Library Trustees Association of New York
Hampton Inn
Albany, NY

Meeting Minutes

Friday, August 17, 2018 to Saturday, August 18, 2018

Directors Present:

Adria Ripka, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, George Wolf, Edris Scherer, Bola Majekodunmi, Phil Archer, Susan Sabers Chapman, Mary Ellen Darling

Guests Present:

John McCarthy, Recording Secretary, Tim Burke, Jeremy Johannesen

Call to Order:

President Ripka called the meeting to order at 7:20 pm Friday August 17, 2018

Public Comment:


NYLA Presentation:

Anderson presented the idea of starting a partnership with NYLA. Johannesen presented the structures of different potential partnerships.

  • LTA as a NYLA Section
  • Library Trustees as NYLA-LTA members as an additional organizational fee to advance the mission of LTA (LTA as NYLA section)
  • NYLA as a provider of Operational Services
  • Questions centered on fee structures to allow for continued budgetary independence
  • Voting on section status would be at the NYLA convention in November or next Jun
  • Petitions would be need to be filled by September 14th

President’s Report:

Ripka reported the following:

  • Multiple invoices have to be paid

The Board recessed at 9:45 pm until Saturday.

Saturday morning agenda: 9:13

Call to order

John and Bola absent due to banking tasks.

General discussion:

  1. Mailing status: periodic – 4 mailings a year for special rates
    1. newsletter – 3 this year – adding October -need one more piece to get the rate
    2. Adria explained newsletter process with a updated membership list as of January 2018
    3. Adria is asking help with addresses for mailing- Edris, Susan, and Jean volunteered to help
  2. Meeting dates – 2019
    Jan 12 – conference call
    March 22-23
    June 14-15
    Sept 13-14
    Nov 15-16
  1. review board member information and terms of office – some coming off, general consensus to suspend the terms limits and continue  with the current board members

  2. nominations for trustees and officers are due for November meeting

    Approval of Minutes:

    Moved by George, seconded by Phil to approve the minutes of 22-23 June 2018. Motion Passed. Changes – Martha has cash, not Mary Ellen

  1. Website updates – Mary Ellen reviewed Betsy’s notes on the status. Major issues are updating membership from this year and updating the new trustee handbook

    Add all current events – for the month featuring webinars, etc

    Make sure all links to libraries, systems are intact, use of map to give info too.

    October newsletter features:  hightlight programs we are sponsoring and co-sponsoring. Share our table info – update membership info at NYLA- Jean will write it up

    add Legislative info for next year.

Morgan Stanley money market accts – Adria contacted them, the exec committee had to sign off and fill out forms. Needed physical address, Adria used hers. Need to change this as officers change.

Review of budget – 2018

  • Bola went to a BofA and retrieved financial information and changed information on accounts, ordered checks and debit card
  • Discussion centered on what LTA would continue to pay if it became a section of NYLA

Recess at 12:16

Returned at 1:30

Straw Poll

  1. Become a section of NYLA
  2. Become a section of NYLA with membership alterations
  3. Have NYLA become administrative
  4. Engage an Interim ED

Archer made a motion to instruct NYLA to immediately begin the process of making the LTA a section of NYLA based on option two of NYLAs presentation. George seconded.

George moved to adjourn at 2:15, Phil seconded, vote was unanimous.

NYLA 2018

  • Jean, Martha, Mary Ellen, Phil, George, Susan, Adria will be attending

Next meeting:  November 30- Dec 1 Upper Hudson System Library