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  • Annual Meeting


    NYSALB Board of Directors’ Meeting
    Hampton Inn and Suites, Albany, NY
    Saturday, March 8, 2008

    The meeting was called to order by President Dick Strauss at 9:00am.   Present:  R. Strauss, A. Elman, G. Stamatiades, S. Patton, J. Hurley, R. Presutti, M.E. O’Connor, P. Dohrenwend, and Association Manager, M. Malicki. Excused:  S. Stockman*, S. Swierczek, K. Achilles*, L. Jorgenson, and F. Picart Guest:  Carol Desch, Coordinator of Library Services, and Russ Bancroft, Morgan Stanley.
    *Phoned in to report on their designated responsibilities.

    Minutes:  The minutes from the January Board of Directors meeting were presented for approval. Sam Patton had one change to the minutes.  A Elman moved the minutes be accepted as submitted.  G Stamatiades seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  

    Treasurer’s Report:  A. Elman presented financials. P. Dohrenwend moved that we accept the treasurer’s report. B. Presutti seconded the motion, which carried unanimously. 

    Committee Reports:
         Budget, Finance, and Planning: 
    1) A. Elman reviewed minor changes to the investment policy. This includes the changes to the expected rate of return on investment. (After recommendations by guest R. Bancroft.) It had been inflation plus 5% but now it is plus %4.

    R. Bancroft was called at about 12:45 p.m. to have him report to the board on Morgan Stanley accounts. He shared that the current portfolio in the two accounts is split 50/50 bond to asset. We have the ability to switch from one fund to another especially when there is a low performer. This will allow us to best possibly achieve the rate of return seeking without being aggressive. Our account is also set to automatically rebalance quarterly so that we maintain that 50/50 split.

    2) A. Elman reported on his analysis of membership dues and the possibility of increasing the rates. The rate has not increased in years while expenses for operating have increased. To raise income to meet anticipated continued growth of expenses we can engage more libraries but should also consider an increase in dues. He learned some libraries are paying under the rate and some are paying more. The total being shorted is $3,100. This does not account for Buffalo Erie system which pays dues for all its libraries and for three years at one time saving them 20%. The actual shorted amount is about $1,000. He asked that these libraries not paying the full amount be sent a letter politely stating they sent an amount below what was due and request for fulfillment.

    A. Elman offered recommendations to consider implementing for the 2009 year (which means mailing this fall should reflect changed dues rates). In both scenarios, he asked that a new dues rate be created for the libraries that have budgets under $30,000.
                Proposed A – suggested increase for approximately $1,222 of additional income
                Proposed B – suggested average increase of no more than 5% for approximately $3,960 of additional income.

    A. Elman said Proposed B allows for appropriate growth without need to change again in couple of years. A. Elman moved that we adopt Proposed B rate increase at the annual meeting in May 2008 and to begin the new rates beginning with collection in the next fiscal year. B. Presutti seconded the motion, which carried unanimously. 

    3) A. Elman asked that consider a review of its books. Currently NYSALB submits 990 and a management letter is provided. M. Malicki will get a price from the current accountant to have a review performed and learn if this can be done for the annual meeting in May. D. Strauss asked that board members forward to him their library policy on audit/reviews.

    M. O’Connor asked that NYSALB continue to consider how to prepare our organization for mandatory training of trustees that we are currently working to get approval. This means building our organization and we should consider hiring a full time employee.

    Guest Reports:  C. Desch began her report with the news that Janet Welch was retiring this spring. NYLA day is March 11. NY Library Initiative is the Regents proposal for 2008 budget. Total request is for $49,300,000. Board of Regents and NYLA put forward budget proposal for libraries.

    She continued that much is being done to research and develop of digitize information at all house libraries, historical societies, and libraries. Initial proposal is on the State Library website. Library construction grants for 2007-08 on website. 2008-09 there will be $14 million to give to libraries. State Library is offering workshops on how to apply. Visit State Library website to get more information.

    New Gates grant to benefit 421 public libraries statewide. It is for hardware and valued at $5 million. Training is available on line April 7 & 8 and 10 & 11. Summer reading program will be theme of “Catch the Reading Bug” and will participate in state-by-state cooperative.

    Central Library directors are coming together March 10 to discuss vision of central libraries. Public Library Districts up to 35 since initiative offered. In 2000, 1.3 million people did not have a library and now that number is 300,000. Small grant for planning was awarded for them to learn what collections are out there in this state and type of condition they are in.

    P. Dohrenwend thanked C. Desch for her work on trustee training legislation. She further said that F. Picart did an excellent job working on this with C. Desch, which has helped us move forward. C. Desch reported the bill is still in her department and now need agreement on the language. However she said to press on since the money is associated with it and budget process is upon us.

    D. Strauss asked that a letter be sent from NYSALB that thanks Janet Welch for her outstanding service. Further to ask Janet Welch to attend the Institute (Friday or Saturday) so that we may recognize her service. G. Stamatiades will research a gift for her.
    S. Patton made a motion to procure a tribute award in value of up to $100. P. Dohrenwend seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  

    1) B Presutti reported that the NYSALB sponsored session for NYLA conference is being worked on. Still trying to secure speaker for Patriot Act. Errors and Omission session is all set. D. Strauss reported that no more models produced by PULISDO.   

    2) Institute brochures were mailed the week of March 3. The link can also be accessed from the NYSALB website. Messages sent on listserv to draw further attention. To reach projected budgeted net loss of just over $2,700 we need to have 40 paying guests Friday and 60 on Saturday.  

        Executive:   No Report

        Legislation and Policy: 
    F. Picart was not in attendance but emailed lengthy report on progress made on legislation. (See within Desch report on page two.) D. Strauss reported that NYSALB should be pleased with the work being accomplished, and in-roads made with legislators.

    To get acceptable, agreeable language how do we as a board that does not meet until May again accomplish this? IT has to be by email. If so, once finalized, M. O’Connor agreed to meet with Dave Smigler (Farley’s office). They can then lead bill through. At this point F. Picart and C. Desch have to press on. Keep D. Strauss, M. O’Connor and P. Dohrenwend well informed of status (all by email).

    S. Swierczek reported in a phone message that she had heard from a few on roles they would like to fulfill in 2009. D. Strauss, president; B. Presutti, 1st VP; S. Stockman, 2nd VP; K. Achilles is not eligible since she will not be a library trustee in 2009, she will seek out a replacement; A. Elman will continue as treasurer; a secretary is needed for 2008-09.

    L. Jorgensen and F. Picart both informed D. Strauss they would be willing to continue and need to be re-elected at the May annual meeting. P. Dohrenwend has to regretfully submit her resignation effective May 3, 2008. She is trying to find a replacement. Need to plan for an Editor for the Trustee. (S. Patton finishes his term in 2010 and would like 2009 to co-edit with someone.) Two other vacancies still open on the board. 
    Our initial reports showed that membership at the same level as last year (at same time). In the days prior to this meeting we enlisted 40 more so that puts us ahead. This included the renewal of the entire Buffalo Erie System which amounts to 21 libraries. Today board members asked to sign letters to libraries we did not hear from yet. P. Dohrenwend and S. Patton asked M. Malicki for the letter template and list of libraries so that they may make more personal.    
        Public Relations/Newsletter:
    S. Patton informed that the next deadline is March 25. He continues to work on gathering past files to post on the web.
         Velma Moore Award and Distinguished Service Award:
    K. Achilles reported by phone. They had 21 nominations and the committee narrowed it down to 4. They will now review them to choose the winner. Tina Thompson has been named as the Distinguished Service Award winner for 2008. She is aware of this and is attending Institute as well as serving on a panel.
         By-Law Committee (ad-hoc):
    M.E. O’ Connor reported all changes from last meeting made. A few more were suggested and a revised version will be emailed to the board for review. At the May meeting a vote will be made on the updated version.

        Communications:  none

        Old Business: none
        New Business:
    D. Strauss asked that M. Malicki speak to each system director to gain a list of all library presidents. She will then add them to mailing list so that we have a current contact.
    There being no further business B. Presutti moved that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting ended at 1:45pm

    Respectively submitted,
    Margaret Malicki, Association Consultant        (In the absence of Karen Achilles, Secretary)

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