Library Trustees Association of New York
Meeting Minutes
Friday, May 6, 2016

Directors Present: Bola Majekodunmi, Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, Mary-Ellen Darling, George Wolf, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).

Excused Lateness: John McCarthy
Excused Absence: Phil Archer
Guest Present: Sue Johnson

  • Meeting was called to order by the president at 1pm.
  • The president asked for a volunteer to take the meeting minutes. Bola volunteered to record the minutes
  • Approval of Minutes of March 4, 2016: Motioned made by George to approve with corrections was seconded by Adria. Motioned carried.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bola presented current Financial Statement and Balance Sheet for discussion entertaining questions and comments. Treasurer’s Report was accepted for filing.
  • President’s Report: Tish thanked directors on work done on 2016 Trustee Institute. Presented Kim’s resignation to the board. Kim Garrett’s resignation was accepted for filing. The president informed the Executive Director (Tim) that Google Docs needed to be updated with regards to contact information for directors, director’s positions and terms on the board. Tish handed out evaluation forms for the Executive Director with a reminder that Tim’s current contract runs from August through September 2016 and a timeline of June 10, 2016 to return completed evaluation forms for review. The president shall announce during the 2016 Trustee Institute that the organization is looking to fill some open director positions on the board. The president appointed Bola to act as secretary for the rest of Kim’s term.
  • Executive Director’s Report: Tim asked directors to consider evaluating him twice a year instead of the current frequency of annually. Tim reported that membership has grown significantly from about 200 a short few years ago to over 375 and 21 of 23 library systems in the state are members. Tim advised directors to keep looking for ways to continually grow membership and increase reach-out efforts. 
  • Committee Reports: Since committee reports had been sent out to members days prior to the meeting for review by directors, the president asked if anyone has any questions and/or comments on the reports (instead of having each committee report presented at the meeting).

Matha volunteered to chair the Nomination committeeIt was agreed that Mary Ellen will chair the Recognition initiative.

Education: It was reported that Senator Hugh Farley shall not be seeking re-election and that the state senate is expected to have a significant turnover this year. 

LTA will be sending welcome letters to new state senators.

  • Old Business: After a brief discussion, the board decided to keep having its meetings at Hampton Inn in Albany and asked Tim to sign a new contract with the hotel. Following a discussion on finalizing location for the 2017 Trustee Institute, motion made by George to hold it in Nassau County, Long Island, was seconded by Adria. Motion carried. Board will continue to work on reviewing the Certified Trustee Program at its June workshop.
  • New Business: Mary Ellen and Tim reported on efforts on a Regional Institute. Current focus in on Nioga, Monroe, and Erie counties. They intend to have a discussion with the systems this summer. A suggestion was put forth to hold such Regional Institute at Richmond Library,

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by George and seconded by Bola.

Submitted by: Bola Majekodunmi.