AGENDA LTA Board of Directors Meeting 

March 22-23, 2019 Hampton Inn, Albany, NY
 Friday, March 22 (7:00-9:00 pm) 

 Attending: Adria, John, Bola, Jean, Edris, Mary Ellen

Margaret Shapiro <>
Suzanne Stockman

I. Call to Order 7:30 by Adria

II. Public Comment – Waitress Alice shared she supports her local library – Colonies – they just got a great construction grant.

III. Approval of Minutes – Motion made by Mary Ellen, seconded by Adria, approved by the board.

IV. President’s Report –

  • Adria shared updates re: the newsletter and Mailhouse requirements for LTA to provide updated information. Adria resolved the issues and our requirements have been met.  John and Adria will look into publication classes to check their value and if we should change. Adria updated on how we pay for the mailings. We will pay in advance. We send newsletters to all members.  It is also posted on the website holding it back a month.  
  • Reviewed the active library systems and changes that may be coming as we add new board trustees and other trustees’ terms expiring.  
  • Mid-York Regional workshop for April will be postponed until summer.  

Discussion of possible topics: Standards and using your data. Census needs – revising policies – sexual harassment.  Adria asking for volunteers – Mary Ellen, Margaret offered help

V. Executive Director’s Report –

  • continue to work on our “back end” issues– created new Pay Pal account to help pay dues online within next week. 
  • Quick books – online version – access to Bola – Bank data up to date – will get more info- 
  • Email accounts – getting Adm control from Tim – continue to get old PayPal acct info and get $650 from the old account.  
  • Memberships continue to come in – Continue to send invoice out to libraries – Use of PayPal to generate memberships  
  • Attending NYLA legislature committee.  Budget – funding on educational formula or is there a ceiling we don’t want to share – ask for more and get what we wanted.  Money is also needed for census projects. – $40 million asked for this project. Computers and staff to support census needs.  Both houses are supporting libraries and not agreeing with the governor’s budget cuts on libraries.  
  • NYLA conference in November – opportunity to sponsor one of the workshops -hoping to get our choices met. 
  • Membership – 60 -so far -need to continue to grow our membership
  • Form 990 – in process – will be done by April 15.
  • Policy DATABASE.  By topic we will be starting over to rebuild the database.
  • Trustee bootcamp – still a work in progress – looking at corporate sponsors for the online workshop – offered for new trustees.

VI. Introduction of New Board Member Candidates – Motion made by Jean and seconded by Edris to add the following to the LTA board.  The board approved the motion.

Suzanne Stockman – Monroe County Library System – 1st term to expire December 2021

Margaret Shapiro – Southern Adirondack Library System – 1st term to expire December 2021 

Adria shared with them an overview of LTA and a map of the LTA library systems and shared the challenges of the past 9 months for our association.  

  Recess – Motion made to recess at 9:21 by Edris and 2nd by Jean.  Motion approved by the board

  Saturday, March 23 (9 am – 2 pm) 

VII.   Call to Order by Adria 9:14

VIII.   Carol Desch, Division of Library Development, NYSED – unable to attend

Discussion of DLD standards – how to handle the requirements – Library systems will be required to use by Jan 2021.  Will need more direction on our role.  

IX.  Committees Reports: 

  • Finance – Reports shared by Bola and John.  Explanations given for all transactions. Bola to contact the Travelers Insurance policy regarding what it covers and will be meeting with our bank soon.
  • Nominating – no report
  • Education – John explained the process of Boot Camp online including verification for each section. Working with online education expert – Hudson Valley Community College.  We will revisit the STAR program. Regional program – discussion of possibility for using Herkimer County Community College. Possible dates: July 27, Aug 17. 
  • Legislation – John attending committee meetings every 2 months – $6mil cut for library on Gov’s budget. Added $40 mil for census.  NYLINE is a listserv to use for updated info on library. Many of our board trustees use this listserv. 
  • Membership – Dec-Jan 1st request, March 2nd follow up – we are waiting for PayPal to be established on the website and will follow up with membership requests
  • Communications – newsletter – website – Adria, John and Mary Ellen updates.
  • Awards – options to give one out online or at NYLA conference – should we do it at regional – Outstanding Trustee Award.  Follow up at June meeting.
    • The board wants to acknowledge the work of George Wolfe as a member of the LTA Board of Trustees whose resignation we received recently.

60th Anniversary of this organization – 2022.

June meeting – We will be making major decisions re: NYLA and our role with that organization.

X. Old Business 

  • Motion for John to authorize up to $500 to pay Tim to return all of LTA’s records and property – made by Edris, seconded by Margaret – passed by the board
  • Annual Plan Progress – Long Term Plan = will revisit in June – Friday night
  • Invitation of NYLA rep Jeremy Johannesen Executive Director to attend Saturday.

XI. New Business 

Action Plans for board trustees:

  • Bola – insurance policies, monthly fee on credit card
  • Jean – key documents – June, questions for Jeremy
  • Adria – agenda for June session, invite Jeremy at NYLA
  • Suzanne – research Velma K award
  • John – boot camp, PayPal, Herkimer CC , budget, survey to board on options for LTA
  • Mary Ellen – Website updates –minutes
  • Edris – QuickBooks support
  • Margaret – regional help with Adria

Adjournment   – Motion made by Jean and seconded by Bola to adjourn, motion approved by the board at 11:25

Meeting reopened at 11:28.   

Motion made by Adria and seconded by Edris to extend the Exec Director’s contract another 6 months through October 2019 and to adjust the date of the current contract.  The board approved the motion.

Adjournment at 11: 30. Motion made by Edris and seconded by Jean to adjourn.   The board approved the motion.


Future Meetings:

June 14-15 in Albany

Sept 13-14 in Albany

Nov 15-16 in Albany

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Darling, Secretary