By John McCarthy, Executive Director

The Library Trustees Association of New York State is in a period of transition. We have a new Executive Director, a new website, and a new board members joining while other board terms are ending. In this period of change, we are looking for feedback from you, the membership, about another possible change. The discussion we are having centers around how to offer trustees the best possible services we can provide.

  • All options would include the LTA board maintaining complete control over its activities, board composition, bylaws, and the content of its communications. • In no option would the LTA cease cooperating and working with NYLA to further the interests of the library community.
  • In these discussions, one proposal that has been entertained is some sort of partnership with the New York
    Library Association. There are different degrees of affiliation that we would like your input on.

The following options are summaries of the ones NYLA has presented to us. Please read the following and
give a score on a scale of 1 to 10 as to how strongly you feel your LTA should pursue that option, with 1 being
not at all and 10 being absolutely, definitely the way to go.

  1. Maintain the current, independent relationship with no change
  2. Maintain the current relationship with NYLA providing administrative
    support services on a fee for service model.
  3. Have LTA become a ‘section’ of NYLA. NYLA would assume majority
    administrative support of the LTA and the LTA would operate under the bylaws
    of both organizations. The exact details of how memberships in the LTA would be
    acquired has yet to be determined.

To return this questionnaire, please either complete it online at

LTA/NYLA Partnership Survey

or mail it to:
Library Trustees Association
PO Box 11048
Albany, NY 12211