We need your support to do even more and to provide more services in 2015 so we can connect trustees throughout the state with the resources they need.

Please Renew Your Membership for 2015 Today!

Thank you to all of you who renewed in 2014! Your support made a huge difference. But we need everyone’s help.

Every new year is more important than the last for New York State Libraries, because now is the only time we can all do something to strengthen them. The 756 libraries and 23 systems in our state need your best efforts as trustees to succeed as one of the linchpins of our communities.

LTA is the only organization dedicated to supporting the work of library trustees. Through education, support materials, resources provided through our website, and opportunities to speak peer to peer, LTA enables your community to be better served..

Connecting:. . . .

LTA brings trustees together from all around the state to our events, from Suffolk to St. Lawrence, and Columbia to Chautauqua, where we discuss the concerns of the smallest association libraries to the largest municipals. We also connect with other organizations, legislators, and educational providers and try to do the same for you and your local libraries.


  • Unifies the voices of all NYS libraries into a powerful call to action to our state legislators
  • Strengthens local advocacy efforts within your own communities


  • Highlights the work of exceptional trustees and friends of our libraries
  • Showcases systems and libraries around the state


  • provides new trustees with opportunities for free seminars
  • educates seasoned trustees with monthly emails updates and resources
  • supports resources like our regularly updated website and policy database

That is our mission: connecting through advocacy, recognition, and education, and part of how we C.A.R.E.

Although we had tremendous momentum this year, with you we can accomplish even more. Our goal is to reach 467 member libraries in 2015, which is just 30 more libraries than were members in 2014.

Today we invite you to please consider joining your library in LTA. Considering the guidance needed in addressing library concerns, there may not be a more significant time for your participation to allow for the united effort of LTA.