Our Mission

Library Trustees Association of New York State, (LTA), is a statewide organization that represents, assists, educates and honors public library boards and their trustees as providers of universal library service.

The core activities of LTA include:

  • Advocating support of libraries and their programs;

  • Communicating with library trustees to inform them of issues affecting libraries and library service;

  • Educating trustees about their role in the library, and;

  • Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of library trustees

LTA Represents Public Library Trustees Statewide

We advocate support of public libraries and their programs. Library Trustees Association of New York State, (LTA), is the voice in Albany of trustee volunteers who make public library service possible. We bring the concerns of public library trustees to state leaders, and we participate in the formulation of public library policy.

We communicate with library trustees on issues affecting libraries and library service. LTA publishes a quarterly newsletter, Trustee, which is sent to all members and is circulated in the library community. We maintain an e-mail address and an active online presence.

We educate trustees about their role in the library. In cooperation with the Public Library System Directors Association and the New York State Library, LTA has revised the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State, the basic reference for library trustees.

LTA holds a statewide Trustee Institute every spring to address issues of critical concern to all public libraries. We have begun work on a resource and referral service designed to help answer trustee questions. Call LTA for more information.

We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of library trustees. The annual Velma K. Moore Award recognizes outstanding contributions by individuals to library service in New York State.

LTA is committed to unifying the voices of library trustees from every part of the state in order to bring ideas and concerns to the attention of lawmakers and policymakers. We also train trustees to become agents for positive change in their institutions and communities.

To accomplish this, LTA engages in activities in the following:


  • Partnering with the Department of Library Development to give input about trustee needs and concerns

  • Partnership with the New York Library Association Legislative Council to participate in the creation of proposed legislation

  • Partnering with Innovative Librarians, Explore, Apply and Discover (ILEAD) to create standardized trustee training that can be delivered anywhere in the state


  • E-mail blasts to alert trustees of impending legislation and relevant situations


  • Advocacy training sessions at Trustee Institute

  • Advocacy Day participation

Potential New Activities

  • Online library of training sessions including videos and webinars

LTA highlights the work of exceptional trustees and friends of our libraries around the State, and showcases systems and individual libraries for their exceptional work and innovation.

To accomplish this, LTA engages in activities in the following:


  • Trustee Recognition Program

  • Social media outreach including Facebook and Twitter


  • Newsletter

  • Monthly feature on website (spotlight on system)


  • Trustee Institute

  • Velma K. Moore Award

  • Outstanding Trustee Award

Potential New Activities

  • Revamping our Trustee Recognition Program

  • Additional website and newsletter features of meritorious service by individuals, libraries, and systems

Better trustees create better libraries. LTA provides new and veteran trustees with the knowledge they need to serve their libraries to the best of their abilities.

We provide training in the areas of:

  • Roles and responsibilities of library trustees

  • Advocating for your library within the community

  • Laws and regulations that trustees need to know

  • Optimizing relationships with library staff and management

  • Best Practices

  • Future trends in libraries

To accomplish our goals we engage in the following activities:


  • Policy database

  • Membership outreach

  • Partnerships with library experts

  • Outreach to system directors


  • Training webinars

  • Newsletter articles


  • Trustee Institute

  • Regional training sessions

  • Co-sponsoring NYLA programs

Potential New Activities

  • Flash drive with training materials installed

  • Training videos on website

  • Track trends on library usage by statistical analysis.

LTA is managed by a self-governing board of directors comprised of library trustees from different regions of the state. Our preferred number of directors is 13 to 15.

LTA will continue to seek additional personnel to support the mission through the use of interns and partnerships.


LTA’s mission is supported financially by membership dues and sponsorships.

Membership goals:

  • The Board of Directors will increase the number of members to 450 by 2018



  • The Board of Directors will seek to increase the number of Trustee Institute sponsorships to cover at least 25% of the budget of the annual event.

  • The Board of Directors will seek to increase the number of corporate sponsorships to cover at least 10% of LTA’s annual budget.

Adopted June 2016