/provide info optional activities
    7. Finalize schedule for Institute
    8. Have brochure printed/mailed                                                             
    9. Organize bus from Rochester/Syracuse/ Utica to NYC—Tina Thompson?
    10. Get bios from speakers/ workshop presenters

    Notes:  Absolutely no banquet service during speakers’ time on Friday night or Saturday.

    D. Strauss appointed R. Presutti (V.P.) to a new position entitled “Programs”.  The ramifications of the Patriot Act as it relates to libraries, Errors and Omissions Insurance, board of trustee evaluation, director evaluation, community evaluation, and self evaluations were ideas discussed for this new initiative.  M.E. O’Connor asked if the board wanted to do an Institute Program Book again.  Discussion followed.  M.E. O’Connor will chair this committee for next year’s institute.  The 2009 Trustee Institute will be held in Liverpool, NY which is just outside of Syracuse. 

         No Report

         Legislation and Policy

          The committee reported on their two meetings with key people on the bill for trustee training.  F. Picart will continue to craft the wording for the bill.  C.A. Desch will help.   An article will be written for the “Trustee”.  System Directors need to be informed of the bill.  Legislators should be contacted when they are in Albany.  M.E. O’Connor will contact R. Canestrari’s assistant to keep her apprised.  It is important to continue the conversation with A. Paulin and as well as contact C. Nolan and H. Farley.  F. Picart and G. Stamatiades will make these contacts.     
         R. Presutti reported that the billing process is working.  We are seeing an increase in membership.  As of today there are 403 member libraries, 19 member systems, and one individual.   
         We discussed areas in the state that are not represented on the NYSALB Board.  This committee should begin planning for a slate of officers as well as an Editor for the Trustee.
        Public Relations/Newsletter
         S. Patton should be commended for the fall issue of the Trustee.  M.E. O’Connor suggested that we have a brochure that would be sent to non-member libraries, perhaps one page.  M. Malicki will give the board a breakdown of the types of libraries at our next meeting.  The question was asked, “What do we want to use it for”?  It was suggested that it could be two-sided - - - one side for information that stays the same - - - the back could change each year with advocacy.   There was no report on the website update.  The next Trustee will go to press early.  Articles should be sent to S. Patton by December 1st.  NYSALB News \Releases was discussed. The board discussed the Sunshine Law.  It was moved by A. Elman that M. Malicki contact the Albany Times Union and include the Trustee Institute information.  The motion was seconded by R. Presutti and carried unanimously.  It was also decided that local newspapers should be contacted on a regular basis.   It is also possible that Friends groups should be included.  
         Velma Moore Award
         K. Achilles reported that the committee was working on “selection criteria”.  Ideas are:  years of service as trustee/volunteer, other areas of service at the library i.e. Friends, positions held, activities outside of paid employment, and accomplishments.  Two nominations have been received for the 2008 selection.

         It was suggested that we be in conversation with PULISDO as we need to all be the voice of the library community with a consistent message.

        Old Business
         The By-laws should be ready for approval for the January board meeting. The subject of an executive director was brought up.  The questions was asked, “Could the monies come from the State Trustee Training Mandate”?  The board discussed writing a grant.  Grants are creative financing and could coordinate the project.  F. Picart will talk to C.A. Desch about our discussion.  R. Strauss suggested that the board look at our dues structure.  He asked the Finance and Membership Committee to look into this jointly.  We may need a modified dues structure for 2008.

         New Business
         The 2008 calendar was approved for next year.  The dates are January 12th, March 8th, May 2nd (Institute), September 6th, and November 15th.  The meeting location will remain at the Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Albany.                                                                                                                   

    There being no further business F. Picart moved that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting ended at 2:15pm


    Respectively submitted,

    Karen Achilles

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