Libraries in New York State are governed by a set of laws and regulations administered by the Division of Library Development which is part of the NYS Education Department. While you as a trustee may be able to rely on your Executive Director or Head Librarian to keep you informed of your mandated obligations, your responsibility as an elected or appointed official means that the ultimate responsibility rests on your shoulders.

The LTA provides updates on major changes to laws and regulations in our newsletter and website. NYLA has a page listing big changes as well as advocacy efforts.

For the section of the Library Trustee Handbook related to Laws and Regulations in New York State, click here.

For the NYSED DLD page that describes Public Library law in NYS in detail, including new library laws by year, click here.

The NYS legislature is and has been considering legislation that would require a minimum level of training for each trustee in an effort to ensure that your patrons’ interests are served with a high level of professionalism. The LTA will continue to be involved in representing the interest of its members as well as all trustees, and this boot camp is one of our efforts to not only shape that effort but to prepare you to be ahead of any requirements that come along.