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  • Director's Meeting


    NYSALB Board of Directors’ Meeting
    Renaissance Hotel downtown Syracuse
    701 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
    Friday, May 1, 2009

    President Richard Strauss called the meeting to order at 1:40 PM.   Present: Directors R. Strauss, A. Elman, M.E. O’Connor, F. Picart, R. Reissig, Sam. Patton, G. Stamatiades, Sally Swierczek, Sam Leadley, and Association Manager M. Malicki. Guests: None.
    Absent J. Hurley, Bola Majekodunmi, S. Stockman.

    Guest Reports: None.

    Minutes: January 2009 minutes were approved.

    Treasurer’s Report:  A. Elman advised that there was no Treasure’s Report for April but that he expected them to show improvement. He advised that membership dollars are up. 70 libraries :are still  to renew and 40 of those libraries are currently active members paid from last year that are expected to renew their memberships .Direct outreach to library boards are being helpful to keep renewals.

    Strategic Plan

    Minimal discussion was had on strategic planning. Adria Ripka is expected to join the NYSALB Board as a full Board member for the June 19, 2009 pre-Board meeting and June 20, 2009 full Board meeting.

    Committee Reports:

         Budget, Finance, and Planning: 

    No report.


    The 2009 Trustee Institute is expected to produce a $3,000.00 net loss. A $2,500.00 loss was budgeted. but lower than expected attendance income from 59 attendees expected for tonight, Friday and 131 attendees expected for tomorrow Saturday and more than expected costs for Certified Trustees and overnight costs for 5 speakers resulted in higher than budgeted costs that were not offset by income.

    Long Island is agreed on for the 2010 NYSALB Trustee Institute and thoughts on how to work with the Suffolk County Cooperative Library System on a joint Institute venture was had. Francis Picart advocated for what he believed was prior agreement to locate the Institute in Suffolk County and advised that his conversations with SCLS had resulted in their willingness to work with NYSALB on venues, programs, and costs to present a joint program that could benefit both organizations by enriching their contents and avoid having competing programs presenting to Trustees in the same timeframes and similar venues.

    Some brief discussion was had on the Salles Board Scholarship but ultimately the issue was not taken up seriously. Four counties are in Salles but more work needs to be done.

    About 25 Certified Trustees will be announced and receive recognition at the Saturday Trustee Institute ptogram.

        Legislation and Policy: 

    Francis Picart reported no new progress on the Trustee Training legislation or other efforts. Issues are developing but they need more clarity from the Albany legislative session now in progress.


    The Slate of Officers for the reorganization and new directors were introduced. We will remain three Directors short of a full compliment of 15.


    The membership summary was reviewed showing notably the NYSALB membership .of all but four system Boards. The need for better and more timely active trustee lists with contact information was discussed. Suggestions were made to amend the Trustee Training legislation to strengthen the requirements for timely updating of active and new trustee information. and delineation of reporting oversight responsibilities. Mary Ellen O’Connor advised that she intends to schedule a meeting with Jeffrey Cannell soon and suggestions on these issues should be clarified before then. Sam Patton advised that a trustee that has been sworn in should trigger a filing record that an oath of office has been taken and we should look into how we can access that information.

    Margaret Malicki will send out updated membership lists soon.

        Public Relations/Newsletter:

    Sam Patton advised on the status of upcoming newsletters that will feature articles from Bernie Margolis and Jeffrey Cannell from the New York State Library perspective. June 12, 2009 is the deadline for the next newsletter issue submission. Sam Patton commented on articles in the ALA newsletter on Green Libraries and suggested that he would like to present similar articles on New York libraries in our newsletters.

         Velma Moore Award and Distinguished Service Award:

    The Corning Library is sending \Mr. Drexal to accept to accept the Velma Moore Award at this 2009 NYSALB Trustee Institute.

    Adria Ripka was asked to chair the next Velma Moore Award Committee.


    Richard Strauss will write a letter of support for the CE fund legislation

    Carol Desch requested that NYSALB send a representative to speak at the Annual NYLA Conference legislation presentation in Niagara Falls. Sam Patton or someone from the NYSALB Board will present. Details to be worked out.

    Discussion was had on NYSALB sponsorship of Mid Hudson Green Libraries presentation at NYLA Annual Conference.

         By-Law Committee (ad-hoc):


        Old Business 

    Upcoming meeting dates discussed. Mary Ellen O’Connor cannot attend 09/12/2009 meeting. Change to 08/28/2009 and 08/29/2009 to be considered.

    Website progress is slow. Defer to 06/12/2009 meeting.

    Remaining meetings scheduled for 11/14/2009 and 01/08/2009 pre-meeting with 01/09/2009 meeting.

        New Business:


    There being no further business Francis Picart moved that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting adjourned at about 3:45 PM.

    Respectively submitted,
    Francis Picart, Secretary

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