LTA Quarterly Meeting
Conference call
January 12, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM via phone conference call. Attendees included: Adria Ripka, Martha Anderson, Mary Ellen Darling, Susan Sabers Chapman, John McCarthy.

1) Finances

  • Current statements and balances –  John reported that we now have access to our PayPal account that contains $650.00. Tim was willing to help access the account. John has been receiving membership renewals. One deposit was for $845.00. There was a $4,125.00 balance in our checking account. With this new deposit, the balance is roughly $4,970.00. John is working with Bola to get account issues resolved by, hopefully, having each person present at a Bank of America bank to complete any signatures, etc.
  • Quickbooks: John recommends participating in an online version of Quickbooks at a cost of approximately $18.00 per month. Attendees agreed this was a wise method of accessing the needed software.

2) Communication:

  • Website: Mary Ellen and John: both individuals have been working diligently on the website. Updates are happening regularly with the newest issue of the newsletter already available. Regarding social media, John and Mary Ellen recommend continuing our Facebook and Twitter efforts as well as adding Instagram and a hashtag that would let libraries use that to connect with us.
  • Newsletter: Adria. The last 2018 issue went out without a hitch. Plans are in place for a mid-February edition to get us on track for 2019. It will include the survey to members regarding our collaboration as a section of NYLA.
  • Email blast: John has the WLS list from Norm Jacknis. He will put out the member survey via email in mid-February.
  • Bootcamp: John is developing quick-to-complete segments for trustees to help them learn/review the important information on what trustees need to know to be effective trustees. He envisions brief segments, each on a specific topic covered in the handbooks, using the HATS initiative as a resource. The segment would include a quiz and a way for a trustee to track completion. This could be tied in to our Star recognition program.

3) Legislative: Advocacy Day 2-27-19, John will be able to attend. Martha also plans on attending. LTA will not sponsor a booth this year. It is not an effective use of LTA funds. Perhaps NYLA will allow us a corner of their registration table for copies of newsletters. Adria asked about the stickers we provided in the past identifying attendees who are trustees. John will locate a reasonable source for stickers to continue this activity.

Martha mentioned the New Yorkers for Better Libraries pre-advocacy day dinner on 2-26-19. John is able to attend, and Martha may attend.

4) Membership: print and email renewal, John and Adria. The membership renewal form was in the December newsletter. John has already received renewal checks as identified in item 1. Now that we access to our PayPal account, membership payments will also be available through a link on our website. Adria mentioned that Jeremy Johanessen offered to send out the December renewal via NYLA’s email system. Adria has approved that option. The NYLA emailing will allow us to reach library directors.

5) Items you bring up: Adria was asked for an update on the possible late Spring regional workshop. She will contact Wanda Buchis from the Mid-York library system to reconnect. Ellen Bach is usually a willing presenter if there is a legal topic, and our North Country presenters on data usage are another option. A tentative date would be Saturday, April 27 in or around the Utica area.

Date for our March meeting is the weekend of March 22-23. John is going to explore another Hampton Inn not too far out of downtown Albany to see if pricing is better.

The meeting was adjourned at 11 a.m.