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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Board of Directors’ Meeting
    Hampton Inn and Suites, Albany, NY
    Saturday January 12, 2008

    The meeting was called to order by President Dick Strauss at 9:00am.   Present:  R. Strauss, A. Elman, G. Stamatiades, S. Patton, R. Presutti, S. Stockman, S. Swierczek,  M.E. O’Connor, P. Dohrenwend, and Association Manager, M. Malicki.  F. Picart was late.   Excused:  K. Achilles, L. Jorgenson, J. Hurley, and Guest:  Janet Welch – Asst Commissioner for Libraries.

    Minutes:  The minutes from the November Board of Directors meeting were presented for approval. M.E. O’Connor moved the minutes be accepted as submitted.  G Stamatiades seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  

    Treasurer’s Report:  A. Elman presented financials. On a rolling 12-month basis currently earning 2% on investments vs. 8% in November. R. Presutti moved that we accept the treasurer’s report. S. Stockman seconded the motion, which carried unanimously. 

    Guest Reports:  Janet Welch was welcomed. She shared some current work by her office. New Gates grant to benefit 421 public libraries statewide. It is for hardware and valued at $5 million. Visit NYSL website to learn details to apply. Summer reading program will be theme of “Catch the Reading Bug” and will participate in state-by-state cooperative. NY Library Initiative is the Regents proposal for 2008 budget. Total request is for $49,300,000. Board of Regents and NYLA put forward budget proposal for libraries. G Stamatiades asked why there was not one budget put forth? J Welch said they are not competing proposals.

    Extensive review of bill for Statewide Library Trustee Training was discussed. It was summarized into three areas needing attention. 1) Compliance – is 6 hours minimum enough? What happens if they do not train? The number of hours is an item that can be changed later (by the commissioner). 2) Policy and governance wording needs to be reviewed. This refers to implementation of the training (who will do it) and how will they be funded. 3) There should be no repeat training and current wording leads to believe it is needed. (Section 1) Take out the last sentence “Upon demonstration of compliance no trustee shall be required to repeat this training requirement.” 4) Can NYSALB be named in the bill instead of the generic labeling of this organization? 5) An advisory committee should be comprised and majority be library trustees.

    To get this bill to pass NYSALB board needs to act with politicians. D Strauss asked the following: G Stamatiades to meet with Cathy Nolan, Sam Patton to speak with Sam Salard, M.E. O’Connor to meet with H Farley and R Canestrari, A Elman to see J Bruno. When appointments are secured those making the meeting should email the board to let others know the date and if someone can join them, all the better.

    Committee Reports:
         Budget, Finance, and Planning:  No report
    B Presutti reported that the NYSALB sponsored session for NYLA conference is being worked on. No more models produced by PULISDO (per D Strauss).   

    G Stamatiades made a motion to donate $100 to purchase books at Senator Bruno’s library in memory of his recently deceased wife. B Presutti seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.  

    S. Stockman discussed speakers and workshops for trustee institute next May.  The 2008 Institute was discussed.  All speakers have been contacted and we are just waiting to confirm a couple. There will be four sessions on Saturday and dinner on Friday evening. Cost will be $129 for the rooms, members $30 Friday evening and $60 for Saturday. Non-members $35 Friday evening and $85 for Saturday. The brochure is being finalized for a mailing in February and posting on the website. M.E. O’Connor will send a letter to potential sponsors again and M Malicki will add income/expenses to the Institute budget.

        Executive:   No Report

        Legislation and Policy:  No Report (other than what had already been reviewed during J Welch discussion).

         We discussed areas in the state that are not represented on the NYSALB Board.  This committee should begin planning for a slate of officers as well as an Editor for the Trustee. (S. Patton finishes his term in 2010 and would like 2009 to co-edit with someone.) F Picart and S Stockman expressed their interest in renewing term this spring. K Achilles needs to be re-elected as a trustee of her library, which may mean she needs to leave NYSALB for one year. D Strauss will contact L Jorgenson to learn his interest in continuing. Two other vacancies still open on the board.  

    S. Swierczek asked for list of system directors and their phone numbers so that she may reach out to recruit some potential board members. Additionally a list of attendees at this past year’s institute will be shared as another resource. Some discussion on the possibility to place an ad in NYLA publication and website. Also is it possible to get some information in at the annual meeting of systems? If S. Swierczek efforts do not work, a mailing could be done to solicit board membership. Personal outreach will have greater impact.

    For the March meeting a slate of officers is needed. Board members are to contact S. Swierczek by February if they are interested in serving as officers. If she has not heard from members, S. Swierczek will reach out to members to fill the executive committee.

         This year system response for membership has been slower than in years past. Second reminders will be sent to libraries in February. Library dues came in very well at year-end. A. Elman will review dues for recommendations (M. Malicki to send information to him to review.) A. Elman will review with the finance committee prior to the March board meeting.
        Public Relations/Newsletter:
         S. Patton provided members with latest issue of newsletter. Next mail date is early April, which requires a deadline of March 25 (finalized articles). This issue will have decent coverage of the Institute. D. Strauss asked that we be sure that back issues of Trustee and future issues are shared with the State Archive Library. M. Malicki to take care of future and S. Patton to take care of past issues for last three years.
         Velma Moore Award: No Report
         By-Law Committee (ad-hoc):
        M.E. O’ Connor led the group through extensive review of the by-laws. A revised copy will be emailed to the board for their review prior to the next board meeting where a vote will be made on the updated version.

    D. Strauss reported that press releases were sent to papers announcing officers and new board members to the board.

        Old Business
         New Business
         The dates for future board meetings are March 8th, May 2nd (Friday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. on the Institute weekend), September 6th, and November 15th.  The meeting location will remain at the Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Albany.                                                                                                                   

    There being no further business S. Patton moved that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting ended at 2:45pm


    Respectively submitted,

    Margaret Malicki
    Association Consultant
    In the absence of Karen Achilles

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