LTA Conference Call Minutes Saturday, January 12, 2018

Present: Tim, Mary Ellen, Susan, John, George, Martha, Adria

Call to order at 9:06

George, move to accept minutes, Martha seconded, approved unanimously

Budget Report:

Tim pointed out our organization continues to become more fiscally strong, between memberships and improved portfolio performance.

George commented on the improved P&L statement. George moved to accept P&L statement, Martha seconded, Approved unanimously.

Pres Report:

President’s system has a new director(), will be pushing for a new member to the LTA

Exec Report:

Tim commented on the following.

We have a new website host and site manager.


Nominating: Tim received notice of interest from Suffolk trustee, Diane Coyne, who may be interested, and from SALS, Margaret Shapiro, will be talking to her next week. She is a long time trustee.

Legislation: Tim commented that State Budget contributions toward libraries may be a tough sell this year. Legislative Action Day is Feb 28 this year. All members on call will attempt to be there. Martha asked if we will be handing anything out. Tim is looking at possibilities. Don’t have anything more than badges and pens, handouts for the Institute and trifold.

Mary Ellen commented that our Facebook activities are bearing fruit. Tim commented that our efforts in general are improving our visibility.

Communications: Adria commented on Mary Ellen’s efforts for getting the newsletter out.

Awards: Adria listed herself as point of contact for awards submissions for the institute. Mary Ellen and Jean will work with Adra to deal with submissions. Susan will be assisting as well.

Bola joined the call at 9:35

Trustee Institute
Marriott hotel in Uniondale, Long Island

Martha has been in contact with most of the speakers for their necessary information.

Nate Hill will discuss planning for the future, challenges and service.

XXXXX will discuss how the library becomes more of a heart of the community.

Rebekkah Smith Aldritch has not been given as much in terms of direction.

Libby could discuss “Everyday Advocacy, 2.0”. Tim suggested fundraising within the community as a topic as well.

Martha asked for feedback on the following

Roger Tillist (Regent) should be scheduled when? Consensus was Saturday around lunch.

What progress is there on Author Panel idea? Tim will be asking for feedback from library directors. Panel will likely be fit in at the end. Authors can attend vendor fair on both days as well. General discussion of the timeline will be taken offline.

Martha and Tim discussed the food options and pricing. Martha pointed out that our price needs to guide menu selection at this point. Coffee break price is not included in the contract.

Martha needs scheduling deadlines.

Web Site Management: Dilemmas with previous provider caused us to need to make a change. Site will be redone on new service with new managers. Cost should not be more, but not much more if it is. Transition should not cause disruption. Martha suggested we invite new site manager to next meeting and that we should refresh our policy database.

Succession Planning: Tim commented that we need to be bringing in new trustees as soon as possible to the board, even if ones from currently represented districts are brought in early. General consensus agrees with the point.

Motion to Adjourn at 10:42 by George, Mary Ellen seconded. Approved