AGENDA LTA Board of Directors Meeting 

June 14-15, 2019
Hampton Inn, Albany, NY
 Friday, June 14  (7:00-9:00 pm) 

7:36 all trustees present


  • Long Range Plan review – The board reviewed the current Long Range Plan.  John to update changes for the Sept meeting.



  • John reported that Invoices have been sent out to libraries –



  • Adria reviewed the Annual Timeline of Activities with board 2019 Meeting dates: Sept 13-14, Nov 15-16 in Albany


  • Introduction of New Board Member Candidate
  • Catherine Budmen – introductions of current board members to candidate
  • Mailing list work- rest of evening spent on working on our current membership mailing list.



Saturday, June 15 (9 am – 2 pm)

Meeting Called to Order – 9:12


  • New board Candidate = motion to accept Catherine Budmen as an LTA board trustee made by Martha, seconded by Susan, motion carried –


Meeting adjourned – 9:14 – Motion made by Jean, seconded by Bola – meeting adjourned


  • NYLA/LTA relationship: Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA



  • Review of LTA questions for NYLA on Becoming a Section- the board reviewed the questions sent to NYLA and the responses from Jeremy.  Much discussion followed and more questions gathered. John recorded them and will share them with Jeremy.
  • The board spent time with Jeremy asking questions and he responded as needed giving us many options. Voices are stronger together – our infrastructure with 5+ employees to put policies and procedures in place to share resources and staff to get things done for our trustees.
  • Discussion followed by the board of our options. We agreed to move forward – working with NYLA.


Meeting called to order at1:15 – motion We will proceed to become a section of NYLA as soon as we meet all the requirements needed. – made by Margaret – Jean/Phil seconded. Vote followed -9 yes 1- no. Motion carried.


  • Details:  continue with collection of dues for 2019 before we become a section.
  • Follow our process for nominations for our board for the Sept meeting.
  • Adria will contact Jeremy to share our decision.
  • John to talk with Jeremy and get all the timelines for this process.


Edris moved to adjourn meeting, Phil seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 1:22


  • Budget – finances – Bola and John shared finance info and review of latest budget information
  • Update on NYLA conference – We will sponsor a workshop called:  Take it or Leave it – what you need to know about family and medical leave -No expense fee


Co-sponsor with Friends group and their workshops.  Financial commitment of $300 to help with expenses.

We will have a table at the conference.


  • Adjournment- 1:35