Long Island, New York


The Suffolk Cooperative Library System (SCLS) is an association created by agreement of the Boards of Trustees of its fifty-six member libraries, each of which remains autonomous under individual charters granted by the New York State Board of Regents. Local library Boards of Trustees elect the nine member board which governs SCLS. The Mission Statement of SCLS says: “The Suffolk Cooperative Library System exists to help local public libraries provide the best in traditional and innovative public library service to all the people of Suffolk County.”

In line with its motto, “Helping Your Local Library Serve Your Community Better,” SCLS offers a variety of support services to its member libraries. Included in our service plan is; assisting libraries with accessibility issues, supporting Administration and Business Office staff with consultations and training, supporting adult services, maintenance of a Countywide union catalog, training for member library Board of Trustees, construction grant support, numerous continuing education programs and workshops, coordinating orders for a variety of products and services, cooperative purchasing of databases, support for local library Friends groups, delivery of interlibrary loan materials, maintenance of a wide area telecommunications network, support for local library compliance with NYS Laws and SED Regulations, operation of a shared ILS for forty-nine of the member libraries, summaries of a wide variety of statistical information, and support for youth services.

In 2010 SCLS and our member libraries “opened” a “digital branch” for all of Suffolk County at Live-brary.com that brings together many of the online resources that we offer for residents throughout our region.

Through the years the SCLS service program has been amended many times in response to the changing conditions and needs of its member libraries. The SCLS Plan of Service reflects the high level of cooperation among the member libraries. One of the things that make SCLS unique is its partnership with its member libraries. Member libraries contribute financial support in excess of $2.5 million to enable SCLS to provide for essential services beyond what is funded by New York State aid. The annual operating budget of SCLS is voted on by all of the member library Boards of Trustees.

The service program of the Suffolk Cooperative Library System is the result of a dynamic and responsive process that constantly strives to help its members provide quality library service to their patrons.

A full overview of our service program and additional information about SCLS and its operation is available online from our Gateway at http://www.suffolklibrarysystem.org/