Library Trustees Association of New York
Quarterly Meeting Minutes
Friday, March 4, 2016

Present: Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, John McCarthy, Mary Ellen Darling, Bola Majekodunmi, George Wolf, Martha Anderson, Timothy Gavin

Excused: Jean Currie, Phil Archer, Kim Garrett

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Tish Fontanella.
  2. Motion was made by George Wolf to approve minutes from January 2016. Second by Bola Majekodunmi. Motion carried.
  3. Guest: Timothy Burke, Executive Director of Upper Hudson Library System, was introduced. He shared his perspective on library services for present and future facilities; his perspective on working with LTA and other library organizations; and answered questions from board.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Bola reviewed most current financial statements and answered questions regarding costs as they relate to the 2016 Institute. Motion to accept – Bola . Seconded – John.
  5. President’s Report: Tish thanked members for the work done on their committees – Martha, Jean, John, Adria, Kim, Mary Ellen. Tish gave testimony to the Westchester Assembly delegation in February who were looking for input for the Governor’s budget preparations. Told legislators of LTA’s work with NYLA, input for iLead (HATS) curriculum. LTA Executive Director will have an office at NYLA facility until end of April to facilitate collaboration between the groups. LTA’s method of getting new LTA board members either by a trustee volunteering or by a System recommending an individual seems to work well. Terry Kirchner, Exec. Director, Westchester Library System concurred with that practice. Tish also noted that LTA’s Certified Trustee program is not mentioned as a part of any committee. Should it be part of Nominating Committee. Discussion will be part of the June annual planning session.
  6. Executive Director’s Report: in summary, co-locating at NYLA has been a successful venture, especially during the first quarter of the year when much planning is taking place for Advocacy Day and other legislative efforts. Memberships continue to come in, although we are down in numbers from our goal of 400 members. Planning for the annual institute is going well. Executive Directors of the sponsoring systems have been very supportive. See full report.
  7. Committee Reports:
    1. Finance:covered in the Treasurer’s report.
    2. Nominating: a new recognition program is being considered to provide a way to share successes throughout the year. Perhaps a plaque at the winner's library, perhaps a certificate.
    3. Education: Martha will do raffle baskets again at TI, Authors night at TI should be a panel
    4. Legislation: Martha reported that the March event was not as well attended as prior with presentation and then questions from attendees. years, but energy was high and meetings with legislators or their staff members were highly effective. Tish added that Assemblyman Thomas Abinati’s speech was electrifying and a link will be place on the LTA website. Libraries have strong supporters in both houses.
    5.  Membership: John requested each board member call 5 libraries for renewal or to encourage joining. So far we are ahead of last year at this time
    6. Communications: Adria reported that the tri fold for the Institute is almost completed and will be mailed shortly. Mailings will go to library boards in the co-sponsoring and hosting systems. Concurrently, the Spring issue of the Trustee newsletter has been finalized. That should be in members hands by the beginning of April. Both documents contain full details about the 2016 Institute.
    7. Awards: committee members shared the nominations for Outstanding Trustee and encourage joining. So far we are ahead of last year at this time and will be mailed shortly. Mailings will go to library boards in the co-sponsoring and hosting systems. Concurrently, the Spring issue of the Trustee newsletter has been finalized. That should be in members hands by the beginning of April. Both documents contain full details about the 2016 Institute. Outstanding Friend. The nominations for the Velma K Moore award were presented. Motion was made on each award and seconded. Based on the committee’s recommendations, the 2016 awardees are: Sam Patton for Velma K. Moore; George Brendler for Outstanding Trustee; and Ann Choate for Outstanding Friend. No Distinguished Service Award will be presented for 2016.
  8. The regualr meeting recessed at 10:00 pm

Saturday, March 5, 2016

  1. The meeting was reconvened at 9:00 am by President, Tish Fontanella
  2. Guests: Carol Desch, Coordinator of Statewide Library Services and Director of the Division of Library Development gave an update on activities at the State level. Summer reading, literacy initiatives, the iLead initiative as well as legislation updates were part of her presentation. Carol will be attending the 2016 Institute.
  3. Old Business
    1. The 2016 Trustee Institute will be held on May 6 and 7 at City Hall in Plattsburgh, NY. John will try to get someone to video Workshop 3 at the Institute for future broadcast or inclusion on the LTA website
    2.  Future meeting dates for the LTA board are June 17 & 18 for the annual Summer planning session; September. 23 and 24, and November 11 and 12 for the regular quarterly business meetings.
    3. John McCarthy distributed a draft of the Long Range Plan. Members read through the draft and suggested some minor edits. The plan will be available at the May meeting.
  4.  A conference call for April 6 at 7PM to review Institute status was planned. Adria will email members absent today – Phil, Kim, Jean.
  5. Motion was made by George to adjourn. The business meeting was adjourned at Noon.

Saturday 12pm – 3pm: This session was voluntary.

Tech training led by Adria Ripka and Mary Ellen Darling. Focus was on Google Drive and Facebook.

Submitted by: Adria Ripka
Revised by: Bola Majekodunmi