Over the Summer, LTA received letters of interest from two library trustees interested in representing their library systems on the LTA Board. Both Susan Sabers Chapman and Edris Scherer came highly recommended by their own board members as well as their system boards. They attended the November business meeting to see what LTA was all about. Based on the meeting discussions, Susan and Edris learned about LTA’s goals and upcoming activities. We got a chance to learn more about them and how much they had to, and were willing to, contribute to your organization. So, the Board is pleased to introduce you to the newest directors on the LTA Board of Directors.

Susan Sabers Chapman

Susan represents the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library System, and has been a trustee for over 21 years, and President for the past 10 years at the Alden Ewell Free Library in Alden, New York.

She started as a page, at age 16, and worked in multiple positions at the Alden Ewell Free Library, and the University at Buffalo Science & Engineering Library.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Buffalo State College.

She is married to William, who serves as Vice President at the Alden Ewell Free Library. They just celebrated their 26 year wedding anniversary.

She enjoys reading, spending time with family, and traveling.

Edris Scherer

Edris Scherer represents the Westchester Library System as a Trustee. She has served as a Trustee of the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library in North Salem for fourteen years and currently serves on the boards of a variety of community organizations in North Salem and Katonah. For over twenty-five years she has been part of the Katonah Chamber of Commerce and is a past president. She has a Master’s degree in elementary education and enjoyed teaching science.