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  • Board Meeting


    NYSALB Board of Directors’ Meeting
    Saratoga Springs, NY Holiday Inn
    Friday, May 2, 2008

    The meeting was called to order by President Dick Strauss at 1:35pm.   Present:  R. Strauss, A. Elman, M.E. O’Connor, P. Dohrenwend, S. Stockman, K. Achilles, S. Swierczek, and Association Manager, M. Malicki. Excused:  G. Stamatiades, S. Patton, L. Jorgenson, and R. Presutti.  Late:  J. Hurley and F. Picart.  Guests:  Carol Desch, Coordinator of Library Services and Rita Reissig, Geneva Public Library Trustee.

    Minutes:  The minutes from the March Board of Directors meeting were presented for approval.  A. Elman moved the minutes be accepted as submitted.  M. E. O’Connor seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  

    Treasurer’s Report:  The treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

    Committee Reports:
              Budget, Finance, and Planning: 

    1.)  A. Elman presented the Investment Policy for approval. He moved that we accept the policy as presented.  S. Stockman seconded the motion which carried unanimously.  2.)  A. Elman presented a “draft” of the Financial Review Policy.  He recommended “A Review”.  Before approval the board needs to see the costs.  It was believed that a compilation would be approximately $600.00 and a full review $1,500.00.  Discussion followed.  This policy should be included in next year’s budget.  This might be an opportunity to do a full audit as opposed to a periodic review.  3.)  NYSALB Membership Dues increase will be voted on the annual meeting May 3, 2008.

              Executive – None

              Legislation and Policy

    A great deal has been accomplished due to the committee’s hard work on the trustee training bills.  In F. Picart’s absence, D. Strauss gave an update on the Trustee Training Bills.  D. Strauss and F. Picart will meet New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and New York State Senator Farley’s staff person, Dave Smingler on Monday May 5 at 1:15pm to discuss the next steps in this process.  It appears that they would like to share and explore alternate plans.


    Rita Reissig from the Geneva Public Library was introduced to the board. It was moved by K. Achilles and seconded by A. Elman that the board place her name in nomination at the annual meeting May 3, 2008 to fill the vacant spot held by K. Achilles who is retiring. 


     There are 445 member libraries that have joined NYSALB for 2008.  There are a total of 466 memberships which includes individuals.  This is an increase of one third which is due to the new billing process, and personal contact.

              Public Relations/Newsletter/Web

    J. Hurley will review and update the website this summer.  A discussion followed on how to post library policies (would specific names be removed?).  It was suggested that these policies be classified by the type of library since there is such a variance across the state.                                                                                                      

    The Trustee Certification Process adopted two years ago was discussed.  M. Malicki said she is compiling the hours.  S. Stockman asked how the Trustee Certification Program and the new Trustee Training Program are alike and/or different.  After discussion it was suggested by K. Achilles that R. Presutti clarify this since he headed the committee that drew up the plan for the Trustee Certification.

              Velma Moore

    K. Achilles reported that the Velma Moore winner, Claudia Radin would be at the Institute Luncheon to accept her award.  Tina Thompson will also be at the luncheon to accept the Distinguished Service Award.


              The slate of officers for the 2008 – 2009 year was presented:

                       President                        Richard Strauss
                       1st Vice President             Robert Presutti
                       2nd Vice President            Suzanne Stockman
                       Secretary                        Francis Picart
                       Treasurer                        Arnie Elman

    D. Strauss said that he would form the committees by the end of May.  Please speak to Dick if you have a particular committee you would like to serve on.

              By-laws (ad hoc)

    A. Elman questioned why the dues increase needed to be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting. 2008. After much discussion the by-laws will be amended to read:  Sec. 2 The dues structure shall be set by the board and will be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting.  It shall be published and become effective the following year. M.E. O’Connor moved that the By-laws be accepted as amended on May 2, 2008.

              Guest Reports: 

    C. Desch congratulated the committee that has worked on the legislation that introduces mandatory trustee training into two legislative bills.  She asked “what next”?  The meeting on Monday was explained as positive.  C. Desch then reported that the monies for library construction were in tact as well as the 8 million for library system supplements.  There will be a 2% cut across the boar that will affect every library level.  These issues were discussed.


    The schedule for Institute was reviewed along with registration and the evaluation forms.  Everything is set.  Trustee Institute will be in Syracuse at the Liverpool Holiday Inn in 2009.

    An LSTA Grant is being submitted by Rusty Wiigg.  NYSALB has been asked to sign on.  J. Hurley gave positive feedback for this.  M. E. O’Connor moved that we participate in this process.  P. Dohrenwend seconded the motion. During discussion F. Picart questioned the use of materials. D. Strauss will follow up.   The motion passed unanimously.  The NYSALB board has been asked to encourage Commissioner Mills to seek a person with a MLS to fill the vacancy of state head librarian held by Janet Welch who is retiring.  D. Strauss will write said letter.  The board was reminded that the retirement reception for Janet Welch will be May 16, 2008.  M. E. O’Connor will attend and represent NYSALB.  It was suggested that we present her a gift on behalf of NYSALB.  M. E. O’Connor moved that the NYSALB board designate $250.00 to be given to the Friends of the New York State Library in honor of Janet Welch.  J. Hurley seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

               Old Business:  None

               New Business:

    The board was notified that Jeff Cannell was ill and could not speak at the Friday evening dinner at Trustee Institute.  Janet Welch will deliver his remarks.  The next meeting of the board will be September 6, 2008 in Albany, NY.

    There being no further business A. Elman  moved that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting ended at 3:28pm.

    Respectively submitted, 

    Karen Achilles, Secretary

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