Friday, November 11 to Saturday November 12, 2016

Directors Present:Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, George Wolf, John McCarthy, Phill Archer, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).
Excused Lateness: Bola Majekodunmi
Guests Present: Terry Kirchner, Edris Scherer, Susan Chapman

Call to Order: President Fontanella called the meeting to order at 7:37pm Friday November 11, 2016

Public Comment: None

Approval of Minutes: Moved by Wolf, seconded by Ripka to approve the minutes of 22-23 September 2016. Motion Passed.

Introductions: Edris Scherer, Westchester LS, short description of her experience working with libraries. Professed an interest in event planning.

Terry Kirchner: Expressed thanks to LTA for efforts at institute and in PULISDO. Pointed out cultural shift due to new directors in his organization. There is more focus on trustee training than in the past, and there is a greater role for LTA in tighter times.

Responding to questions, Kirchner suggested certificates and press releases would be adequate recognition efforts, any opportunity for local businesses to participate would be helpful, auditing of libraries by the state has increased community involvement, and that PULISDO is creating a general framework for minimum standards that they plan to forward to the DLD.

Susan Chapman: recounted her library career, suggested that outside experts have an outsized impact in trustee training, and is interested in working in the area of Legislation.

Treasurer’s Report: Delayed until Saturday to allow for Treasurer to arrive.

President’s Report: Fontanella reported the following:

  • She will be stepping down in December from the board due to end of her term

  • The organization is growing well with many successes

  • Coordination with other organizations is going well


Committee Reports:

Nominating: McCarthy reported that the slate of officers for the coming year would be presented the next day.

Education: Anderson noted the following:

  • The Marriott in LI would be giving a proposal for TI lodging soon.

  • LI regional institute plans were being developed.

Gavin noted Joe Eisner was on board to speak, the Plainview library has space, YSS has offered assistance, local directors are interested, traffic is a concern, and dates needed to be decided soon.


Legislation: Anderson noted the following:

  • No feedback from the Legislative Council

  • There is an effort on getting aid at education levels, but also a desire to increase supplemental aid to libraries.

  • Key legislation will develop closer to session

  • March 1, 2017 is the next Legislative Action Day

  • Omara and Abenati will likely be greatest library supporters in Legislature


Membership: McCarthy and Gavin noted the following:

  • Membership drive letter and web article are finished

  • Script for personal contact forthcoming

  • 2017 membership renewals already coming in at record level

  • Kirchner volunteered to follow up with NYPL about system membership


Communications: Ripka noted the October newsletter went out in a timely fashion.

Gavin noted that all library directors in state get the newsletter, get notified to renew their LTA membership, and that the differences in tech skills among trustees can be an issue.

 Awards: Fontanella questioned if the LTA should postpone all awards until next TI. General agreement on that course. Anderson noted the revamped STAR program would reset points although we could grandfather anyone in

Anderson noted the LTA needed to decide on workshop for NYLA 2017. “Care and Feeding of Directors” was discussed as a potential topic. Cassie Guthrie was discussed as possible presenter. “Choose Your Own Adventure” is theme for the conference.

 Adjournment to Executive Session: Currie motioned, Ripka seconded (9:55) PassedLeave Executive Session: Currie motioned, Ripka seconded (9:58) Passed

The Board recessed until Saturday at 9:30
The Board reconvened at 9:05 on Saturday, 12 November, 2016

Guests: Carol Desch, DLD


Old Business: 2017 Meeting dates as follows:

  • January 14 – Phone Conference – 9-12 AM

  • March 10-11 Albany

  • May 13 – Phone Conference

  • June 9-10 Planning Meeting

  • September 15-16 Albany

  • December 1-2 Albany


Carol Desch

Desch noted the updated trustee handbook on the DLD website with new information on treasurer responsibilities, potential new federal library funding that the the DLD will be getting input on for planning, the DLD is seeking a $6 million increase in the infrastructure area of the state budget for libraries, and $2.5 million for a statewide e-book platform.

 Binghamton 2017 TITK

Curried noted that there is no date or topic decided on as yet. She will be meeting with Steve Bachmann the Executive Director of the 4 County Library District in December to discuss. The event will likely be in the Broome County Library.

Treasurer’s Report

Gavin noted that the Erie system is up for its 3 year renewal and that tight budget controls have led to probable positive revenue this year.

After reviewing the budget Anderson moved to accept the budget for 2017, Wolf seconded, Motion passed.

Wolf motioned to accept the P&L statement, Anderson seconded. Motion passed.


Long Island TITK

Plainview library has space and facilities and is interested in sponsoring. Majekodunmi, Anderson, and Scherer on the planning committee.


Star Recognition Program: After discussion, the following was decided:

The Gold and Platinum words were taken out for now, general agreement on getting pins, credits to be accumulated annually, a press release to home library needs to be developed. After modifications a page will be put in the newsletter.


Goals and Long Range Plan:

Fontanella led a discussion on the status of the goals in the spreadsheet listing those. Gavin was tasked with asking NYLA to create a trustee template for contacting Legislators.

New Business:

Motion by Wolf to accept the proposed slate of LTA officers, Archer seconded. Motion passed.

Currie motioned to elect Susan Chapman to a term as an LTA Director, Wolf seconded. Motion passed.

Archer motioned to elect Edris Scherer to a term as an LTA Director, Wolf seconded. Motion passed.

Ripka noted that Gavin should send out a new contact list for all directors.

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Wolf and seconded by Ripka. Motion passed.

Submitted by John McCarthy