LTA Board of Directors Meeting
May 1, 2015
DoubleTree Inn, Syracuse, NY
Friday 1:00 PM



Present: Bob Presutti, Martha Anderson, Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, John McCarthy, George Wolf, Jesse Feiler, Jean Currie

Excused: Bola Majekdunmi, John Eberhardt, Kim Garrett



 I.  Call to Order    

             Meeting called to order by Bob Presutti at 1:15 pm.


II. President’s Report

Bob Presutti shared his appreciation for all, most notably Adria Ripka, who spent  countless hours preparing for the Institute.  Bob stressed the importance of membership and challenged each Board Member to engage 3 library boards to join or renew.  Director Evaluation forms were distributed.  Board Members were asked to review the forms, write comments and return the forms to Bob.


III. Committees
A.    Reports:

  • Finance
    LTA is in better fiscal shape.  The Syracuse TI has been well managed.  Yet, given the growth and momentum of LTA this year, the number of members should be higher.  The more LTA engages directly with its members, the more members LTA has.  This will lead to less financial strain, and allow LTA to provide more resources, and subsidize more educational programs for its members.


  • Education
    Adria reviewed Board Member tasks and procedures for the Institute.  Adria noted that the host systems, the hotel and local libraries were extremely helpful partners and helped make preparation for the TI seemless.
    The Board confirmed that TI 2016 would be held in Plattsburgh.  Discussion for a regional presentation in STLS would happen after the TI.


  • Membership
    Following the TI, Board Members were asked to be more active in contacting their local library boards to remind them to renew.
  • Nominating
    LTA has a candidate from Pioneer Library System.  The candidate will be invited to LTA’s November Meeting.



VIII. Old Business


  • Planning Meeting and Long Range Planning
    John McCarthy would lead LTA’s Long Range Planning, starting at the June workshop.  
  • Board Meeting Dates:
    June 26-27  (Hampton Inn),
    Sept 11-12 (Hampton Inn),
     November 13-14 (Hampton Inn)


Adria moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:15 pm and Bob seconded.
Respectfully submitted by Timothy Gavin, Executive Director