Greetings, all.

By now, I hope all our members and readers are well into their Summer activities and that those activities include some well-deserved vacation time. I tend to take time off in May or October to avoid the mid-summer heat. But I’d still like to find a good “summer vacation” book for a quick escape.
While the updated version of the Library Trustees Handbook may not be your idea of a Summer read, I strongly encourage you to at least read pages 3 through 13 to refresh your understanding of the library system and the legislation that governs all of us. While most of our libraries have had their propositions approved recently, there have been a few instances where support did not come through, or where there was formal opposition to the way libraries are funded. It is important for you to understand the basics to be able to answer questions and concerns that may come up. Oddly, most opposition comes not from our patrons, but from individuals who are not library users!

The LTA board of directors held our annual board planning workshop in June. While part of it was a business meeting, we used the time together to review what has been accomplished in the past year and planned for ways to improve on what we offer our members. You’ll read about the 2016 Annual Trustee Institute in this issue. It was a great success. A regional workshop is in the works for later this year. You’ll hear more via our email blasts and website updates.

Remember that we want to share the news of any successes, exciting programs, and news you have to share. I encourage you to use this newsletter and the website to get the word out about your accomplishments. One of the benefits of being an LTA member is the ability to network regularly with trustees and library supporters in your area as well as throughout the State. As our attendees in Plattsburgh experienced, your fellow trustees and other libraries are more than willing to share methods and ideas for success. Regardless of the size of your organization, someone has faced a situation similar to yours and come through it successfully. Your experience can help another trustee or library provide more and better service. Feel free to contact us using the addresses on the back of the newsletter.

Adria Ripka

by Adria Ripka